Glow Introduces Glow Nurture

Building off the success of over 20,000 pregnancies, Glow introduces a new pregnancy app focused on keeping mom and baby happy and healthy

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Glow, a data science company that focuses on women’s reproductive health and education, announced today the launch of Glow Nurture - an app modernizing pregnancy tracking and guidance to keep both mom and baby healthy every step of the way. The company also announced that it has now aided more than 20,000 pregnancies after only being available for less than a year.

Just like Glow’s first app, Glow Nurture leverages data science to personalize each unique pregnancy experience, fully tailored to each individual mom-to-be. Additional key features include:

  • Partner Support - So the most important people in mom’s life can continue to play a pivotal role and educate themselves along the 9 month journey.
  • Glow Community - A beloved featured in Glow, Glow Nurture provides a vibrant community for users to ask and answer questions as well as support one another during their pregnancies.
  • Glow Genius - Also available in Glow, Glow Nurture provides tailored insights and “did you knows” for mom based on the information she logs each day.
  • Daily Log - Moms-to-be can track daily symptoms, weight, number of days until birth, approximate size and weight of baby, and appointments, as well as collect daily photos of mom’s belly and read informative articles gathered from the top medical journals and doctors.
  • Seamless Transition - Glow users can seamlessly transition their data and insights into Glow Nurture.
  • Coming Soon - Glow will soon add support for the nine months post pregnancy.

“We hear from our users every day that they want to use Glow for their pregnancy so they can continued to learn more, just like when they were trying to conceive,” said Mike Huang, co-founder and CEO of Glow. “We’re thrilled to bring Glow Nurture to our more than 20,000 pregnant moms - and hopefully many more moms-to-be.”

Glow Nurture is the natural next step in Glow’s mission to provide more health data and information to women in every phase of their life. In stride with their stance on education, Glow Nurture will continue to emphasize personalized, medically substantiated insights, along with supporting Glow’s ultimate goal of ensuring that women worldwide have the resources they need to keep themselves, and now their babies, happy and healthy.

"I discovered Glow when I was trying to conceive and it helped me gain some control over my reproductive health, the way that I had control over other aspects of my life. And it kept me accountable and outlined a plan for me. I was grateful for the reminders, like knowing exactly when I was ovulating or when to stock up on ovulation tests,” said Glow user Mary from Pennsylvania. “A product like Glow Nurture will help me continue to stay healthy and in the know now that I’m expecting.”

Glow Nurture is available for free in the App Store worldwide starting today. More information can be accessed within the app and at

About Glow:

Glow was founded by a team of technology veterans, including Max Levchin, co-founder of PayPal & chairman of Yelp. Glow is a data science company redefining health care and resources and is headquartered in San Francisco, California. The Glow app was launched in August 2013, and Glow Nurture launched in July 2014. More information about Glow is available at:


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The Hatch Agency
Molly Livingston, 510-898-8220