FaceFirst Makes Shopping Safer With National Facial Recognition Deployment

FaceFirst Partners With Retail Stores to Decrease Shoplifting Incidences

LOS ANGELES--()--Retail stores are vulnerable to shoplifting criminal activity and these circumstances threaten citizen safety and businesses nationwide. FaceFirst, a facial recognition software system, recently partnered with a nationally renowned Fortune 500 company to deploy hundreds of cameras in store entrances across the nation in order to curb shoplifting incidences and other criminal activity in the retail market.

FaceFirst's national deployment is the industry's largest retail deployment of facial recognition and the software company anticipates securing additional retailers in the future. Its advanced facial recognition technology will boost customer loyalty by providing shoppers with a peace of mind knowing their shopping experience can be enjoyed without the threat of criminal activity.

"We are thrilled about the expansion and national deployment of our software to retail markets,” says Joe Rosenkrantz, CEO of FaceFirst. “Our goal is to help our client partners with a positive impact to their bottom line, and ultimately a safe experience and environment for their customers.”

FaceFirst is revolutionizing the retail security industry by offering retail markets an affordable way to reduce the high cost of shoplifting, customer scams, and employee theft. Its advanced facial recognition system spots known perpetrators entering store locations so retailers can stop criminal activity before they cost the retailer money.

The national deployment offers retail markets the following benefits:

  • Preventing costly inventory shrinkage
  • Helps avoid costly scams
  • Reduces operational costs
  • Improves staff efficiency
  • Boost sales

The software allows retailers to receive descriptive alerts when pre-identified shoplifters walk through any door at any store across multiple locations and they receive alerts when litigious individuals enter store locations. Compatible on desktop and mobile devices, retailers can rest assured their store will be protected with FaceFirst's software.

For more information about FaceFirst, visit: http://www.facefirst.com

About FaceFirst, LLC

FaceFirst™ is a leading facial recognition supplier to international airports, law enforcement, retail, gaming and commercial customers around the world. The company provides a fully automated, user friendly, turnkey mobile and live-video surveillance facial recognition system, which generates automated alerts whenever a face match above a user defined probability is reached. The FaceFirst recognition system is completely open and scalable, and able to process millions of comparisons per second in a cloud architecture. FaceFirst technology excels in real world environments enabling high performance and positive returns on investment.


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Joseph Saad, 805-482-8428

Release Summary

FaceFirst™ partners with Fortune 500 company to decrease shoplifting incidences and other criminal activity in the retail industry.


For FaceFirst
Joseph Saad, 805-482-8428