Electronic Entertainment Expo 2006 Exhibitor Profiles

E3Expo 2006
LOS ANGELES--()--May 4, 2006--The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3Expo) 2006 takes place May 10 - 12, 2006 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. For in-depth information about the event visit http://www.e3expo.com.

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Company: Action Forms
Booth/Stand: Kentia Hall, 6059
Media Contact: atem@action-forms.com
Investor Relations Contact: Igor Karev
Phone: +38050 445-8145
E-mail: karev@action-forms.com
Web: www.action-forms.com

Founded in 1995, Action Forms is a proven game development company
which creates innovative, high quality and well recognized computer
games using its proprietary leading technology awarded "Best
Technology" at Russian Game Developers Conference in 2006. Over last
11 years, Action Forms has developed a number of games for commercial
distribution, including the 3D action games entitled Chasm - the Rift,
trilogy of 3D hunting games entitled Carnivores, Treasure Island and
recently released first person shooter Vivisector: Beast Within which
had been awarded "Best sound" at Russian Game Developers Conference in
2004 and "Best FPS of 2005" at Gameland Award.

Company: Activate Interactive Pte Ltd
Booth/Stand: South Hall, 968
Media Contact: Dawn Teh
Investor Relations Contact: Leslie Wou
Phone: +65 6837 0366
E-mail: games@activate.sg
Web: www.activate.sg

Activate crosses the boundaries of entertainment through our
cutting-edge games that are integrated across mobile phones and PC.
Our compelling products include:
- HinterWars: 1st in the world cross-platform MMORPG for Mobile
and PC

- Steel Odyssey: Mobile-PC MMOG that fuses the best of
arcade-fighting and turn-based strategy games

- Atomic Island: Avatar-based virtual community

- Atomic Games: Cross-platform multiplayer casual games for Mobile
and Web

Founded in 1997, Activate is privately held and headquartered in
Singapore. Our awards include "Winner - Nokia Mobile Flash Hunt 2005"
and "Nokia Forum PRO Award 2004 - Most Successful South East Asia Game

Company: Advanced Duplication Services, LLC
Booth/Stand: 6621
Media Contact: Gary Bougie
Phone: 763-449-5500
Email: terri@ads-cd.com
Web: www.ads-cd.com

For over 16 years, Advanced Duplication Services has earned a
strong reputation offering comprehensive media manufacturing solutions
- from mastering and replication, through printing, packaging and
delivery of DVDs and CDs. ADS upholds an unyielding commitment to
providing clients the finest solutions-based services possible - all
under one roof.

Company: AGEIA
Booth/Stand: South Hall Booth 1068
Media Contact: Elizabeth Olson
Phone: 415.863.4900 x204
E-mail: eolson@double-forte.com
Web: www.ageia.com

AGEIA(TM) Technologies, Inc., dedicated to taking PC gaming to the
next level, is the pioneer of hardware-accelerated physics for games.
A fabless semiconductor company, AGEIA delivers hardware and software
technologies that bring powerful real-time dynamic motion and
interaction to the ever demanding complexity of next generation games.
Its flagship product, the AGEIA PhysX(TM) processor, is the world's
first semiconductor chip that is dedicated exclusively to physics
processing. Mounted on PC add-in cards called physics accelerators,
the AGEIA PhysX processor promises to do for game action what the 3D
graphics accelerator did for game visuals.

Company: AI.implant
Booth/Stand: Meeting Room #7042
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: TSX: EGY
Media Contact: Donna Araujo - daraujo@highroad.com
Investor Relations Contact: Marc-Andre Dupere
Phone: 514-341-3874
E-mail: aiimplant-info@engenuitytech.com
Web: www.aiimplant.com

AI.implant by Engenuity Technologies is the production-proven AI
tool and middleware solution that provides professional game
developers with a solid foundation on which to build advanced game AI.
Whether you need dynamic pathfinding and obstacle avoidance or
realtime crowd simulation, AI.implant has everything you need to
create a more realistic and immersive game experience.

Company: AICOMAX
Booth/Stand: SOUTH HALL 968
Media Contact: MR LJ CHUAH
Phone: +65 81100736
E-mail: chuah@aicomax.com
Web: www.aicomax.com

AICOMAX develops its own proprietary 3D MMORPG game engine in
China. Our first online game in China is based on a Chinese legendary
classic. See www.3dpie.com.We are looking for partners to launch our
game in other markets. AICOMAX has a team of highly trained
professional games developer, artists and graphic designers. We are
capable to provide localization of games and outsourced games
development service for companies that wish to enter the China games

Company: Akella
Booth/Stand: 6901, 6903, Kentia
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: Akella
Media Contact: semenova@akella.com
Investor Relations Contact: arkhipov@akella.com
Phone: 007 495 36346 12
E-mail: office@akella.com
Web: http://www.akella.com

Akella was founded in 1993. For the next 13 years Akella was
developing hard and from a team of 6 people became a
multiple-discipline company engaged in developing, publishing and
distribution of computer games and multimedia products. At present in
Akella work more than 200 qualified specialists under the rule of
experienced and professional managers. Akella's own distribution
network grows fast and at the moment covers all former USSR territory.
Among Akella's shareholders are Quadriga Capital (EBRD fund) and Intel

Company: Alienware Corporation
Booth/Stand: 7142
Media Contact: Jaclyn Gonzalez
Phone: 305-251-9797
E-mail: jaclyn_gonzalez@alienware.com
Web: www.alienware.com

Enjoy an up-close look at the award-winning performance and style
of Alienware systems at numerous locations throughout E3. Just catch
Alienware at any number of locations at E3, including the booths of
Havok, Atari, Eidos, Funcom, Logitech, Midway, Square Enix, Threewave
Software, Turbine, Vivendi, Activision, Dreamcatcher, Gametap, CDV,
Ageia, CoolIT and Ziff Davis. Alienware is also providing an exclusive
look at its latest products to the media at Kentia Hall, Booth #7142.
The Aurora(TM) m9700 and Aurora mALX mobile systems, as well as the
limited-edition Area-51 Superman(TM) Edition Desktop and Area-51
Superman Returns(TM) Edition Notebook will be shown. The 17" Aurora
m9700 and 19" Aurora mALX are loaded with NVIDIA(R) SLI(TM)
technology, while the special-edition Superman systems feature
exclusive chassis designs of the legendary superhero.

Company: Allegro Rainbow
Booth/Stand: 7621
Media Contact: Brian Metcalf
Investor Relations Contact: Chris Salter
Phone: (877) PIANO-04
E-mail: chris@pianowizard.com
Web: www.pianowizard.com

Allegro Rainbow is a leading provider of non-violent,
award-winning, videogame software. Allegro's flagship product Piano
Wizard teaches children of all ages how to play the piano and read
music within minutes. Allegro is combating the perception that all
videogames are harmful through its patented learning methods and by
converting digital pianos into "joysticks". Piano Wizard eliminates
many of the frustrations associated with traditional music lessons by
teaching how to play, through entertaining fun and games. Allegro
Rainbow's mission is to help bring about universal music literacy. For
more information, please visit www.pianowizard.com

Company: Amp'd Mobile
Booth/Stand: The Courtyard Plaza (adjacent to the Concourse Hall)
Media Contact: BWR, 310-550-7776
Investor Relations Contact: Bill Stone
Phone: 310-575-2500
E-mail: pr@ampd.com
Web: www.ampd.com

Amp'd Mobile is fast, fresh and on the edge, the perfect cure for
those dull moments. The first integrated mobile entertainment company,
Amp'd Mobile is the only 3G carrier in the US specifically targeting
youth, young professionals and early adopters. By leveraging the power
of broadband wireless (EVDO), Amp'd Mobile offers traditional services
within an original user interface. With a myriad of customizable
options as well as strategic alliances with top entertainment
properties, such as MTVN and Universal Music Group, Amp'd Mobile
brings a personal experience to the wireless lifestyle with unique
music, video, community, entertainment, sports and gaming content.

