Snowsound® USA Debuts Acoustic Panels

Snowsound Finalist for 2014 Innovations Award

NeoCon 2014

CHICAGO--()--NeoCon Show (Booth 8-4110) Snowsound Acoustic Panels were chosen by as a finalist in the Technology Support category for the 2014 Product Innovations Award.

Unwanted sound is formed by waves that are reflected from solid surfaces that have limited absorption, such as stone or wood floors, glass, walls and ceilings. Ideally, sound travels in one direction from the speaker to the listener. Today in many offices, schools, healthcare facilities, government buildings and indoor public areas (e.g. libraries, concert halls and museums), sound reflects off hard surfaces creating echoes. These echoes diminish voice intelligibility, making words hard to understand. Michael Dardashti, Snowsound USA Director of Business Development, explained, “We have all experienced acoustic reverberation, or echo, in large open spaces. Working or being in a noise polluted environment is stressful and reduces productivity and enjoyment.”

While low-end acoustic panel solutions exist today, none can match the commercial grade, high-end sound absorbing performance, aesthetics, design and ease of use that Snowsound acoustic panels provide. These sound absorbing panels attenuate high, mid-range and low frequencies and are carefully designed to improve surrounding acoustics. Patented Snowsound acoustic panels are constructed with high quality, 100% recyclable, variable density polyester. Lab testing has verified significant sound absorption across 0 to 4 kHz.

Surfaces of Snowsound acoustic panels are covered with durable, high-quality, fire retardant Trevira CS® polyester firmly bonded to the inner wadding, forming a single body without breaks. These panels are thin (1.4 inches), light weight (less than 6 lb.), decorative and fire tested. Panels are constructed with a pleasing smooth contour and tapered edges.

Available in three configurations, Corista panels (62 in. x 17 in.) are free standing, with an optional steel base. Mitesco panels (62 in. x 17 in.) are free standing, hanging or wall-mounted, while quadrilateral shaped Flap panels (23 in. x 19 in.) are smaller wall or ceiling mounted panels that tilt and rotate 360 degrees for optimized sound attenuation. Designers and architects will appreciate the aesthetics, design and color choices.

Corista is offered in black, while Mitesco and Flap are available in a variety of colors. Available July, 2014, prices range from $225.00 to $385.00.

About Snowsound USA

Snowsound® Acoustic Panels received the 2014 CES Innovations Award in the Home Audio/Video Accessories category. For more information about Snowsound Acoustic Panels, please visit the company’s Web site at and follow Snowsound on Instagram: @SnowsoundUSA.

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Snowsound Acoustic Panels are a finalist at NeoCon in the Technology Support category for the 2014 Innovations Award. Panels are commercial grade, high-end sound absorbing and designer quality.


Lien Marketing
Ron Lien, 626-695-5409