Augure Connects PR & Marketing Practitioners to More Than 300,000 Opinion Leaders Though Their Influencer Marketing Software

  • Augure launches its Summer’14 release, a new version of its influence marketing software which allows brands to easily find and activate their key industry influencers.
  • For this new release, Augure research Lab partnered with INRIA research institute to develop a cutting edge influencer scoring algorithm adaptive to the user’s context.
  • Marketing and PR practitioners will be able to find the influencers that really have the power to leverage their content strategy, among a population of more than 300,000 opinion leaders and expert content creators worldwide.

NEW YORK--()--According to the First Influencer Marketing status Report 2014, 61% of marketing and PR professionals consider the main challenge of its departments and agencies is to identify the key influential experts or content creators for their brands, followed by interacting with these influencers (56%) and measurement of their campaigns with them (44%).

Augure launches a new version of its software: Augure Summer'14, now able to answer these three challenges.

Identify Influencers through a search engine

At a time when social media is becoming a noisy place, press-release distribution is getting less and less effective, and paid marketing costs are rising dramatically, influencers are becoming the best hope for brands to see their message cut through the noise and reach their target audience.

The new Augure allows brands and agencies to find an easy way to identify the influencers that really have the capacity to amplify their contents and build credibility among their audience.

This new version allows them to:

  • Access the information of more than 300,000 opinion leaders and content creators worldwide
  • Search Influencers by keywords (sectors, brands, competitors ...) and refine the results with filters by location, thematics or channels according to the context of their campaign
  • Rank the influencers by level of influence according to their exposure, participation and echo on the searched topic
  • Access all the necessary information on each influencer to prepare the best possible pitch: his thematics of influence, contact information and the history of his media and social publications
  • Generate lists of influencers, and get automatic suggestions of other similar relevant influencers through a semantic analysis of content.

In order to establish long-term relationships with Influencers, they will be able to:

  • Orchestrate and track their interactions on a daily basis with opinion leaders (meetings, events, product testings…)
  • Share their content through the preferred channels of their targets, email or social media
  • Measure the effectiveness of their influencer marketing program by monitoring their media and social reach and calculating the ROI of their campaigns.

To make these enhancements possible, Augure created their own research Lab to drive the innovation projects in the company under the supervision of Michèle Sebag, from INRIA research institute.

Michael Jaïs, CEO of Augure notes: "Experience has shown us that massive approaches are no longer effective. We might stop communicating to masses and start talking to the right people”.


Gina Gulberti, T. +34 91 770 17 00
M. +34 670 312 098

Release Summary

Augure launches a new version of its Influencer Marketing Software, allowing PR & Marketing practitioners to connect with more than 300.000 content creators worldwide.


Gina Gulberti, T. +34 91 770 17 00
M. +34 670 312 098