Company: Atlus U.S.A., Inc.
Booth/Stand: West 2408
Media Contact: Zach Meston, Asst. Marketing/PR Manager
Phone: (949) 788-0455
E-mail: press@atlus.com
Web: http://www.atlus.com

Located in Irvine, California, Atlus U.S.A., Inc. is a publisher
of challenging and compelling video games for a variety of platforms,
including the Nintendo DS(TM), Nintendo Game Boy(R) Advance, and Sony
PlayStation(R) 2. Founded in 1991, Atlus's library of critically
acclaimed video games includes Disgaea: Hour of Darkness; Trauma
Center: Under the Knife; Magna Carta: Tears of Blood; and the Shin
Megami Tensei series. For more information, visit

Company: Babel Media
Booth/Stand: West 2228
Media Contact: Chloe Giusti
Phone: +44(0)7818 084833
E-mail: chloe.giusti@babelmedia.com
Web: www.babelmedia.com

Babel Media is the leading outsourcing company in the games
industry. Our console, PC, handheld and wireless services include QA,
localisation, audio, handset porting, certification and marketing. The
company employs more than 300 plus full-time and contract personnel
with offices in Brighton, Los Angeles, Montreal and New Delhi. Babel
is a registered Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo developer. Babel works
with many of the leading publishers such as SCEA, SCEE, SEGA,
Nintendo, Microsoft, Electronic Arts, THQ, Take 2, Disney, Ubisoft,
Atari, Eidos, Capcom, Vivendi, Climax, Majesco, Square Enix, Namco
Bandai, Bethesda Softworks, Codemasters and Konami and leading mobile
industry players such as SONY PICTURES, Vodafone, ifone, THQ Wireless,
Disney Mobile, Orange, Glu, EA Mobile, Nokia, I-play, Bandai, TAITO,
Hands On.

Company: BigWorld Pty. Ltd.
Booth/Stand: Kentia Hall 6207
Media Contact: Robert Spencer
Investor Relations Contact: Gavin Longhurst
Phone: +61 2 6162 5120
E-mail: enquiries@bigworldtech.com
Web: www.bigworldtech.com

The BigWorld Technology is a mature, scalable, fault-tolerant and
customizable Massively Multiplayer Online Games technology solution
consisting of a tightly integrated suite of high performance
applications, content production pipeline and programming APIs.
Designed specifically for the fast, efficient creation and delivery of
MMOGs, the BigWorld Technology and Content Pipeline suite gives you
the power to focus on game production, rather than risking your
project on uncertain, expensive, time-consuming research and highly
speculative open-ended software development.

With more than 42 licences sold to date and rave reviews from top
tier studios around the world, including Microsoft and Net Ease,
BigWorld is the clear choice for MMOG technology. The proven BigWorld
Technology solution will get your project to market faster, more
cheaply and with substantially reduced risks.

Company: BradyGames
Booth/Stand: West Hall, 2608
Media Contact: Susie Wade
Phone: 800-571-5840
E-mail: susan.wade@bradygames.com
Web: www.bradygames.com

BradyGames, the go-to source of video game strategy, hints and
secret codes for top video games, is unveiling new video walkthroughs
and their 2006 strategy guide line-up at E3 2006. BradyGames' booth
(West Hall #2608) will be equipped with four media stations with LCD
flat panel monitors, headphones, an iPod and PSP. And, back by popular
demand, 19 year-old Martin Leung, known around the globe as the Video
Game Pianist, will play theme songs from some of the most popular
video games, including World of WarCraft and Kingdom Hearts II.

Company: Brighter Minds Media
Booth/Stand: Kentia Hall, 6010
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: BMM, Toronto Venture Stock Ex.
Media Contact: Jody McLain
Investor Relations Contact: Kevin Hess
Phone: 614-430-3021
E-mail: jodym@brightermindsmedia.com
Web: www.brightermindsmedia.com

Brighter Minds Media is the newly-formed parent company for two
Ohio educational publishers, Brighter Child Interactive and Brighter
Minds Children's Publishing. Brighter Minds Media is proud to offer a
fun, innovative line of products including software, books, workbooks,
flashcards, interactive DVD games and online games. Brighter Minds
Media prides itself on the creation, publication, and distribution of
multimedia materials for the entire family.

Booth/Stand: 2108
Media Contact: Antoine CARRE
Phone: (514) 496 0093
E-mail: acarre@bug-tracker.com
Web: www.bug-tracker.com

Bug-Tracker provides a range of Quality Assurance Services: defect
tracking, functionality, localization and compatibility testing.

Company: Compedia
Booth/Stand: 6711
Media Contact: Nir Bendov
Phone: (416) 372-2318
E-mail: nbendov@compedia-usa.com
Web: www.compedia-usa.com

Established in 1988, Compedia (www.compedia-usa.com) is one of the
leading international developers and publishers of quality educational
content and family friendly games in DVD TV Games, CD-Rom, Internet
Broadband, and Interactive TV formats. The company award winning games
are available in 32 languages and are sold in over 40 countries.
Compedia has over 15 years of experience in developing and publishing
of interactive content, including projects for Microsoft-TV, ITV, and
Nintendo platforms.

Company:  D3Publisher of America, Inc.
Booth/Stand: South Hall, Booth #5
Media Contact: Tamara M. Sanderson
Phone: 858.204.1393
E-mail: t.sanderson@d3p.us
Web: www.d3publisher.com
D3Publisher of America, Inc. is a publisher and developer of
interactive entertainment software. A subsidiary of D3, Inc., with
headquarters in Tokyo, D3Publisher of America's strategic focus is on
licensed and original titles from leading third-party developers that
appeal to mass-market consumers or gaming enthusiasts. Based in Los
Angeles, D3Publisher of America distributes and publishes software for
personal computers and the major console platforms including Game
Boy(R) Advance, Nintendo GameCube(TM), Nintendo DS?, PlayStation(R)
game console, PlayStation(R)2 computer entertainment system, the
Xbox(R) video game system from Microsoft, and next-generation
consoles. For additional information on D3Publisher of America and its
products, visit the website at www.d3publisher.com.

Company: D-Box Technologies Inc.
Booth/Stand: 2108, Office #2
Media Contact: Philippe Roy, ext. 222
Investor Relations Contact: Claude McMaster, ext. 230
Phone: 450-442-3003
E-mail: proy@box.com
Web: www.d-box.com

Founded in 1994, D-Box has developed a motion simulation
technology with applications in home entertainment and commercial
sector. Well known for its Home Theater Motion Simulators, D-Box has
developed new applications for games to procure players with a much
more immersive experience. You can now live your game and REALLY be in
the driver seat!

Company: Denki Limited
Booth/Stand: Booth 2400
Media Contact: Colin Anderson
Phone: +44 0 1382 308645
E-mail: denki@denki.co.uk
Web: www.denki.co.uk

Denki has been at the forefront of new media games development for
over 6 years and are now Sky Television's principal games supplier.
Having firmly established itself as a leader in this emerging field
Denki is again investigating new markets where its particular brand of
interactive entertainment will prove successful.

