Keynote Now Enables UFT Users to Test on Real and Emulated Mobile Devices

UFT Users Now Enjoy Access to the Largest Library of Both Real and Emulated Devices in the Industry

SAN MATEO, Calif.--()--Keynote® (NASDAQ: KEYN), the global leader in Internet and mobile cloud testing & monitoring, today announced expanded integration of Keynote MITE with the leading automated functional testing platform – Unified Functional Testing (UFT), an HP product. Specifically, Keynote has introduced MITE Enterprise for UFT – a new product that brings the built-in MITE library of over 2,200 emulated devices into the UFT testing environment, greatly improving the efficiency for executing test cases run by mobile Web developers. Keynote is also announcing the general availability and official certification of its leading real device testing platform DeviceAnywhere Enterprise for UFT for both mobile web and native application testing; click here to read more.

As part of the overall mobile lifecycle, browser-based emulators have an important role to play in the testing of mobile websites. The goal for emulated mobile testing is that it be easy, fast, and have the capability to test performance across a diverse range of browsers and operating systems. In addition, emulated mobile testing must provide deep diagnostic information on performance, as well as functionality, enabling QA to provide development with the information needed to optimize their mobile websites.

MITE Enterprise for UFT delivers on all these goals. Mobile developers will enjoy accurate and easy device emulation not seen with other browser-based user agent switching solutions. Mobile developers can record a single UFT script on any mobile device profile and then play it back across all required emulated smartphones, feature phones and tablets to assure that the mobile website is optimized for any mobile device.

Just as important is real device testing of the functionality of any mobile website or native app in a real-world environment. With DeviceAnywhere Enterprise for UFT developers have access to real mobile devices directly from within the existing UFT interface. Any company currently using ALM (application lifecycle management) testing tools, including UFT, will have the ability to control, interact with, and execute both manual and automated tests on real mobile devices in the DeviceAnywhere test environment.

This powerful capability relieves users already familiar with UFT from the time and effort of learning a new scripting language. With the new MITE Enterprise for UFT Add-in along with the DeviceAnywhere Enterprise for UFT Add-in, now developers and QA departments around the world can perform any test on real and emulated devices, all from within the leading automated testing platform – Unified Functional Testing.

“We see a continuously increasing emphasis on enterprise mobility. Leveraging existing resources are the only way to efficiently allocate time, energy and resources for QA engineers,” said Vik Chaudhary, vice president of product management and corporate development at Keynote. “MITE Enterprise for UFT augments our existing real device mobile testing platform to include our expansive emulated device library. Both DeviceAnywhere Enterprise for UFT and MITE Enterprise for UFT easily integrate into existing functional testing and ALM environments, allowing organizations to perform accurate manual and automated testing on real and emulated mobile devices. Our integrated test creation and execution solutions significantly extend the reach of UFT in the area of mobile testing.”

MITE Enterprise for UFT Benefits:

  • Simplified script recording – Easy point-and-click recording to script any mobile Web test case.
  • Built-in device library – Provides users access to more than 2,200 emulated device profiles within the UFT environment.
  • Playback on multiple devices – Allows users to select the devices that are important for their test case, and generate results for multiple profiles at once.
  • Quick results and reporting – Get results without leaving UFT. Once a test is run, results can be viewed for all devices within the familiar UFT dashboard.

MITE Enterprise for UFT is currently beta and will be generally available soon. If you wish to join the beta program click here. DeviceAnywhere Enterprise for UFT is now generally available. You can request a personalized demo here.

Keynote will be showcasing its new integration of MITE Enterprise for UFT and DeviceAnywhere Enterprise for UFT at the HP Discover Conference in Las Vegas, NV from June 11- 13, 2013, Booth #3956 in the main exhibition hall.

About Keynote

Keynote® (NASDAQ:KEYN) is the global leader in Internet and mobile cloud testing & monitoring. The company maintains the world’s largest on-demand performance monitoring and testing infrastructure for Web and mobile sites comprised of over 7,000 measurement computers and mobile devices in over 275 locations around the world that enable companies to continuously improve the online and mobile experience. Keynote currently collects over 700 million mobile and Web performance measurements daily and in 2012 was recognized by Forbes as “One of the Best 100 Companies in America” with under one billion in revenue. Known as ‘The Mobile and Internet Performance Authority™,’ Keynote offers three market-leading product platforms:

Keynote Perspective® provides on-demand performance monitoring for enterprise Web and mobile sites including online portals, e-commerce sites and B2B sites. Over 2,000 customers rely on Keynote Perspective services to know precisely how their websites, content, and applications perform on actual browsers, networks, and mobile devices.

Keynote DeviceAnywhere® is the industry's leading cloud-based software platform for automated QA testing and monitoring of mobile applications and websites on real smartphones and tablets. DeviceAnywhere is used by over 1,000 mobile enterprises and developers to assure the highest quality experience of their connected mobile users.

Keynote SIGOS® offers active end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS) testing and monitoring solutions for mobile, fixed and VoIP communications. Its SITE and Global Roamer products are used by over 200 network operators, content providers, carriers and regulators in over 100 countries worldwide.

Keynote's 4,000 customers represent top Internet and mobile companies and include AT&T, Disney, eBay, E*TRADE, Expedia, Google, Microsoft, SonyEricsson, T-Mobile and Vodafone. Keynote Systems, Inc. is headquartered in San Mateo, California and can be reached at or by phone in the U.S. at 1-800-KEYNOTE (1-800-539-6683).

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HP UFT users now have access to the leading mobile testing solution integrated with HP's UFT product!


Ronjini Mukhopadhyay, 949-295-9779
Dan Berkowitz, 650-403-3305