Author Dr. John Gray to Join the New Health Conversation on August 24th

DENVER--()--Dr. John Gray, author of the best selling book Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, will join Peter Greenlaw and Coach Steve Toth on the “New Health Conversation”, August 24th at 3:00pm MDT/5:00pm EDT.

Dr. Gray will discuss his life journey, and his approach to creating a great life by combining specific communication techniques with healthy, nutritional choices that create the brain and body chemistry for lasting health, happiness and romance.

The panel will then be joined by Colin Greenlaw. Colin was an all state, high school basketball player, who went on to play college basketball. Colin had a bright future. Only he did not see it that way. Like so many kids today, he had severe challenges with concentration, anxiety and being unhappy that were severely hampering his future.

In 2003, Colin was introduced to Dr. Gray. Dr. Gray introduced Colin to a nutritional protocol that completely changed his life. Today Colin is happy, no longer anxious, able to concentrate, and has coached over 100 children and their parents through the nutritional protocol.

Peter Greenlaw stated, “If you don’t believe me that the TDOS SYNDROME™ (toxicity, deficiency of nutrients, overweight and stress) is doing significant damage to people, check the medical and nutritional statistics. One constant throughout the years is that the nutritional content of our food continues to decrease, while toxins in our food supply increase. Here are just a few of the numerous statistics.”

  • In 1997, UCLA conducted a study of the effects of iron. They had a sample of spinach grown back in 1953…they compared samples of spinach from 1997 with that grown in 1953. It was concluded that you would have to eat 43 bowls of spinach in 1997 to equal just 1 bowl in 1953!
  • According to the American Cancer Society study in 1990, one in 15 women got breast cancer. Today it is one in eight. If the current trend continues, in another ten years it will be one in three.
  • In a study done by the Environmental Working Group, in conjunction with the American Red Cross, they tested the cord blood of new born infants and found an average of 287 toxic chemicals; including 180 toxins that cause cancer.
  • Brian Alexander, an NBC News contributor, reported, “The percentage of American children and adolescents ages 8 to 17 who have high blood pressure climbed 27 percent over 13 years, according to researchers from Harvard Medical School, Brigham and Women's Hospital and other institutions funded by the National Institutes of Health.”

This upcoming show will be live on Cable Comcast channel 56 in Denver, Colorado; and streamed live on the Internet CLICK HERE.

The show will be aired from the Denver Open Media studios, at the corner of 7th Street and Kalmath in Denver. To join the audience, CLICK HERE and fill out the form and put RSVP in the subject line. Guests must arrive at the studio by 2:30pm MDT.

Peter Greenlaw is the co-author of Why Diets are Failing Us and the upcoming book, The TDOS Syndrome. Peter Greenlaw’s studies included reading over 500 books and more than 10,000 hours of research. Peter reveals a fresh new approach to talking about health, diet, nutrition, and TDOS, which he calls the New Health Conversation.

Peter has dedicated his life to trying to answer the tough questions about the increase in illnesses caused by toxicity in food and environment. His research included reading over 500 books and more than 10,000 hours of research. His research was accelerated by his work with Dr. Bill Andrews (PHD in population genetics and molecular biology who is responsible for discovering the enzyme telomerase that is the key to aging).

Dr. John Gray’s groundbreaking book, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, was the best-selling book of the 1990s. It launched his Mars Venus book series that forever changed the way men and women view their relationships. Dr. Gray’s newest book, co-authored with Barbara Annis, is Work with Me: The 8 Blind Spots Between Men and Women in Business.


Spencer Maus, 312-498-3478

Release Summary

Dr. John Gray will discuss his life journey, his approach to creating a great life through communication techniques, and nutritional food choices creating brain and body chemistry for lasting health.


Spencer Maus, 312-498-3478