Pervasive DataRush on SGI® Altix® UV 1000 Shatters Smith-Waterman Throughput Record by 43 Percent

Pervasive DataRush Solution Scales across All 384 Cores at Almost One Trillion Cell Updates/Second (TCUPS)

AUSTIN, Texas--()--Pervasive Software® Inc.(NASDAQ: PVSW) today announced along with SGI that Pervasive’s implementation of the Smith-Waterman algorithm for performing local protein sequence alignment analyzed 10 million combinations of protein sequences in 81.1 seconds. The algorithm leveraged the Pervasive DataRush™ platform to scale across an SGI Altix UV 1000 with 384 cores to achieve a sustained throughput of 986 billion cell updates/second. Dramatically demonstrating Pervasive DataRush scalability, the same executable used on a four-core system dynamically scaled across all 384 cores on the Intel® Xeon® processor 7500 series based server.1

The results provide TCUPS-scale performance, an order of magnitude greater throughput than earlier Smith-Waterman algorithm performance records. The high-performance algorithm is implemented here using the Pervasive DataRush parallel dataflow platform, which developers can rapidly exploit using its extensible library of operators that seamlessly scale on commercially available multicore hardware.

“Pervasive DataRush applications deliver robust future-proofing as customers can seamlessly scale to take advantage of ever more powerful hardware platforms, and the Smith-Waterman results provide a riveting demonstration of just how seamless and scalable that future-proofing really is,” said Ray Newmark, Pervasive DataRush vice president of sales and marketing. “This demonstrates that developers in all types of organizations can leverage this platform to design and deploy highly scalable applications with no need for specialized parallelization knowledge.”

“With Pervasive DataRush on Altix UV, commercial and academic researchers have unparalleled access to world-class performance for design-time and runtime productivity,” said Bill Mannel, vice president of product marketing at SGI. “We are impressed by how rapidly the Pervasive DataRush platform scaled to tap into the power of Altix UV. Together, they put previously unimaginable power in the hands of bioinformatics, genomic research and other simulation, data mining and mathematical modeling scientists.”

The Pervasive DataRush-based Smith Waterman algorithm is available for partners and customers to implement in their environments.

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Pervasive Software (NASDAQ: PVSW) helps companies get the most out of their data investments through agile and embeddable software and cloud-based services for data management, data integration, B2B exchange and analytics. The embeddable Pervasive PSQL™ database engine provides robust database reliability in a near-zero database administration environment for packaged business applications. Pervasive's multi-purpose data integration platform, available on-premises and in the cloud, accelerates the sharing of information between multiple data stores, applications, and hosted business systems and allows customers to re-use the same software for diverse integration scenarios. Pervasive DataRush™ is an embeddable parallel dataflow platform enabling data-intensive applications such as claims processing, risk analysis, fraud detection, data mining, predictive analytics, sales optimization and marketing analytics. For more than two decades, Pervasive products have delivered value to tens of thousands of customers in more than 150 countries with a compelling combination of performance, flexibility, reliability and low total cost of ownership. Through Pervasive Innovation Labs, the company also invests in exploring and creating cutting edge solutions for the toughest data analysis and data delivery challenges. Robin Bloor, Chief Research Analyst and President, The Bloor Group and Founder, Bloor Research, recently cited Pervasive as one of the “10 IT Companies to Watch in 2010.” For additional information, go to

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1 Tests were performed by Pervasive DataRush developers on July 7, 2010 using Pervasive’s Smith-Waterman implementation on Pervasive DataRush 4.4 running on a SGI Altix UV 1000 at SGI’s Fremont laboratories.


Pervasive Software
Kim Daugherty, 512-231-6507

Release Summary

Pervasive Software announced with SGI that its implementation of Smith-Waterman for performing local protein sequence alignment, analyzed 10 million combinations of protein sequences in 81.1 seconds.


Pervasive Software
Kim Daugherty, 512-231-6507