Company: Disc-Go-Technologies, Inc.
Booth/Stand: #7504 Kentia Hall
Media Contact: Mandy Haskett, (317) 202-2280 ext. 15
Investor Relations Contact: Mark Chaplin, (604) 514-8236 ext. 202
Phone: (604) 514-8236
E-mail: info@discgotech.com
Web: http://www.discgotech.com/

Headquartered in Langley, British Columbia, Canada, Disc-Go-Tech
has grown to become one of the leading suppliers of disc repair
products establishing distributorships throughout Europe, Australia,
Asia and Africa. We manufacture and design leading-edge products
utilizing the most advanced disc repair technology in the industry.
With a decade of research and development experience as well as
extensive industry knowledge we provide you with innovative products
tailored to meet your disc repair needs.

Booth/Stand: West 2108
Media Contact: Serge Gauvin
Investor Relations Contact: Stephane Gagnon
Phone: Phone: 514.368.5000
E-mail: sgauvin@distribusoft.ca
Web: www.distribusoft.ca

Funded in 2003, DISTRIBUSOFT is a Canadian publisher and
distributor of French and English software and video games intended
for the general public market. With a team consisting of over twenty
representatives and sub-representatives, DISTRIBUSOFT publishes its
products in computer stores, bookstores, store chains, superstores as
well as direct sales corporations throughout Canada. Also worth
mentioning is the fact that since 2005, DISTRIBUSOFT has experienced
the strongest growth in the Canadian software and video game
distribution industry. DISTRIBUSOFT offers more than a hundred
high-quality software and video games from several well-known

Company: DreamCatcher Interactive Inc.
Booth/Stand: WHMR 2460
Media Contact: Suzanne MacGillivray
Investor Relations Contact: Sean Carr
Phone: 416-638-5000
E-mail: suzanne@dreamcatchergames.com
Web: www.dreamcatchergames.com

DreamCatcher Inc. is a leading worldwide publisher and distributor
of interactive entertainment software. Established in 1996, the
company markets its products under two labels: DreamCatcher Games,
featuring the critically acclaimed game Painkiller; and The Adventure
Company, the number one brand for PC adventure game sales worldwide
including titles such as Syberia and Agatha Christie: And Then There
Were None. DreamCatcher products include titles for PC,
PlayStation(R)2/ PSP(R), Xbox(R), Nintendo GameCube(R) and Game Boy(R)
Advance. DreamCatcher's head office is located in Toronto, Canada. The
company services European, Middle Eastern and Australasian territories
through its international office in Paris, France.

Company: dreamGEAR
Booth/Stand: West Hall - Booth 2216
Media Contact: Huma Gruaz
Phone: (310) 560-1130
E-mail: huma@alpaytac.com
Web: www.dreamgear.net

dreamGEAR is one of the fastest growing video game accessory
companies in the United States, as well as a leader in providing a
wide range of high quality portable speakers for the PSP and all the
iPod models under its i.Sound brand. dreamGEAR's founders bring
together over 50 years of entertainment and gaming technology
experience and are dedicated to providing the latest in design,
performance and quality. Fueled by a passion for innovation and a
desire to meet the needs of its valued customers, dreamGEAR offers
high quality affordable accessories across all video game platforms.
dreamGEAR is excited to be apart of this year's E3 to showcase their
latest accessories, such as the i.Sound Drive-in Cinema for the PSP.

Company: eGames/Cinemaware
Booth/Stand: Kentia 6808
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: OTCBB:EGAM
Media Contact: Rob Fleischer
Investor Relations Contact: Rich Siporin
Phone: 212.213.2451
E-mail: rob@sandboxstrat.com
Web: www.egames.com

eGames, Inc., headquartered in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, publishes
and markets a diversified line of interactive entertainment titles
which now include the eGames(TM), Cinemaware(R) and Cinemaware
Marquee(TM) brands. With a focus on the mass market audience, eGames
upcoming titles include Deep Sea Tycoon(TM) and Cake Mania(TM).
Cinemaware, and affiliated label Cinemaware Marquee, is a
brand of distinctively unique games featuring addictive gameplay and
presented in grand cinematic scope. Cinemaware Marquee recently
released Space Rangers(TM) 2: Rise of the Dominators and will be
shipping Darwinia(TM) this June. Cinemaware's award-winning game
properties include Defender of the Crown(R), Rocket Ranger(TM),
Wings(TM) and the TV Sports(TM) franchise.

Company: Eggfinity Inc Pte Ltd
Booth/Stand: South Hall, 968
Phone: (323) 297 2756 (US); (+65) 6665 1951 (Singapore); 
       (+65) 6665 1952 (Singapore)
E-mail: info@eggfinity.com
Web: http://www.eggfinity.com

Eggfinity is a revolutionary boutique animation and visual effects
studio with a difference. An extension of Egg Story Creative
Production (www.eggstorycp.com), Eggfinity integrates next generation
digital technologies and solutions to redefine the future of Animation
and Visual Effects Outsourcing, Game Cinematics, Commercials and
Visualization. Combining Egg Story's animation expertise together with
Hollywood's creative and technical leadership with an international
workforce. Eggfinity embodies Infinite Creativity where all things are
a Finite Possibility.

Company: eMagin Corporation
Booth/Stand: 6315
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: EMA
Media Contact: Joseph Runde
Investor Relations Contact: John Atherly
Phone: 425-749-3636
E-mail: jrunde@emagin.com
Web: www.emagin.com

A leader in personal display systems and OLED microdisplay
technologies, eMagin produces the Innovation award-winning Z800
3DVisor personal display system. Called the "future of gaming."
eMagin's Z800 3DVisor combines a big-screen (equivalent to a 105-inch
display viewed from 12 feet) 3D viewing experience with high-speed
headtracking to take players inside their favorite games. Stereo sound
and voice input complete the immersive experience. The heart of the
Z800 3DVisor are two eMagin OLED microdisplays, which deliver smooth
flicker-free 3D stereovision while sipping power (the whole unit
requires only the power from a USB port).

Company: Emplast Security Products
Booth/Stand: 7502
Media Contact: Tomas Gardebring, Blue Leopard Mktng
Investor Relations Contact: Phil Sykes, Business Unit Manager
Phone: 651-294-0188
E-mail: psykes@emsp.us
Web: www.emsp.us

Emplast provides retailers with a world of security solutions for
building sales and reducing theft. The Emplast Security line includes
a broad assortment of polycarbonate and polypropylene retail display
and security solutions. At E3, Empalst will be introducing new,
environmentally sustainable, disposable security solutions for DVD,
video game and CD media.

Company: Exent Technologies
Booth/Stand: Kentia Hall 6825
Media Contact: Katy Lim
Phone: 310-785-0515 x219
E-mail: katy@bohle.com
Web: www.exent.com

Exent is the leading global market solutions provider for
broadband-based monetization of PC and video games. Exent delivers
technologies and products for game publishers, broadband service
providers, advertising agencies, consumer electronics manufacturers,
media companies, brand owners, consumer portals, retailers and others.
Exent's product line supports multiple solutions, including digital
distribution of video games, cross-platform enablers, in-game
advertising and community building solutions. Exent's digital
distribution solutions supports both 2' and 10' environment and all
standard business models - ad-based, purchase, subscription, rental,
and try-before-you-buy, utilizing its leading streaming and DRM

Company: Fire International Ltd
Booth/Stand: 2228 UK Pavilion
Media Contact: Phil Holmes
Investor Relations Contact: Jason Cooper
Phone: +44 (0)1302 325225
E-mail: marketing@fire-international.ltd.uk
Web: www.xploder.net

FIRE develop, manufacture and supply worldwide a comprehensive
range of console and PC based media management and video game
enhancement utilities under the Xploder and Blaze brand-names. As an
MPEG4/AAC licensee, Fire provide advanced media conversion of video
and music for use on PSP, 360, PS2, DS, Mobile Handsets and iPod as a
single access point. Cross-platform media management solutions are
available for all media, whatever the system. Fire provide OEM
solutions for own-label product ranges across a wide variety of
accessories, hardware and software. Products include: PSP Movie
Player, Xbox 360, iPod and PS2 Media Centers and NDS CheatSaves.

