Corporate Leadership Council Identifies New Roadmap to Engagement

CLC Solutions to Discuss One of the Key Engagement Drivers at the 5th Annual NY HR WeekTM Conference

WASHINGTON & NEW YORK--()--The Corporate Leadership Council (CLC), a leading provider of Human Resources best practices research, executive education, and decision-support services, today announced five key imperatives to help senior executives design and implement the most effective employee engagement strategy. The imperatives are available in CLCs guidebook Upgrading the Organizations Employee Engagement Strategy, and are part of CLCs comprehensive decision-support center for Employee Engagement.

The Council also announced it will present one of these key drivers at the 5th Annual HR Week Conference, which will be held April 17-18 in New York City. CLC is a membership program of the Corporate Executive Board (NASDAQ: EXBD) (, the premier network for leaders of the worlds largest public and private organizations. The Corporate Executive Board provides best practices research and analysis focused on corporate strategy, operations, and general management issues.

CLC Managing Director Jean Martin says, Highly engaged organizations have the potential to reduce turnover by eighty-seven percent and improve employee performance by twenty percent. This translates to greater organizational performance. In fact, our study found highly engaged organizations grow profits as much as three times faster than organizational competitors.

Maximizing Performance and Retention: Five Key Imperatives for Reaching Engagement Goals

The Corporate Leadership Council has reviewed more than 300 drivers of engagement across the globe. The study also found that by increasing an employees level of engagement, organizations can potentially expect to improve performance by 20 percent and reduce the employees probability of departure by 87 percent. The Councils guidebook Upgrading the Organizations Employee Engagement Strategy includes a step-by-step plan to help organizations get there. CLC Solutions helps to accelerate the time-to-benefit by partnering directly with members to identify the current level of engagement and put cost-effective plans in place to increase employee engagement. The Councils roadmap includes key imperatives to help executives identify visible and invisible barriers to engagement, and then to create a strategy to implement change, and ensure continuous improvement. Five key imperatives are:

(1) Diagnosing the Urgency of the Engagement Challenge

(2) Determining the Organizational Strategy that Engages Managers and Employees

(3) Creating Engagement Opportunities to Enable Employee Contribution

(4) Framing an Engaging Structure that Builds Organizational Credibility with Employees

(5) Benchmarking Engagement Over Time For Continuous Improvement

CLC Solutions Practice Manager David Morris adds, Effectively engaged organizations identify the two or three things that matter most and, then, implement only what they need to reach overarching and line-specific goals. In addition to this organization-level activity, an area our teams guidebook discusses is manager engagement. While it is no secret that bad managers impact turnover, our work shows bad managers experience turnover that is four times greater than good managers. This work really hones in on developing manager-level plans so managers can build credibility with their staff.

CLC to Present on Manager Engagement at the 5th Annual NY HR Week

CLC Solutions Practice Manager David Morris will present at the 5th Annual NY HR Week on Tuesday, April 17, from 10:45 a.m. to 12 p.m at the New York Hilton (1335 Avenue of the Americas). His session, entitled, Leveraging Your Managers: Driving Action from Survey Results will discuss overall findings of CLCs Employee Engagement survey and how HR practitioners can better engage managers and develop their skills to improve employee job satisfaction, organizational performance, and, importantly, retention.

About the Corporate Leadership Council (CLC) and CLC Solutions

The Corporate Leadership Council ( provides Human Resources best practices research, executive education, and decision-support services to the largest global network of HR executives. The Council focuses on topics that are most critical for senior HR executives: employee engagement, performance management, leadership development and succession management, diversity, HR service delivery, and executive compensation. CLC Solutions applies the Councils rigorously defined methodologies and results, including the employee engagement model, to quantify productivity and retention risks facing the company, identify the highest return strategies to increase workforce engagement levels, and measure the impact of workforce engagement on firm performance.

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