Kove, Fultech, and McObject Demonstrate 65+ Terabytes per Hour in Real-Time Risk Solution

CHICAGO--()--Kove, a leader in high performance storage, is pleased to announce new performance world records for sustained and deterministic storage latency, allowing new levels of application performance and sustaining high performance databases like McObject eXtremeDB®. Among numerous storage industry firsts, Kove has achieved in a 4U footprint, 320,000 IOPS at less than 4 microsecond average latency with 45 nanosecond variation, 20 million IOPS at less than 5 microsecond average latency with 170 nanosecond variation, and 20 gigabytes/second bandwidth at 17 microsecond latency with 315 nanosecond variation. Alternative workloads also deliver superior performance.

Most importantly, a fabric was used to make the storage sharable and scalable, and all measurements were round-trip between host and target. No conveniences or shortcuts were taken with direct-attached, “in box”, or direct PCIe connected storage. This new level of determinacy allows all CPU cores to run at 99%, which accounts for the dramatically superior performance that can be achieved.

About these results, Kove CEO John Overton said, “We are pleased to introduce another set of Kove ‘firsts’ in the storage industry, demonstrating deterministic latency with nanosecond consistency to maximize CPU performance and boost application performance. In conjunction with our partners McObject and Fultech, this week we demonstrated greater than 65 terabytes per hour of consistent, sustained, random, and deterministic performance for a risk management simulation to address new regulatory requirements of Dodd-Frank and Basel III.”

Fultech, a leading capital markets advisory services company, designed a test scenario for portfolio exposure simulating 50,000 Accounts with 3,278 positions, and challenged the technology team to produce a result based on a 10-year historical value-at-risk (VaR) model in less than 10 minutes. Using four servers, McObject eXtremeDB® Financial Edition computed approximately 428 billion transactions required in less than 8.5 minutes on approximately 13.5 terabytes of data reduced to 3.5 terabytes of Kove® XPD™ L2 storage, in effect demonstrating continuous, sustained, deterministic and random financial model processing of approximately 65 terabytes per hour. This is not the first time McObject has demonstrated extreme performance. Last November McObject eXtremeDB® Financial Edition delivered unprecedented STAC-M3™ benchmarks on Kove® storage, for time series market data in Financial Services.

Fultech notes that many capital markets organizations can only view counterparty exposure on a daily basis executing batch processes across an extensive and expensive hardware platform. Applying Kove and McObject, clients can have a continually updated view of their exposures every few minutes regardless of their data footprint. And these results are just the beginning, with only four compute hosts and 13.5 terabytes of data, the approach scales naturally to much larger performance and capacity.

Fultech’s Managing Partner, Paul Constantino asserted, “These compelling results from our risk simulation are a promising first step to enabling and delivering complex intra-day and eventually real-time functionality previously not possible in the risk and analytics space. We also see great potential for use of these technologies across the trade lifecycle and plan to release new applications in the coming months. The successes our technology partners have demonstrated clearly pave the way for a new paradigm in performance, functionality, and scalability in the capital markets.”

“As seen in customer deployments and McObject’s STAC-M3 benchmark records in financial services, the eXtremeDB® Financial Edition database system raises the bar for speed and scalability in data-intensive trading applications. Risk management is an area of trading where eXtremeDB® can deliver the greatest benefits, meeting regulatory requirements, providing greater market stability, and protecting the large amounts of capital at stake. eXtremeDB® is the only database that has achieved this level of performance, while maintaining full ACID database properties and transactions,” said Steve Graves, McObject CEO.

About Kove

Formed in 2004, Chicago-based Kove is a pioneering leader in high performance memory-disk SSD storage. Kove provides patented, performance-based storage solutions to address the most competitive I/O needs in the industry. Visit kove.com.

About Fultech

Founded in 2001, Fultech Consulting is a capital markets advisory services company specializing in the delivery of innovative, enterprise-level solutions to our financial markets Clients. Focusing in trading, derivatives, risk, compliance and prime brokerage, Fultech delivers customized solutions implementing the latest technologies to improve performance and scalability. Visit fultechconsulting.com.

About McObject

Founded by embedded database and real-time systems experts, McObject provides the eXtremeDB® database system product family to build low latency, high scalability and reliability into real-time financial systems while harnessing the growing volume of data in capital markets. Based in Issaquah, WA, McObject is committed to providing innovative technology and first-rate services to customers and partners. Visit financial.mcobject.com.

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Jim Hetherington, 312-850-3308 x1546

Release Summary

Kove demonstrates a real-time financial risk solution based on the Kove® XPD™ L2 memory-based SSD, achieving test portfolio processing world record of greater than 65 terabytes per hour.


Jim Hetherington, 312-850-3308 x1546