Company: Funcom
Booth/Stand: 2208 West Hall
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: FUNCOM (Oslo Stock Exchange)
Media Contact: Jorgen Tharaldsen
Investor Relations Contact: martin.hoff@funcom.com
Phone: +47 22 92 59 00
E-mail: pr@funcom.com
Web: http://www.funcom.com

Funcom is an independent developer and publisher of online games
for PC, consoles and mobile platforms. Funcom has provided outstanding
entertainment since 1993 and continues to expand its track-record of
more than twenty released games to date. Recent successes include The
Longest Journey, Anarchy Online and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey.
Upcoming titles include Age of Conan, Dreamfall (Europe) and Anarchy
Online - Lost Eden. Funcom is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange under
the ticker FUNCOM. More information can be found at
www.ageofconan.com, www.anarchy-online.com; www.dreamfall.com and

Company: Game Outlet Europe
Booth/Stand: Kentia Hall, 6509
Media Contact: Mikael Broden
Phone: +46 704 46 57 62
E-mail: mikael.broden@gameoutlet.se
Web: http://www.gameoutlet.se

Game Outlet Europe is one of Europe's leading wholesalers,
specialized in mid- and low price sales as well as close out deals.
Game Outlet Europe are currently buying and selling on all continents.

Company: GameShastra Inc.
Booth/Stand: 6701
Media Contact: Prakash Ahuja
Phone: 732-619-4131
E-mail: ahuja@gameshastra.com
Web: www.gameshastra.com

GameShastra Inc. is India's largest provider of Game Testing
Services. Our expertise spans all the gaming platforms - PCs,
Consoles, Handheld, Mobiles and Online. And in all facets of testing -
Functionality, Compatibility, Game-play, Certification and MMOG. Our
large team of professional testers located in India enables us to
provide the highest quality of testing services at aggressively low
prices. Our labs are equipped with the best of breed equipment in
hardware, software, networking, and Internet bandwidth. We also adopt
well-established quality standards and processes, enabling us to
consistently detect and log all the defects in the shortest test cycle

Company: GAMESweet Software, Inc.
Booth/Stand: 6700
Media Contact: Stacey Sandvoss
Phone: (207) 875-2820
E-mail: info@gamesweet.com
Web: www.gamesweet.com

Be your own 3D video game designer! GAMESweet Software proudly
presents the next revolution in PC game play with a new breakthrough
in entertainment software entitled VIDEO GAME TYCOON! This exciting
product challenges the creativity and imagination in all who play it
and contains a new feature that makes this game truly unique. The
abundant choices for environments, terrains, tracks, obstacles,
vehicles, characters, upgrades and even cheats give users infinite
possibilities in creating levels. VIDEO GAME TYCOON includes a robust
tutorial and help system that assists in level creation by even the
youngest of players. Expansion packs are also available.

Company: Ghostlight Ltd.
Booth/Stand: West Hall, stand 2800
Media Contact: Sam Collins
Phone: +44 01279 858 000
E-mail: sam.collins@ghostlight.uk.com
Web: www.ghostlight.uk.com

Ghostlight are a global publisher of the very finest full price
video games. Based in the UK, Ghostlight has an extensive network of
contacts across the major territories giving our development partners
the best possible exposure for their titles. Ghostlight publishes new
intellectual property as well as re-publishing and localising games
that have been released in different regions. In all cases, and
irrespective of platform, Ghostlight maintains a high quality
threshold for their releases. At E3 Ghostlight will be unveiling new
titles including Spin Out and World of Pool on PSP and Digital Devil
Saga on PS2.

Company: Glu Mobile
Booth/Stand: Mobile Gaming Pavilion
Media Contact: Kathy deLeon, 415-503-3921
Investor Relations Contact: Rocky Pimentel
Phone: 415-503-3921
E-mail: glu@altapr.com
Web: www.glu.com

Glu Mobile is a leading developer and global publisher of mobile
entertainment. Glu's portfolio of games, ringtones, wallpapers and
information applications include both original titles and
entertainment based on major brands from Atari, Cartoon Network,
Celador International, FOX Sports Interactive, Harrah's, Hasbro,
PlayFirst, PopCap Games, Sega and Twentieth Century Fox. Based in San
Mateo, California with offices in Hong Kong, London and Manchester,
Glu is funded by top venture firms NEA, BA Venture Partners, Granite
Global Ventures, Sienna Ventures and Globespan Capital Partners, and
by Time Warner Investments. Consumers can find fresh entertainment
created exclusively for their mobile phones wherever they see the 'g'
character logo or at www.glu.com. Glu Mobile's booth is in the Mobile
Gaming Pavilion, Booth A in Kentia Hall.

Company: Griffin Technology
Booth/Stand: West Hall, Booth 2146
Media Contact: Jason Litchford / Rob Fleischer
Phone: 615.399.7000
E-mail: jason@griffintechnology.com / rob@sandboxstrat.com
Web: www.griffintechnology.com

Griffin Technology, innovator of the world's most advanced iPod
accessories, will be exhibiting their newest lineup of accessories for
PlayStation Portable. Griffin recently announced its entry into the
videogame accessory market with the introduction of PSP versions of
the world-famous iTrip, iFM and SmartShare. Griffin has earned its
reputation as the creative leader in ingenious peripherals and
accessories for Mac, PC, iPod and PSP. Griffin's products range from
audio, video, USB, Firewire and more.

Company: Honor Games International (HGI)
Booth/Stand: Booth 968, South Hall
Media Contact: CY Ho
Phone: +65 968 23 067
E-mail: ask@hgigames.com
Web: www.hgigames.com

Honor Games International (HGI) provides compelling interactive
entertainment for gamers. Headquartered in Singapore with offices in
Xiamen and Beijing, our 70 staff underlines our strengths in games
development. We have a portfolio of three MMORPGs: The Qing
Dynasty(DaQing), IMMORTALS(Aoshen Zhuang) and ORIGINS(QiYuan). In
2006, we have been commissioned by China Basket Open to develop an
online basketball game. Our recent PC offerings include the Zodiac
Games, a companion to Singapore's 1st 3D animation movie supported by
the Media Development Authority of Singapore

Company: IDEA games
Booth/Stand: 6909 & 7531
Media Contact: Jiri Rydl & Robert Hoffmann (7531)
Investor Relations Contact: Jiri Jakubec (6909)
Phone: +420 257 189 564
E-mail: info@idea-game.com
Web: http://www.idea-games.com

IDEA stands for an Independent DEvelopers Association, founded in
November 2005 by three large game development studios: Bohemia
Interactive Studio (Armed Assault), ALTAR Games (UFO: Afterlight) and
Black Element Software (Alpha Prime). IDEA Games saves both precious
time and money for its members, allowing them to focus on the areas
they know best - game development.

Company: Infocomm Development Authority Singapore
Booth/Stand: 968, South Hall
Media Contact: Jesmin Tan (Singapore); Ephraim Cohen (US)
Phone: +65-6211-091719172155413
E-mail: jesmin_tan@ida.gov.sg / cohen@fortexgroup.com
Web: www.gxa.org.sg

The Singapore Games Exchange Alliance Is Asia's Gateway for
Digital Games. The alliance, initiated by the Infocomm Development
Authority of Singapore, offers game developers, publishers and service
providers a full suite of development and deployment solutions with
market access to 13 countries in Asia. The Games Exchange Alliance
partners will be showcasing at E3 South Hall Booth 968 cross-platform
technologies for MMOGs, new game titles and game services and
outsourcing support to help international partners put titles into the
hands of Asian gamers. For more information on GXA, email us at
info@gxalliance.org and visit www.ida.gov.sg or www.gxalliance.org.

