Personal CEO Shane Green Co-Hosts SXSW Session to Crowdsource a People’s Digital Bill of Rights

Chief Technology Officer Tarik Kurspahic teaches crash course in building privacy by design into Web and mobile products

SXSW 2012

WASHINGTON--()--Personal (, a private personal network and data vault for individuals to manage and control access to their digital information, today announced that CEO Shane Green and CTO Tarik Kurspahic will each lead sessions at SXSW Interactive focused on creating a people’s digital bill of rights and giving attendees an insider view of building privacy by design products.

Along with Placecast ( Founder and President Anne Bezancon, Green will co-host “We the People: Creating a Consumer’s Bill of Rights” on March 11, 2012 at 11 a.m. CT. Green and Bezancon will lead a participatory session in which attendees will develop a digital bill of rights and set in motion a public process to ratify them.

“Given the importance of the Internet, technology and data to people’s lives, the time has come for individuals to decide on the fundamental rights they expect in the digital world,” said Green. “While we appreciate the growing enlightenment shown by some governments and companies, we believe it is fundamentally the role of the people to define their own digital bill of rights and to ensure they are respected.”

“The online and mobile economy will not reach maturity until it is driven by trust and value exchange. We have an opportunity to design new relationships between consumers and the companies and institutions that use their data,” said Bezancon.

Also on March 11, CTO Tarik Kurspahic will present a session entitled “How to Build Privacy by Design into Web and Mobile,” during which he will provide real-world examples of building privacy-minded companies, platforms and products from the ground up. Personal was the first company to be recognized as a “Privacy by Design Organizational Ambassador” because of its commitment to such principles.

“When you bake privacy, transparency and user-control into every nook and cranny, as we have done at Personal, everyone becomes a ‘chief privacy officer,’ even developers,” said Kurspahic. “Although it requires a greater investment up front, the technical and business competitive advantages that come from respecting your users are game changing.”


Event Details:

We the People: Creating a Consumer’s Digital Bill of Rights
March 11, 2012 at 11:00 a.m. CT
InterContinental Stephen F. Austin Hotel, Assembly Room
Co-Facilitators: Shane Green, co-founder and CEO, Personal; Anne Bezancon, founder and President, Placecast

How to Build Privacy by Design into Web and Mobile
March 11, 2012 at 12:30 p.m. CT
Hyatt Regency Austin, Texas Ballroom 4-7
Speaker: Tarik Kurspahic, chief technology officer, Personal


About Personal

Personal ( provides individuals with the tools to create a private, personal network where they can control their identity and determine access to their data when connecting with people and companies. Built on a secure data vault, individuals can easily import, consolidate and manage just about any information in their lives – all with the peace of mind that their data remains legally theirs and is never used or shared without their permission.


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Karen Sippel, 202-499-2447