How Will You Celebrate Guardian Angel Day October 2nd?

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NEW YORK--()--Americans have made a special place in their hearts for the Guardian Angels that protect and guide us all. On Guardian Angel Day, Thursday, October 2nd, Guideposts has made a special place ( to honor them online.

Most surveys show that somewhere between 70 to 75% of Americans believe in Guardian Angels. An even more compelling number was revealed in a recent Baylor University Institute for Studies of Religion poll that showed 55% of the survey respondents answered affirmatively to the statement, "I was protected from harm by a guardian angel." What that means is that a majority of Americans have had actual experiences with Guardian Angels. These findings confirm that a very large number of people absolutely believe someone is looking out for them.

Every single day we talk to people who believe they have had a truly angelic experience, says Colleen Hughes, editor-in-chief of Angels on Earth magazine. We receive hundreds of stories by mail and email every week, and publish the best those stories that are the most comforting, the most moving, the most unique. If youve never read an issue of Angels on Earth, you cant imagine the myriad ways angels show up in modern, everyday life.

To celebrate this special day honoring Guardian Angels, Guideposts magazine and sister publication Angels On Earth have put together a unique online content section that presents true stories about Gods angels and humans who have played angelic roles in daily life. Visit to:

  • Learn more about Guardian Angels...
  • Read about how Guardian Angels have changed peoples lives
  • Or tell us about your own Guardian Angel!

Guideposts site includes story after story about the good deeds of Guardian Angels in the lives of everyday people, like:

  • The construction worker who had a stranger come by one cold rainy evening.
  • A woman travelling alone who got roadside assistance, but not from AAA.
  • A trucker who named his rig A Wing and a Prayer.
  • One guy who thought angels were about as real as the Easter Bunny.
  • A 12-year old girl who came with her Italian family to New York with hope and not much else.

Enjoy the many, many more angel stories, as well as explore links to Guideposts Mysterious Ways archives of truly inspiring accounts of unexplainable happenings.

Whether there is just one angel for each of us, and whether you even believe in them or not, you might just have a guardian angel. To find out and learn more, go to on October 2nd and have a beautiful Guardian Angel Day.


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DJGPR for Guideposts
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