Company: Innex, Inc.
Booth/Stand: Kentia Hall, 7612
Media Contact: Titi Ngoy
Investor Relations Contact: Titi Ngoy / Joey Ngoy
Phone: 626-633-0555
E-mail: support@innexinc.com
Web: www.innexinc.com

Innex, Inc. is a unique company that works closely with many
manufacturers worldwide to develop and distribute products in various
industries. Whether it's a product or design we carry currently or
something that you are interested in, we can get our hands on about
anything out there in terms of Electronics. With the video game
industry being one of the more lucrative industries to be a part of,
we put forth our very best effort to supply quality peripherals to our
clients worldwide for all gaming consoles. In turn, our clients do see
the opportunity to maximize their profits as well as gain a
competitive advantage. Founded a little over 2 years ago, Innex has
grown exponentially in terms of clients, support staff, volume
distribution, and warehouse size. We are currently serving clients in
Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa, South America, North America, and
welcome you to join us.

Company: I-play
Booth/Stand: 2566, West Hall
Media Contact: Lauren Omond; +44 (0)7743 953 936
Investor Relations Contact: Krishna Gidwani; +1 415 640 6232
Phone: +44 (0) 1383 723 234
E-mail: lauren.omond@iplay.com / krishna.gidwani@iplay.com
Web: www.iplay.com

I-play brings the best in mobile entertainment to an audience of
half a billion people via mobile operators, retail stores and online
portals, including www.iplay.com. I-play has been creating mobile
games since 1998 and continues to spearhead the creation of mobile
entertainment for the next generation. As one of the world's longest
established and respected creators of mobile entertainment, the I-play
brand stands for quality and the best in mobile development.

Company: Jadestone Group
Booth/Stand: West Hall, 2352
Media Contact: Marcus Legler
Investor Relations Contact: Patrik Roos
Phone: +468240501
E-mail: marcus.legler@jadestone.se
Web: www.jadestone.se

Jadestone Group is a leading creator and multi-platform developer
of internationally acclaimed and award-winning mobile and online
multiplayer games. The company develops both proprietary game formats
and games based on leading external IP's together with leading
international media companies and publishers. Among recently developed
products are Championship Manager Online, the award-winning e-sports
series and the Game of the Year award-winning mobile smash hit Kodo.

Company: Jetro-LA
Booth/Stand: 6401
Media Contact: Emily Ohno
Phone: (213) 624-8855 ext.127
E-mail: emily_ohno@jetro.go.jp
Web: www.jetro.org/EPJ

Computers are no longer used only for emailing. They can be used
for blogging, chatting and playing games. Likewise, mobile phones are
not only for talking, but also for taking pictures, listening to
music, watching movies, making credit card purchases and playing
games. While the game industry is focused on next generation video
games, interactive media such as the Internet and mobile networks have
become extremely popular and attracted diverse customers. Where did
you see those trends first? Yes, Japan--the country known for its
distinguished ideas and technologies.

Company: K2 Network, Inc.
Booth/Stand: Kentia Hall, Rm #6820
Media Contact: Jeannie Hong
Phone: 415-713-4281
E-mail: jeannie.hong@k2network.net
Web: www.k2network.net
K2 is a gamer-focused online entertainment company. We source
highly addictive, engaging games from developers and publishers
worldwide and then deliver them to the western world through
publishing and marketing, technology infrastructure, customer service,
and billing and game mastering. K2 Network currently offers War Rock,
Knight Online, Global MU Online and FX Golf. Company headquarters are
in Irvine, Calif. More information can be found at www.k2network.net.

Company: Mad Catz Inc.
Booth/Stand: MR 513
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: AMEX: MCZ
Media Contact: Dave Tractenberg, 310-593-4719
Investor Relations Contact: Jaffoni & Collins Incorporated
Phone: Joe Jaffoni, 212-835-8500
E-mail: mcz@jcir.com
Web: www.madcatz.com

Mad Catz is a worldwide leader of innovative peripherals in the
interactive entertainment industry. Mad Catz designs and markets a
full range of accessories for video game systems and publishes video
game software, including the industry leading GameShark brand of video
game enhancements. Mad Catz has distribution through most leading
retailers offering interactive entertainment products. Mad Catz has
its operating headquarters in San Diego, California and offices in
Canada, Europe and Asia. For additional information go to

Company: McCabes
Booth/Stand: West Hall 2400
Media Contact: Jeff Meek
Phone: +44 7774 426350
E-mail: e3@mccp.co.uk
Web: www.mccp.co.uk

McCabes is a leading, independent professional services provider
specialising in Technology Entertainment sectors. While much of
McCabe's corporate finance activity revolves round the raising of
funds for clients within the games sector, the firm has also delivered
solutions for clients ranging through mergers, disposals, start-ups
and every variation of buy-in or buy-out, frequently making use of
in-depth research to identify opportunities. Example projects include
strategy reports, international market development, advising on
accounting policies, Royalty audits, highly successful Research &
Development tax credits, share valuations, staff share option schemes,
business plans, financial models, due diligence for funders and

Company: Midas Interactive Entertainment Ltd.
Booth/Stand: West Hall, 2800
Media Contact: Sam Collins
Phone: +44 1279 858 000
E-mail: sam.collins@midasinteractive.com
Web: www.midasinteractive.com

Midas are a leading European publisher of budget priced video
games. We support all the major platforms including PlayStation 2, PC
CD-Rom, digital download, mobile phone and hand held computers. We aim
to offer the very best value for money products in the market. Our
business model works with over 9 million units sold on the Sony
platforms alone. At E3 we will be unveiling our exciting range of
forthcoming products and looking to secure new games for future

Company: Mythic Entertainment
Booth/Stand: 2472, West Hall
Media Contact: Eddiemae Jukes
Phone: (415) 777-4000
E-mail: press@mythicentertainment.com
Web: www.mythicentertainment.com

Mythic Entertainment is celebrating 10 years as one of the most
successful developers and publishers of MMORPGs in the world. Mythic
is best known for Dark Age of Camelot(R) which is played in almost
every country in the world and has been translated into six languages.
Mythic is currently developing, Warhammer(R) Online: Age of
Reckoning(TM) which will be available in 2007. Mythic's success is
based in proprietary technology, superior game design and exemplary
customer service.

Company: NCsoft
Booth/Stand: 1046, South Hall
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: KSE:036570.KS
Media Contact: David Swofford (dwofford@ncsoft.com)
Investor Relations Contact: Brian Min (brian@ncsoft.net)
Phone: 512-498-4002
E-mail: prna@plaync.com
Web: www.ncsoft.com

NCsoft(R) North America is headquartered in Austin, Texas and is a
wholly-owned subsidiary of Korea-based NCsoft Corporation. NCsoft,
with its own development and publishing offices in Texas and
California, also works with other NCsoft subsidiaries and third party
developers throughout North America to develop and publish innovative
online entertainment software products. The company has successfully
launched multiple online titles in the last three years and continues
to support its AAA franchises that include Lineage(R)/Lineage II(R),
City of Heroes(R)/City of Villains(TM), Guild Wars(R)/Guild Wars
Factions(TM) and Auto Assault(R). More information about NCsoft can be
found at http://www.plaync.com.

Booth/Stand: SOUTH HALL, 900
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: NYSE: NOK
Investor Relations Contact: Nokia Inc.; +1 914 368 0555
Phone: PST: 1 604 649 9601
E-mail: n-gage@chocolatecom.co.uk
Web: http://www.n-gage.com/e3/

Nokia is driving forward the future of mobile gaming by making it
simple for people to find, buy and play the best quality mobile games
available. This means that in 2007, you will be able to select from a
range of Nokia devices that support an always on, always connected
mobile gaming experience. With games that are easy to pick up, but
hard to put down, Nokia is transforming the way you play. Come check
out the future of mobile gaming at South Hall, Booth #900.

