Remsoft and Gurobi Partner to Help Customers Maximize the Performance and Value of Their Assets

Combination of Remsoft’s Advanced Analytics and Gurobi’s Mathematical Solver Enable Customers to Quickly and Definitively Solve Operational-Level Problems

FREDERICTON, New Brunswick--()--Remsoft, the world’s leading provider of asset lifecycle optimization solutions for land-based and infrastructure assets, today announced that it partnered with Gurobi Optimization, a provider of high-performance solvers for mathematical programming.

As a result of this partnership, Gurobi’s mixed-integer programming (MIP) technology will be embedded into Remsoft’s suite of advanced analytics, modeling and spatial planning solutions, giving customers the tool they need to solve operational and planning problems that require a quick, definitive answer. The need for customers to purchase separate solutions or to work with different technical support teams is also eliminated, further streamlining any asset optimization and utilization efforts.

“Remsoft has long been recognized as the leader in their field,” said Karl Peck for Alberta Sustainable Resource Development. “As a long-time Remsoft user, I can easily see the value that adding Gurobi’s MIP technology to the mix will have for Remsoft customers. The fact that it will be embedded within the Remsoft solution and not require separate points of contact is an added bonus.”

Gurobi’s state-of-the-art solver gives Remsoft customers a best-in-breed MIP solution, helping customers address operational-level problems that need to be solved in a shorter timeframe. Gurobi designed its solvers from the ground up to exploit modern multi-core processors. They incorporate the latest MIP technologies, including cutting planes and powerful solution heuristics, and they use advanced presolve methods to simplify models and slash solve times.

“When making critical, time-sensitive decisions about where to allocate materials, resources and funds you need to know you are working with the strongest technology available,” added Dr. Robert Bixby, co-founder and president of Gurobi Optimization. “The combination of leading solutions from Gurobi and Remsoft will allow companies from all industries to use the best tools on the market today to solve an increasing variety of operational and planning problems.”

For over 15 years, Remsoft’s asset lifecycle optimization technology has empowered executives to simplify complex decisions, leading to long-term asset sustainability. The company’s solutions use advanced analytics and modeling to help companies maximize the performance and value of their land-based and/or infrastructure assets.

“Using analytics technology to quickly review, analyze and reach a definitive decision on the best use of resources has proven to be the most powerful way for companies to manage the upkeep of their materials and infrastructure,” said Ugo Feunekes, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Remsoft. “Decision-making is complex enough without having to worry about what company is responsible for what part of your analytics solution. By teaming with Gurobi we are ensuring that our joint customers have easy access to the best technology available—technology that can ultimately increase the number of project successes.”

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Asset lifecycle optimization co. Remsoft partnered with mathematical solver co. Gurobi to help customers quickly and definitively solve operation-level problems and maximize asset performance.


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