Cleancoating LLC Tests Prove XTI-360 Nanocoating (XTIO2) as the Most Effective Air Purification and Self-Cleaning Technology for Hotels

PHILADELPHIA--()--XTI-360 Active-Shield Nanocoating is the most powerful air purification and antigerm solution for the hotel industry to provide a sustainable, self-cleaning environment for guest and meeting rooms, spas, fitness centers, kitchens, restaurants, lounge and lobby areas.

Tests commissioned by Cleancoating LLC, and conducted by Healthy Interior Solutions in a typical hotel room prove the superior power of XTI-360 Nanocoating, which eradicated mold and bacteria in 3 hours. Tests conducted 3 months after the treatment prove that the room is bacteria and mold free, while there were high counts of bacteria on the surfaces of an untreated room.

The room smelled like a typical hotel room- stagnant air, not clean or fresh. The atmosphere was completely different after the coating process. The room, draperies and upholstery smelled clean. The difference was remarkable! Weeks later, the room smells clean and the test results confirm that mold and bacteria was removed. I recommended XTIO2 technology highly,” said LaVerne Scheetz, president of Healthy Interior Solutions, Inc.

Hotel guests complain most often about bad smells (cigarette smoke/mold/chemicals/musty air) and other DIRTY HOTEL problems. A study by the University of Houston shows that television remotes, bedside lamp switches, toilets and bathroom sinks have the highest levels of bacterial contamination in U.S. hotel rooms.

Carpeted rooms retain especially high amounts of microorganisms from all over the world. Microbes from people, their shoes, clothing and luggage settle onto floors, tables and walls, and get stirred up in the air when a person walks in, according to research by Yale University.

Dirty hotel rooms can pose the following health risks to guests:

  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Skin irritation
  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Infections (cold/flu/MRSA/E. coli/norovirus)

The hotel industry spends millions of dollars a year trying to mask contaminants and odors with harmful and expensive cleansers, chemicals, artificial scents and black light, with only 10-30 minutes to clean each room.

XTI-360 delivers better, affordable air quality than expensive air-purifiers and HVAC systems that waste electricity, have limited coverage area, and require filters that don’t trap all infectious particles but disseminate them.

The self-cleaning XTI-360™ nanocoating provides the longest-lasting air purification protection with the world’s highest germ-killing power: 100% (SGS USA/tested on XTIO2- coated fabric). The world-exclusive green technology(zero-VOCs) contains only ultra-pure-water(99%) and TiO2-nanoparticles(1%).

The transparent XTI-360™ nanocoating binds quickly to multiple types of surfaces (walls/ceilings/carpets/curtains/ furniture/air-ducts /air-filters /bathroom tiles/etc.) transforming them into air-purifiers.

The revolutionary XTIO2 Technology:

  • Eliminates cigarette smoke, other organic air pollutants and odors from fabrics, carpets, surfaces and air
  • Eradicates mold spores
  • Destroys dangerous bacteria like E.coli, S. aureus, C. difficile and viruses
  • Protects surfaces from dust/dirt
  • Decomposes VOCs released in the air (from carpets/furniture/cleaning products/chemicals/ building materials)
  • Sustainably energy-free
  • 100% GREEN
  • ISPBC-certified

To reduce the use of disinfectants and cleansers, save costs and time, ISPBC (International Self-Powered Building Council) recommends XTI-360 nanocoating as a green, affordable and 100% effective sanitation standard to hoteliers who have an obligation to provide their guests with a healthy environment. Improving cleanliness is critical in today’s competitive hospitality market where guests’ first impression is crucial.

CLEANCOATING LLC is a Philadelphia-based company extending XTI-360™ Nanocoating services to homes/offices/green buildings/hospitals/malls/hotels/schools/sport facilities/cruise ships/public transportation/agriculture/and food industries.

International Self-Powered Building Council (ISPBC) is a worldwide organization dedicated to advance, develop and drive Self-Powered Building (SPB) innovations and green practices.


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Release Summary

Cleancoating LLC proves XTI-360 is the most sustainable, effective method for air purification and anti-germ technology in the hospitality industry.


Cleancoating LLC
Michael Holbert, +1(215)236.1965