Company: Novint Technologies, Inc.
Booth/Stand: 6709
Media Contact: Antonia Chappell
Phone: 866.298.4420
E-mail: pr@novint.com
Web: www.novint.com

Novint develops, markets, and licenses technology that adds
high-fidelity interactive touch to games. In 2007 we will introduce
the Novint Falcon, the first 3D touch controller designed for consumer
use. The Falcon lets players feel weight, shape, texture, dimension,
and force effects when playing touch-enabled games. Until now, the
high cost of haptic devices made 3D touch impractical for consumer
applications. The Novint Falcon is designed to retail for under $100
in mass market quantities and performs comparably to commercial
devices that cost thousands of dollars, making realistic 3D touch in
games possible and practical for the first time.

Company: Octagon Entertainment, Inc.
Booth/Stand: Kentia Hall, 6925
Media Contact: Dana Cowley
Phone: 919.918.4111
E-mail: dana@octagon1.com
Web: www.octagon1.com

With over 12 years of experience, Octagon Entertainment is
committed to providing its customers with every aspect of game
creation from start to finish. Octagon utilizes a network of over
1,500 contractors worldwide as well as in-house producers, designers
and QA testers to deliver high quality game content at a lower cost.
Octagon's extensive experience with licensors and overall goal of
customer satisfaction assures customers receive the optimal product
for both their needs and budget. Octagon is currently developing games
for PS2, NDS, PSP, GBA and PC.

Company: Play Ten Interactive
Booth/Stand: N_7121, Kentia Hall
Media Contact: press@playten.com
Investor Relations Contact: alex@playten.com
Phone: 7 (495) 401-37-55
E-mail: info@playten.com
Web: http://www.playten.com

Play Ten Interactive (PTI) is an independent publisher and
developer of games and interactive entertainment software. Company was
founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Russia, Moscow. Company's
objectives: Extensive acquisitions of high quality games for
publishing in former USSR. PTI is interested in all main sectors of PC
Products, such as Games, Educational programs, Family titles, Kid
games. PTI is also partnering with developers across the world to
produce high quality products for international markets. On E3, PTI
will be showcasing the games "Precursors", "The Wall", "Battle for
Atlantis", "White Gold", "Syberian Conflict".

Company: Pyramat LLC
Booth/Stand: Kentia Hall, Booth 6559
Media Contact: Tracy Garcia, CarryOn Communication
Phone: 323-988-4662
E-mail: pyramat@carryonpr.com
Web: www.pyramat.com

Founded in 1999 and based in Los Angeles, Pyramat LLC 
(www.pyramat.com), designs, manufactures, and distributes its original
line of "sound furniture" for gaming and entertainment enthusiasts.
Pyramat's ergonomically designed sound furniture enables users to feel
all of the action from video games or movies, and to feel audio tracks
from music. As the originators of "sound furniture" Pyramat pioneered
the video game furniture category and continues to produce award
winning quality products with unparalleled audio clarity and
sophisticated design.

Company: Qmotions, Inc.
Booth/Stand: 2116, West Hall
Media Contact: Devin Parr
Investor Relations Contact: Amro Albanna
Phone: 323.202.1072
E-mail: devin.parr@edelman.com
Web: http://www.qmotions.com/

Qmotions, Inc. is an innovative developer of sophisticated,
state-of-the-art PC/Console-based gaming technologies that incorporate
"full-motion" participation from players. Qmotions' peripherals allow
gamers to enjoy their favorite baseball, golf, racing, skateboarding
and snowboarding games with arcade-style controls that enable
live-action gameplay. This technology, which appeals to gamers, sports
fans and fitness enthusiasts alike, not only enhances the interactive
experience but also turns video gaming into a physical activity.

Company: Razer
Booth/Stand: Kentia Hall, 7147
Media Contact: Lia Guerrero
Phone: 858-764-2454
E-mail: lia@razerzone.com
Web: www.razerzone.com

Razer(TM), a leading manufacturer of high-end precision gaming
peripherals, will showcase the new Barracuda(TM) Integrated Audio
System and the Tarantula(TM) gaming keyboard at E3 2006. With these
new product lines and others, Razer has answered the gamers cry for
high-quality, high-performance hardware. Razer's superiority in gaming
peripherals stems from its ability to understand and conceptualize
hardware that gamers need and thereafter bring the product from
drawing board to retail shelves. Both new products will be available
for hands on demonstrations in Kentia Hall meeting room 7147.

Company: Respondez (Spanco Telesystems & Solutions)
Booth/Stand: Booth 6761, Kentia Hall
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: Spanco, Bombay Stock Exchange
Media Contact: Venkat Sankaran
Phone: 714 425 8023
E-mail: venkat@respondez.com
Web: www.respondez.com

Respondez is the Global BPO brand of Spanco Telesystems and
Solutions Ltd, a 4,000 employee strong leader in customer support and
business process outsourcing. Headquartered in Mumbai, India, Spanco's
solutions are implemented through global delivery centers. Respondez
has developed expertise in implementing multiple processes for our
gaming clients, including several leaders in the global gaming
industry. Respondez Solutions to gaming clients include:

   -- Multi-lingual Customer Support
   -- Technical Support (installation, configuration, troubleshooting
      across platforms)
   -- E-mail Response Management
   -- Live Chat Support
   -- Game Hints & Tips
   -- Forum Moderation
   -- FAQ Creation & Maintenance
   -- User Warranty Registration & Processing
   -- Market Research

Company: RTI - Research Technology Int'l
Booth/Stand: 7618
Media Contact: Sherwin Berger; Scott Jahnke
Phone: 847-677-3000
E-mail: sberger@rtico.com; sjahnke@rtico.com
Web: discchek.com

The RTI ECO DVD, CD, & Game Disc repair products are the best
available anywhere! They use a variety of Patented Micro-Abrasive Pads
and utilize 'Microprocessor Controlled Flat Polishing Technology' for
the most precision repair possible! Use the ECO products as a 1 minute
buffer or repair even deeply scratched discs to restore them to
better-than-new condition over and over again keeping the disc
perfectly flat and in playable condition! The 3 ECO products can
handle single discs or can be automated handling up to 50 discs at a
time for unattended operation.

Company: Scanavo Ltd.
Booth/Stand: 6655
Phone: 1-403-250-6855
E-mail: sales@scanavo-ltd.com
Web: www.scanavo.com; www.stealbook.com

Scanavo is a manufacturer and importer of disc media packaging,
with reach to a global customer base. Scanavo focuses on unique and
innovated packaging solutions in both plastic and metal cases,
catering to the gaming, software and movie industry.

Company: Schanz Consultants & Interactive
Booth/Stand: MR 6837/Kentia Hall
Media Contact: Dirk Dingler, dirk@schanzgames.com
Investor Relations Contact:
Phone: +49 (0) 6326 6010
E-mail: +49 (0) 6326 7241
Web: www.schanzgames.com

Schanz International Consultants is a leading specialist in
licensing services between developers & publishers in the industry
since 1998. A dedicated and experienced professional team maintains an
active networking to ensure efficiency that goes far beyond the
traditional definitions of licensing services. For developers, SIC
manages strategic solutions and promotion of product amongst press and
publishers, negotiations, closure of meaningful deals and project
management. Publishers can count on a wide spectrum of games at all
times on various platforms to consider for acquisition. There will be
several "First Looks" titles from partner studios at E3 2006. More at

Company: SDW Games
Booth/Stand: 6758
Phone: 858-549-8889
E-mail: rona@sdwgames.com
Web: www.sdwgames.com

SDW Games, Inc. is an independent developer and publisher of
interactive Virtual TV Games. Since inception, we have garnered awards
for outstanding gaming in the U.S. and Europe. We offer virtual
reality TV video games that are designed to plug directly into
Television Sets or VCR with AV inputs. The games are interactive; they
make you play like you are in a real game. They are exciting and
provide a fun alternative to getting exercise at home. They are great
for all ages! Contact us for more information.

