Two-time All-Star Darrell Evans and Netamin Introduce Groundbreaking Baseball ''Virtual Reality Experience''

Thursday, (Oct. 21)
DIAMOND BAR, Calif.--()--Oct. 19, 2004--Netamin
   WHAT:   Darrell Evans and Netamin will give ongoing demonstrations
            of Ultimate Baseball Online, a "baseball virtual reality
            experience" at an open house. UBO is the first massive,
            multi-player, real-time sports game. It lets people from
            around the world play the sport of baseball on a virtual
            field on their PC. Everyone sees the game from their
            player's perspective, and your teammates and opponents are
            all real people.

           Darrell saw this project's potential early on: something
            that could allow people of all ages, nationalities and
            genders to experience the joys of the game, without the
            usual limitations that come with any team sport.

           The latest version of Ultimate Baseball Online, along with
            press accounts, and screenshots of the game will be
            distributed to media attending this open house.

           A Ballpark Lunch buffet will be served from 11:00 a.m.-
            1:00 p.m.

   WHEN:   Thursday, October 21, 2004 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

   WHERE:  The New Yorker Hotel, 481 Eighth Avenue (at 34th St.) 
           New York
           Open House Event held in the Sky Lounge, 39th Floor

   WHO:    Called "the most underrated player in baseball history" by
            Bill James, Darrell Evans played 1st and 3rd base from
            1969 to 1989 for the Atlanta Braves, the San Francisco
            Giants, and the Detroit Tigers and played in two league
            championship series, one World Series (1984), and two
            All-Star games (1973, 1983). Recently, Darrell has been
            serving as a goodwill ambassador of baseball, traveling to
            numerous baseball camps in the U.S. and Canada, promoting
            the sport to youth, amateur players and general baseball

           -- Darrell Evans, two-time All-Star, demonstrating
            Ultimate Baseball Online

Netamin Corporation, a pioneer in Massive Multiplayer Online Sports Games (MMOSG), is headquartered in Diamond Bar, California with operations around the globe including Korea and Taiwan. The company has launch its first MMOSG title, Ultimate Baseball Online, this Fall, with subsequent titles expected as demand and interest for this next-generation gaming technology grows. Founded in 1998, Netamin is a privately held corporation aiming to provide an online virtual playing field for all major sports. For more information, please visit


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Michael Meyers Public Relations
Michael Meyers, 925-931-9700
Kate Hedstrom, 925-931-9703