Research and Markets: Changing Male Grooming Behaviors & Occasions

DUBLIN, Ireland--()--Sept. 21, 2004--

  European Male Grooming Market to Grow at an Annual Rate of 4.0% over the Next Five Years Compared to Only 2.8% for the US  

Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of Changing Male Grooming Behaviors & Occasions to their offering.

Despite general attitudes gradually evolving, new and specific needs are emerging, creating exciting opportunities for manufacturers.

The European male grooming market will grow at an annual rate of 4.0% over the next five years compared to only 2.8% for the US.

Personal care players will have to understand men's particular needs in order to be able to effectively and accurately target them.

Scope of Report:

A complete map of all male personal care consumption occasions according to type of occasion, product market and life stage.

In-depth study of the emerging and evolving need states, growing consumption occasions and attitudinal shifts that drive the male grooming market.

Detailed market values of male usage of personal care products split by occasion, life stage and product market, with five-year forecasts

Highlights of Report:

Personal hygiene is by far the most important male product market in terms of occasions, accounting for 68.1% and 68.6% of all occasions in Europe and the US respectively in 2003.

53% of European and American men cite articles, features and programs in the broadcast and printed media as their main source of information about new products and grooming practices.

A staggering 89% of men in Europe and the US consider that good grooming and general presentation is essential to their professional success.

Reasons to Purchase:

Learn about the emerging trends amongst male consumers that will define the male grooming market in the future.

Identify the male consumer groups that will become key to the development of this market over the next five years.

Understand how to tailor your NPD and marketing to more accurately target specific male groups and need states.

Report Contents:


Hot topic 3

The future decoded 3

Action points 4


The male population is ageing 13

Men's share of personal care use will grow faster in Europe 16

Growth in male personal care usage continues 18

Increasing frequency of usage 18

Adults account for a falling number of occasions 21

Skincare is the fastest growing US market in terms of occasions 22

Everyday use is the most important occasion 24

There are long term gradual changes in male attitudes 27

Men are growing more experimental with regard to grooming 27

Men are becoming more knowledgeable about personal care 30

Removing embarrassment is key to encouraging experimentation 31

Men are paying more attention to the image of products ... 34

But most men value function over fashion 36

Men's grooming needs are evolving 38

Dressing for success 38

Fear of the effects of ageing 39

Stress and fatigue influence grooming needs 40

Male Teens seek belonging, individuality and coolness 41

Metrosexuals are a key opinion forming group 42

Men have particular shopping preferences 42

Conclusions 44


Target specific age groups 46

Adapt your message to Teenagers' needs 47

Help shape long term habits 48

Target Senior men by combating fear of the effects of ageing 49

Product effectiveness is crucial to successfully targeting Seniors 50

Adapt your NPD to male needs 50

Male cosmetics are not a serious option 51

Shift from alcohol-based products to gentler formulations 53

Tailor your marketing and advertising to male consumers 54

Use shaving as a Trojan horse for skincare 54

Target women as they are important purchasers of male products 56

Use humor to appeal to younger men 56

Adapt your language to male consumers 57

Align your category management with male attitudes 58

Place men's products near other male categories 59

Men just want to "shop and go" 60

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Research and Markets
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Research and Markets
Laura Wood
Senior Manager
Fax : +353 1 4100 980