Company: Sencore, Inc.
Booth/Stand: 846
Media Contact: Jeff Murray
Phone: 1.605.339.0100
E-mail: sales@sencore.com
Web: http://www.sencore.com

Sencore, Inc. designs, manufactures, and markets innovative
electronic test equipment and solutions for technical professionals
throughout the world in a variety of high-tech electronic markets.
Sencore products are designed to provide innovative solutions for
video processing, distribution, and service. From the broadcast studio
to the cable system, to the end user, Sencore provides time-saving
test and calibration instruments that quickly monitor and diagnose
problems. We provide the products and services our customers need for
them to remain competitive. Sencore is committed to your success with
an exclusive product line and the absolute best technical support in
the industry.

Company: SMART BrainGames
Booth/Stand: 6022
Media Contact: Lindsay Greco
Phone: 760-613-0901
E-mail: lgreco@smartbraingames.com
Web: www.smartbraingames.com

SMART BrainGames using exclusive NASA technology has developed a
next generation mind-machine interface for off-the-shelf PlayStation
and XBOX video games. Using simple sensors that actively monitor real
time brain wave activity, signals are sent to a modified game
controller that changes the speed and steering capability of the game.
As the brain becomes more engaged and active the game player realizes
increased control within the video game itself placing the player
literally in the 'drivers seat'. According to company CEO Domenic
Greco, Ph.D., "working directly with NASA we have created IP in gaming
that already extends well beyond Nintendo's Brain Training. We have
additional IP that will extend the useful life of older games
providing a unique interface. Think of it as a real life 'Jedi'

Company: SpeedTree / IDV
Booth/Stand: 1538
Media Contact: Kevin Meredith
Phone: (803) 356-1999, ext. 10
E-mail: meredith@idvinc.com
Web: www.speedtree.com

SpeedTree(R)RT, the 2005 Front Line Award winner for Middleware,
delivers low-polygon, beautiful and highly realistic trees and plants,
with natural wind effects, seamless LOD transitions, and an included
library of 1,000 models based on more than 200 core species.
SpeedTreeRT includes SpeedTreeCAD, a Windows application used to
create and edit trees in real-time. Users of SpeedTree include SEGA,
THQ, Microsoft Game Studios, Ubisoft, Bethesda Softworks, Webzen and
Mythic Entertainment. SpeedTree, featured in The Elder Scrolls IV:
Oblivion, is available in next-generation versions and may be
evaluated for free.

Company: Spherex Inc
Booth/Stand: 6253
Media Contact: Terry Allen
Phone: 416-321-6211
E-mail: terrya@spherexinc.com
Web: www.spherexinc.com

Spherex Inc., manufacturer of the revolutionary and award winning
Xbox 5.1 360-degree Digital Surround Sound System. A subsidiary of
top speaker manufacturer Audio Products International (API),
innovation is Spherex's major selling point in the home theatre and
gaming industries. Spherex "Optimized Surround Sound" employs the best
in audio technology, setting a new reference standard for digital
audio, and is the complete multimedia audio solution created
specifically for gaming with all console platforms, including Xbox
360(TM), and PC platforms. It transforms gaming, home theatre and
music into an authentic representation of realism beyond belief!

Company: SplitFish GameWare Inc
Booth/Stand: 6301, Kentia Hall
Media Contact: Cisco Schipperheijn
Investor Relations Contact: Ken Tetterington
Phone: (780) 485-1257
E-mail: ken@splitfish.com
Web: www.splitfish.com

SplitFish GameWare develops unique hardware accessories for the
video game industry. At E3 - 2006 we are releasing two new products
for the Sony Playstation.

1) The GlideFx is an ergonomic controller which features a track
ball for smooth and long term game play.

2) The GameFx is an Optical controller that is designed for
competition gamer players.

Stop by our booth 6301 and see these and our EyeFx 3D Adapter as
well as our DualFx with the Laser Guidance System. Investors and
VenCaps contact ken@splitfish.com to arrange meeting times. Media -
stop by the booth and see what the buzz is about.

Company: Swedish Trade Council
Booth/Stand: 2352, West Hall
Media Contact: Jeannine Schechter, (310) 482-3463
Investor Relations Contact: Tomas Norling, (312) 420-5743
Phone: (312) 420-5743
E-mail: tomas.norling@swedishtrade.se
Web: www.swedishtrade.com/usa

One of the exciting news presented from Sweden is "The Da Vinci
Code 3D" - A thrilling third person adventure game unlike anything you
have ever seen on your mobile. The game is developed by SouthEnd
Interactive. Other Swedish companies exhibiting are Berazy Mobile
Entertainment, Custom Red Software Studios, Gamefederation, Gameport,
Hjemmet Mortensen, Illuminate Labs, Jadestone Group, Jungle Peak
Studios, Lockpick Entertainment, Mobilico, Nordic GEN, Northern Light
Game Network, PAN Vision and Terraplay. The Swedish Trade Council's
480 employees in more than 40 countries worldwide work through Swedish
embassies, consulates and local chambers of commerce to promote
Swedish exports on behalf of the Swedish industry and government. For
more information, please visit www.swedishtrade.com/usa.

Company: Telefilm Canada (Canada Pavilion)
Booth/Stand: West Hall, 2108
Phone: (514) 283-6363
E-mail: marches.markets@telefilm.gc.ca
Web: www.telefilm.gc.ca

Telefilm Canada is a federal cultural agency dedicated to the
development and promotion of the Canadian audiovisual industry.
Telefilm provides financial support to the private sector to create
distinctively Canadian productions that appeal to audiences
domestically and internationally. The Corporation also administers the
funding programs of the Canadian Television Fund. As an instrument of
federal government policy, Telefilm provides support to Canada's
audiovisual industries to create cultural programs and products that
reflect the diversity of Canada, for the benefit of Canadian
audiences. Through its programs, Telefilm serves three sectors of the
Canadian industry: feature film, television and new media. Website:

Company: The ANT Commandos, Inc.
Booth/Stand: 6705
Media Contact: Raymond Yow
Phone: 909-319-0983
E-mail: ryow@edirecx.com
Web: http://www.theantcommandos.com

The ANT Commandos (TAC), headquartered in Chino, California, is a
leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of innovative
peripherals and accessories for the interactive entertainment
industry. Focused on Simplicity, Interactivity and Mobility, the
company creates new and exciting video game products, which are
distributed worldwide via major retailers and resellers. New offerings
for the PlayStation(R)2 platform include the Shredder Guitar
Controller, which has been designed for use with the Guitar Hero game,
and the FIFA 2006 Interactive Soccer Pad. More information about TAC
and its products is available on the company's web site at

Company: Torus Games
Booth/Stand: Kentia Hall, 2240
Media Contact: Bill McIntosh
Phone: +613 9874 5322
E-mail: bill@torus.com.au
Web: www.torus.com.au

Torus began its life in 1994 with a contract to convert The Lost
Vikings to Sega Gamegear. As soon as we started the business, our
friends around the industry gave us their support and helped us to
build to what is today, a one-stop shop for video game design and
development. With 50 staff, over 50 titles delivered, and more than 12
years in business, Torus can only keep getting better. Publishers
always develop more than one title with Torus which is strong
testimony to the quality of their experience in working with us..

