Schooner Information Technology Announces Flash-Optimized MySQL with InnoDB on All Dell, HP and IBM x86 Servers

Schooner Broadens Its Solution to Meet Customer Preferences of Hardware and Flash Memory

SUNNYVALE, Calif.--()--Schooner Information Technology, Inc., whose products deliver optimal scale-up and scale-out for MySQL databases and NoSQL data stores, today announced the general availability of release 3.0 of the Schooner Appliance for MySQL® Enterprise™ with InnoDB (abbreviated as Schooner MySQL). Schooner MySQL software transforms commodity x86 servers and flash memory into easily scalable, highly available super-servers for demanding MySQL deployments. By deploying Schooner MySQL, enterprises achieve optimal performance, easy scaling and minimal downtime.

Schooner MySQL tightly couples proprietary Schooner optimizations to InnoDB with balanced use of the processor cores, flash memory and DRAM to deliver exceptional performance with high availability. Schooner-powered servers bring customer benefits that include:

  • Optimal performance, by unleashing the full power of multi-core processors to fully exploit the performance and economic advantages of flash memory. Schooner's flash-based MySQL solution provides more than 10 times the performance of other disk-based MySQL options and more than three times the performance of any other MySQL option that uses flash memory;
  • Scaling without the sprawl, by allowing high-throughput access to terabytes of data in flash memory at DRAM-like speeds, on standard x86 Linux servers;
  • Maximum datacenter productivity, by handling way bigger loads with way fewer nodes to save money on hardware and the power and people needed to run it; and,
  • 100 percent compatibility, including support for standard MySQL replication, formally certified by Oracle/MySQL.

Schooner MySQL 3.0 greatly broadens the user community which can enjoy these benefits, since it:

  • Is available on all widely-used standard x86 servers and blades from Dell, HP and IBM, running Red Hat Linux 5.4 / 5.5 or CentOS 5.4 / 5.5; and
  • Supports any high-performance flash memory in SAS / SATA or PCIe form factors, including those qualified and supported by Dell, HP and IBM, and from the leading flash memory suppliers including Fusion-io, LSI, Unigen, Intel, OCZ and Pliant.

Customers can use Schooner MySQL to get more value from their existing servers by upgrading them with flash memory, as well as minimize their spending on new servers. Schooner MySQL will be available for download and free trial as of February 8, 2011. Pricing is by annual subscription per server.

“Schooner first delivered its flash-optimized MySQL in 2009 on an IBM x86 server with 512 GB of Intel flash memory because, at the time, delivering software with a very specific combination of server and flash drives was the only way to ensure a great user experience,” said Jerry Rudisin, chief executive officer for Schooner Information Technology. “Since then flash memory has become mainstream, so we generalized our support to all widely-used servers and flash drives while preserving all of the value of our former turnkey approach.”

Rudisin continued, “Now when customers are ready to move to flash memory they can get whatever server makes sense and as much flash memory as they need. The latest drives make it easy to put several terabytes of flash on a typical server, and with Schooner's MySQL software, they'll get great performance against data sets of any size. Schooner's patent-pending innovations and optimizations unleash the full potential of flash, which is the key to dramatic server consolidation. With Schooner, customers can scale smart, and enjoy a large reduction in their capex and opex while delivering a better experience to their MySQL users.”

About Schooner Information Technology

Schooner MySQL and Schooner Membrain are software products which turn standard x86 servers and flash memory into MySQL database or NoSQL data store super-servers. Schooner brings the datacenter scaling without the sprawl, minimal downtime and optimal performance. Schooner maximizes datacenter efficiency by slashing the need for servers and the power, pipe and people to run them. Schooner products outperform hard-drive-based solutions by 10 times and other flash-based solutions by two to three times. Datacenters scale smart with Schooner to handle way bigger loads with way fewer nodes. Schooner is privately held and based in Sunnyvale, California. Learn more at


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