DAQRI Unveils 4D Smart Helmet for Industrial Workforce

New Hardware Will Provide Cost Savings, Higher Productivity and Unprecedented Efficiencies

Company Also Debuts 4D Authoring Program, DAQRI Industrial 4D Studio

DAQRI Smart Helmet (Photo: Business Wire)

LOS ANGELES--()--DAQRI, the world’s leading enterprise augmented reality company, announced today its DAQRI Smart Helmet – a new professional-grade head-mounted display for industrial environments. Built from the ground up and utilizing DAQRI’s proprietary 4D software, the Smart Helmet bridges the gap between potential and experience, enhancing human abilities by seamlessly connecting workers to their environments and providing relevant information about the world around them. The DAQRI Smart Helmet provides unparalleled utility and capabilities including:

  • The world’s most advanced sensor package powered by DAQRI’s proprietary computer vision suite, Intellitrack.
    • Intellitrack turns any industrial environment into a canvas for 4D content, from in-context training applications to augmented work instructions and beyond.
  • High-resolution 3D-depth sensor and 360 degree navigation cameras for object recognition, environment mapping and 3D reconstruction of any facility.
  • Hands-free wearable True 4D Display positioned beneath a protective visor allowing the wearer to see 4D work instructions in the context of the job being done.
    • In addition to seeing 4D content through the helmet display, users will have the ability to touch and control the interface through integration with other wearables, such as smart watches.
  • Support for HD video recording, photography, 3D mapping, and alphanumeric capture, allowing the Smart Helmet to read and understand signage and instrument data.
  • An intuitive user experience driven by DAQRI’s 4D authoring program, Industrial 4D Studio.
  • Battery life that lasts an entire shift, with modular battery packs that can be swapped for unlimited continuous use.

“The DAQRI Smart Helmet was created by a team of engineers with extensive backgrounds in manufacturing, engineering and computer vision with the industrial workplace in mind,” said Brian Mullins, founder and CEO. “Every feature – from the retractable visor to the extended battery life – was purpose-built to supply workers across a variety of industrial settings with a product that will not only make their jobs easier, but safer and more productive. When combined with our authoring tool, DAQRI Industrial 4D Studio, the DAQRI Smart Helmet is a game changer that will essentially create a workforce of instant experts, enabling industrial businesses to solve real problems, in real environments.”

“Ever since the first time I saw augmented reality demonstrated, I recognized the potential for this technology to completely change the way we do things in industrial environments,” said Andy Lowery, president. “I have witnessed first-hand how human error can mean the difference between not just profit and loss, but life and death, and there is potential for 4D to vastly improve almost every process – from training new employees to assembling the most advanced machinery. With the launch of the DAQRI Smart Helmet, we are one step closer to realizing our vision for the workplace of the future.”

The DAQRI Smart Helmet includes:

  • The first wearable human machine interface
  • Smart Helmet app framework
  • DAQRI cloud-based content delivery
  • Runtime application and license for integration with DAQRI Industrial 4D Studio
  • Modular, swappable power system
  • External data integration, via DRAEDIS, DAQRI’s powerful engine for visualizing live data in 4D

The DAQRI Smart Helmet will be available for order in October 2014 and is expected to begin shipping in December. DAQRI Industrial 4D Studio will be available later this month by invitation. For more information on DAQRI industrial 4D solutions, please visit: www.industrial.daqri.com.


Enterprise augmented reality company DAQRI is leading the 4D revolution, having developed the technology to deliver the most sophisticated augmented reality services and applications to clients in the fields of industrial, education and storytelling. The company has already powered more than 2,500 augmented reality experiences for the world’s biggest companies including Ford, Huntington Ingalls Industries, Twentieth Century Fox, SONY, Cadillac and more. DAQRI is headquartered in Los Angeles with an R&D center in Mountain View, Calif. and sales offices in New York, Chicago, Boston, Detroit, Atlanta, and Minneapolis. Advisory board members include Ashton Kutcher, actor and investor; Troy Carter, CEO, Atom Factory; and D.A. Wallach, recording artist.


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Release Summary

DAQRI announces its Smart Helmet, a professional-grade head-mounted display for industrial environments. The helmet provides real-time information to workers via DAQRI 4D/augmented reality technology.


Brew Media Relations
Michelle Kim, 214.277.3244