Company: track7games
Booth/Stand: Kentia Hall, Booth 6045
Media Contact: Vicky Valanos, Managing Director
Phone: +30211 1000777 ext. 131
E-mail: valanos@track7games.com
Web: www.track7games.com www.theseisgame.com www.track7inc.com

track7games is a newly-established software game development
division of track7 inc. We are the first Greek team to develop an
original adventure game due to premiere on PC in early 2007. Theseis
is a conspiracy fantasy epic set in an Athens brewing with mystery,
intrigue and action, where mighty organizations battle beneath the
cloak of normality. Innocents are caught in the crossfire, and one
must muster all his wits if he is to survive and prevail against all
odds. Theseis uses cutting edge technology and is currently developing
its own graphics engine which is being tailored to bring an
extraordinary visual experience to the player's eye.

Company: True Player Gear Inc.
Booth/Stand: West Hall, 2108
Media Contact: Bertrand Nepveu
Phone: 514.448.6831
E-mail: info@trueplayergear.com
Web: www.trueplayergear.com

True Player Gear is a start-up that is designing and manufacturing
a virtual reality helmet that will enable most of the games on the
Microsoft Xbox(R) 360 to be played in 3D with the use of stereoscopy.
In the games that support a free look mode, the head-tracking unit
included with the helmet will synchronize the head movements of the
player with the virtual environment in the game in order to make the
gameplay more immersive. The product will be available for purchase
online at www.trueplayergear.com during the second half of 2006.

Company: Turbine, Inc.
Booth/Stand: West Hall, Booth 2900
Media Contact: Stacey Clement
Phone: 617-585-5774
E-mail: sclement@360publicrelations.com
Web: www.turbine.com

Turbine, Inc. is a premier developer, publisher and operator of
online subscription entertainment and is headquartered in Westwood,
Massachusetts. The company is one of the largest privately-held online
games company in North America. Turbine's catalogue includes some of
the most famous online entertainment brands, including Asheron's
Call(R), DUNGEONS & DRAGONS ONLINE(TM): Stormreach(TM), and The Lord
of the Rings Online(TM): Shadows of Angmar(TM). For more information
on Turbine and its services, please visit www.turbine.com or for media
inquiries please contact Stacey Clement at 617-585-5774,

Company: Univenture, Inc.
Booth/Stand: Kentia Hall, 6627
Media Contact: Doris Emich, Antarra Communications
Phone: 203-663-1406
E-mail: demich@antarra.com
Web: www.univenture.com

Univenture has been designing and manufacturing media packaging
for leading companies in the entertainment, software and publishing
industries since 1988. The dedicated focus of the Univenture team has
resulted in numerous industry awards and accolades for its innovation,
commitment to customers and sales growth. Globally anticipating and
meeting customer needs, Univenture has sales and manufacturing
operations in Marysville, Ohio; Reno, Nevada; Dublin, Ireland and the
Dongguan province of China.

Company: Vancouver Film School
Booth/Stand: 6505
Media Contact: Janet Cacchioni
Phone: 604-685-5808
E-mail: jan@vfs.com
Web: www.vfs.com

VFS offers a proven education for everything you see, hear, and
experience in the entertainment industry--and that definitely includes
Game Design. At VFS, our campus is your studio, and your creativity is
the lesson plan. With programs in Film Production, Classical
Animation, 3D Animation & Visual Effects, Digital Character Animation,
Game Design, Digital Design, Sound Design, Makeup Design, Acting and
Writing for Film & Television, Foundation Visual Art & Design, and
Entertainment Business Management, our hands-on curriculum connects
students to the people, industries, and ideas shaping these
disciplines, and the completion of an original demo reel or portfolio
of work is the ultimate preparation for a career after one year.

Company: Viva Media LLC
Booth/Stand: Kentia Hall, 7046
Media Contact: John DeFeo
Investor Relations Contact: Eve Seber
Phone: 212-431-4420
E-mail: mail@viva-media.com
Web: www.viva-media.com

Viva Media, LLC is a privately owned New York company dedicated to
publishing a wide array of interactive content of the highest
standards. The company's collection of more than 100 multimedia titles
tout more than 50 awards for excellence in publishing.

Company: VMC Game Labs
Booth/Stand: Kentia Hall, 6623
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: NYSE: VOL, parent to VMC
Media Contact: Michelle Bowman; 425.761.0885
Investor Relations Contact: Ron Kochman, Volt Information Sciences
Phone: 425.558.7700
E-mail: michelleb@vmc.com
Web: www.VMCGameLabs.com

Helping companies bring high quality products to market, VMC Game
Labs (www.vmcgamelabs.com) is the largest independent game testing
company worldwide. VMC delivers high quality testing and support for
video games, consoles, peripherals, and other home entertainment
devices. VMC offers project-based services in product development,
software and hardware testing, technical communications, corporate
helpdesk, management consulting, IT implementation, data center
services, technical support, and outbound sales. Headquartered in
Redmond, WA, VMC has offices across North America, Europe, and Asia,
and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Volt Information Sciences, Inc.
(NYSE: VOL). Contact VMC at info@vmc.com or call, 877.393.8622.

Company: VoodooPC
Booth/Stand: South Hall, 324
Media Contact: James Little, Pacific Media Partners
Phone: 310.566.7862
E-mail: jamesl@pacificmediaparnters.com
Web: www.voodoopc.com

VoodooPC is the world's leading architect of highly personalized,
one of a kind high performance PCs - a true innovator of technology.
Founded in 1991 with the belief that they could revolutionize the PC
world with exotic designs and advanced engineering techniques
typically unseen in the computer industry, Voodoo has since become the
world's foremost high-performance PC expert. Dedicated to delivering
leading-edge performance, style and craftsmanship to discerning PC
enthusiasts, Voodoo is ever evolving and continues to engineer
perfectly designed, well-balanced, work of art "machines" that inspire
and enable individuals to reach great possibilities. For more
information, visit www.voodoopc.com.

Company: Western Digital
Booth/Stand: Kentia Hall, 6617
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: NYSE: WDC
Media Contact: Constance Griffiths, Karen Mazzei
Investor Relations Contact: Bob Blair
Phone: 949.672.7000
E-mail: pressrelations@wdc.com
Web: www.westerndigital.com

Western Digital is a data storage pioneer and a longtime leader in
the hard drive industry. Customers worldwide rely on WD hard drives in
desktop and notebook computers, corporate networks, mobile and
handheld devices, and home entertainment applications to keep data
secure and close at hand.

Company: Wild Tangent
Booth/Stand: MR 2773
Media Contact: Media Relations at WCTV
Phone: 212 445 8220
E-mail: Mediarelations@wctv.com
Web: www.WildTangent.com

WildTangent is the premier publisher of online and downloadable
games and a pioneer of in-game and around-game advertising solutions.
The company publishes over 200 leading 1st and 3rd party game titles
through the WildTangent games network, comprised of Wildgames.com,
leading PC Manufacturers, ISPs, and portals. From family friendly
games like the Polar franchise to popular action adventure titles such
as Fate. In 2005 WildTangent won major OEM distribution deals that
ship The WildTangent games console directly on the desktops of over
60% of PCs in North America. WildTangent is revolutionizing the casual
gaming market through WildCoins the first micro-currency, offering an
Arcade style payment system..

Company: YooStar Ltd
Booth/Stand: West Hall, 2400
Media Contact: Gordie Ross
Phone: +44 7785 982 324
E-mail: gordie@yoostar.com
Web: www.YooStar.com

YooStar Ltd is a female and family Interactive Entertainment
Publisher. The company is the only company in Europe Dedicated to
publishing big budget Interactive Entertainment product.

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