VideoHub Unveils Viewability Measurement Within Its Video Analytics Platform

“Player Position” and “Player Size” Signals Enhance Transparency, Show Advertisers and Publishers When Ads Are Within Consumers’ View

NEW YORK--()--VideoHub, the first end-to-end analytics and monetization platform built for video, today unveiled video ad verification signals that give advertisers insight into the viewability of their ads, including where they appear on the page, the size of the player, and the impact on the viewer experience. The new “Player Position” and “Player Size” signals are the first measurement features that offer advertisers and publishers full transparency into video ad position and size for video campaigns running across ad networks, direct publishers and video exchanges.

Player Position and Size go beyond basic verification metrics by showing advertisers how many video ad impressions are 100-percent viewable, partially viewable, or non viewable. Advertisers, publishers and agencies can now understand how likely viewers are to see their ads on the page and then optimize and plan against that information in real-time. VideoHub clients can also measure viewability alongside brand lift, engagement, and other KPIs, showing the relationship between the viewing environment and campaign results. These new features, following the platform-wide integration of Nielsen GRP reporting, help VideoHub marry verification, reach and ad performance, providing advertisers a level of measurement and understanding that is unavailable anywhere else.

VideoHub is available to agencies and publishers to ensure alignment across the value chain. VideoHub’s Player Position and Size signals streamline the verification process, making it easier for all parties to understand how many of their ads are actually presented to consumers, without the burden of additional tags or added costs layered into a CPM.

“Advertisers don’t want to pay for ads that never reach viewers, but existing verification technology only lets them look at the results after a campaign concludes,” said Anthony Risicato, GM of VideoHub. “With a medium as engaging as video, advertisers and publishers need something more than basic verification – they need an idea of where on the page the ad will appear, and how likely it is to end up in front of a viewer. The Player Position signal lets them measure viewability with other KPIs, empowering them to alter their media plan to drive the highest possible performance. We are strong supporters of the IAB’s 3MS Initiative and we believe our new Viewability tools can assist in that effort.”

"For more traditional advertisers, online video bridges the gap between television and digital display, and online video needs to be accountable, measurable, and most of all, actionable,” said Lauren Marks, Digital Strategist at PHD. “Being able to access and understand the wealth of data that surrounds engagement and response will help brands to deliver more effective, more creative, and more powerful plays in the online video space."

“At The Vidal Partnership, we are always pushing to be on the forefront of digital analytics,” said José Manuel Montenegro, Media Director at The Vidal Partnership. “Digital video is an undeniable opportunity for brands to connect with consumers in a way that was never before possible. Having access to the right performance metrics is vital for our team in order to guarantee that our clients are connecting with consumers in a positive and effective way. Tools that provide accountability for digital media buys are essential to help determine the optimal media placements for our clients."

Traditional verification tools often create operational issues forcing agencies to re-allocate impressions that ran in sub-optimal locations, while publishers are incapable of preventing these ad calls. VideoHub’s new viewability capabilities provide publishers with a transparent look at ad verification for the very first time, helping them better serve their advertiser partners without potentially damaging the relationship.

“Viewability allows publishers a chance to assure an effective and valuable ad experience,” said Heather M. Idema, Vice President, Corporate Research for Bonnier Corporation. “By understanding and monitoring Viewability we can work together with the advertiser in order to help all parties meet their goals.”

Player Position and Size are available for clients using VideoHub for Advertisers, a platform that lets marketers and agencies see how their video campaigns are performing across all networks and publishers in real-time, giving them unparalleled and sometimes surprising insight into brand performance metrics and the factors enhancing the brand, provoking viewer engagement and driving other key performance indicators.

About VideoHub

VideoHub, the enterprise division of Tremor Video, is a first of its kind analytics console that helps marketers, agencies and publishers monitor the complex video ecosystem to dynamically match ads with content and viewers, deliver upon marketing goals, provide ad verification and maximize brand impact. Unlike traditional video management platforms, VideoHub focuses on effectiveness and delivers real-time analytics for deep transparency across ads, content, viewers, and performance. To request a demo, visit


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Release Summary

VideoHub, the first end-to-end analytics and monetization platform built for video, today unveiled video ad verification signals that give advertisers insight into the viewability of their ads.


WIT Strategy, for VideoHub
Rich Cherecwich, 774-254-0952