BluCapp Releases Safe, Easy-to-Use Duplicate Contacts Remover Service

Scrubly™ Quickly Cleans, Merges, Backs-Up Disparate Address Books

SEATTLE--()--BluCapp, Inc. – creator of personal productivity tools that make it easy to manage contacts, calendars and to-do lists across Apple, Google and Microsoft email programs – today released its Scrubly duplicate contact remover service, an online tool that safely collates, cleans and backs-up address book contact lists by applying proprietary technology that scrubs multiple databases for duplications and entry errors.

BluCapp’s service addresses the messy address book problem caused by multiple mobile phone upgrades, changing jobs and syncing with other online services such as Facebook.

Scrubly was posted for testing earlier this year and since hundreds of consumers recruited by BluCapp and its network of developers have put the service to the test, proving the company’s Scrubbleator data cleansing system is bulletproof and scalable. The system is engineered to collate data field-by-field across contact list folders and groups, applying proprietary comparative rules to comb through the data for duplications and apparent errors that confuse uniformity across contacts stored in Outlook, Mac Address Book, Google Gmail and Google Apps Contacts.

“Scrubly gives users complete control of how and when they scrub, update or delete contacts and – importantly – all of their original files are backed-up and saved,” said BluCapp founder and CEO Bob Thordarson. “If they want to, they can easily revert back to their data in its original condition. There’s no reason to do so, of course, but it’s important to know that you can.”

Among its features:

  • Scrubly scans Outlook, Mac Address Book, Gmail and Google Apps contact folders and groups for duplicate contact entries, flagging each for review. Typically users simply remove all of their duplicate entries with one click, but they can choose to selectively review and delete flagged entries individually. Results are saved and backed-up by BluCapp for access anytime; again, users always have access to their original files.
  • Scrubly groups compatible duplicate contacts together, merging each contact’s data-fields into one complete entry.
  • Scrubly deletes “junk” contacts, email addresses automatically created but not needed.
  • Scrubly resolves entry conflicts, such as when one directory categorizes a telephone number as “home” and another reports it as a “work” number. The Scrubly Conflict Resolution Wizard reports conflicts for resolution using a simple interface that allows users to quickly resolve conflicts in a few clicks.

The service is affordable. If managing fewer than 250 contacts, Scrubly is free. Those managing more contacts opt to scrub and dedupe their address books for a one-time charge of just $9.95, or purchase unlimited use of Scrubly across Outlook, Mac and Google for $24.95 a year.

“We’re off to an exciting start: Scrubly performs precisely as advertised and early adopters are genuinely enthusiastic over how easy it now is to delete duplicate contact information across Outlook, Mac and Google platforms. This includes smartphones as well, since iPhone, Android and Blackberry handsets all sync with Outlook, Mac and Google contacts,” Thordarson said. “Now we’re throwing the doors to Scrubly wide open, expecting that soon tens and thousands of consumers with duplicate contacts will soon enjoy the time saving benefits of having a clean address book, regardless of whether they’re using their smartphone, a tablet, Mac or PC.”

BluCapp is a Seattle-based developer of online personal productivity tools that make it easy and inexpensive to manage contact lists, calendars and to-do lists across Apple, Google and Microsoft email programs. The company’s first publicly released service is Scrubly™, an inexpensive yet sophisticated address book duplicate contact removal tool that makes it easy to merge and manage multiple contact lists. For more information concerning BluCapp, please visit


BluCapp, Inc.
Mike Brennan, 206-283-6908


BluCapp, Inc.
Mike Brennan, 206-283-6908