Hasbro Arrives at Toy Fair 2004 Loaded With the Industry's Premier Brands and a Wide-Range of Innovative New Toys and Games for the Entire Family

Toy Fair 2004
PAWTUCKET, R.I.--()--Feb. 10, 2004--Building on a strong performance by many of the Company's core brands as well as a host of its new, innovative product introductions in 2003, Hasbro, Inc. (NYSE:HAS) hits the ground running at Toy Fair 2004 as it unveils a line of toys and games brimming with iconic brands, the latest technologies and highly creative offerings providing "something for everyone."

From the G.I. JOE brand's 40th anniversary, to FURREAL FRIENDS LUV CUBS, to the highly anticipated DUEL MASTERS Trading Card Game, and the latest introduction for the popular TRIVIAL PURSUIT brand with the "1990's Edition," Hasbro is once again geared up to bring to market a highly entertaining and diverse product line.

"Hasbro enjoyed a strong 2003 because we are staying true to our strategy and delivering on our promise of product innovation that our customers can enjoy at a good value," said Al Verrecchia, Hasbro's President and C.E.O. "Our 2004 product line once again leverages our unmatched brand portfolio, which gives us the flexibility to continually create new and exciting product across a variety of existing and new brands."

Highlights of Hasbro's 2004 toy and game lines include:



The G.I. JOE: VALOR VS. VENOM VOICE F/X DUKE features an innovative new technology that not only enables the figure to talk and shout commands, but its mouth and facial features realistically come to life at the press of a button. For the first time, kids can control the intensity of their voices and expressions! (Approx. $14.99; Available in fall.) The VOICE F/X feature will also be featured in the figure based on the G.I. JOE team's new nemesis, VENOMOUS MAXIMUS (Approx. $19.99), and a U.S. Marine figure (Approx. $19.99) in the realistic military segment.


Forty years ago, Hasbro revolutionized the toy industry and the way boys play by introducing G.I. JOE, the world's first action figure. Generations later, the G.I. JOE brand has become synonymous with action and heroism and leads millions of boys through endless hours of backyard adventures. For kids at heart, Hasbro will also celebrate the 40-year heritage of the G.I. JOE brand with a special 40th ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION that recaptures the nostalgia of the first G.I. JOE 12-inch action figures in authentically detailed packaging, uniforms and accessories. (Approx. $34.99; Available now.)


As the AUTOBOTS battle UNICRON, the OMEGA SUPREME character is the ultimate combiner in the quest for ENERGON. The figure stands at an incredible 16" in robot mode and it is actually two vehicles -- an awesome aircraft carrier and a battle train -- that combine to make a super robot. OMEGA SUPREME is action-packed with electronic lights and sound, additional mechanized features, firing projectiles and holds MINI-CON figures. OMEGA SUPREME can also combine with the new OPTIMUS PRIME figure for even bigger ENERGON play. (Approx. $49.99; Available in fall)


Hasbro's BEYBLADE was one of hottest toy lines in 2003 and the BEYBLADE phenomenon continues with more than 15 million BEYBLADE tops in kids' hands in the U.S. alone. Big news for this year's line is ENGINE GEAR tops, which are an important part of the new BEYBLADE G-REVOLUTION programming that will debut on ABC Family this fall. Each top has a new turbo winder and clutch mechanism that allows the player to unleash ultimate strategy by releasing the top into hyper mode at the height of its power. Hasbro will work the ENGINE GEAR feature into other BEYBLADE gear, including the R/C Top with Launcher and Deluxe Launchers. Later this fall, BEYBLADE fans will be introduced to the HARD METAL SYSTEM of tops. Offering superior performance in the BEYSTADIUM, each of four new HARD METAL SYSTEM tops features die cast metal parts. These powerful tops will come with a cool new compact carrying case, a unique launcher with the HARD METAL SYSTEM locking key to assemble your HARD METAL SYSTEM top and a ripcord. (Approx. $6.99-9.99; Ages 8 & up; Available this fall.)


This steel truck can withstand rough and tough play and haul twice as much as the classic MIGHTY DUMP TRUCK. The tough grip handles make it perfect for grabbing and dumping objects from the steel, oversized dump bed. Massive rugged tires enable the truck to traverse the roughest terrain. Kids will love the loud electronic honking sound that lets out a mighty scream. This truck is so tough, it's guaranteed for life! (Approx. $29.99; 3 & Up)


Now kids can play basketball anytime and anywhere with the new NERF NITE JAM BASKETBALL. Powered with FIRE WIRE technology, this light-up basketball allows kids to play basketball inside or outside, in the light or dark. (Approx. $39.99; Ages 6 & Up; Available: Fall)


Action figures take an evolutionary step forward with XEVOZ(TM) - the convergence of action figures and gaming. XEVOZ are the first action figures kids can construct, customize and competitively battle in a fun strategy game. First, build your poseable figure with the kit. Then, battle an opponent's figure using the special die, the BATTLE HELIX(TM). With each roll, a player dismantles the opposing figure piece by piece. Finally, xevolve your action figure by adding the new parts to create a more powerful warrior. Each XEVOZ character and species has a unique set of strengths and a compelling story. The web site, www.xevoz.com, allows players to build and battle virtual XEVOZ, as well as showcase their own unique character creations and learn more about the world of XEVOZ. (Approx. $6.9914.99; 6 & up)


The SUPER SOAKER MONSTER ROCKET delivers great flight and launching performance with the wet and wild excitement of the SUPER SOAKER brand. The towering seven-foot inflatable rocket can reach over 100 feet in the air. Just add water to the launching station, use the simple pump mechanism to pressurize the rocket, and watch the rocket take off into the sky. When the MONSTER ROCKET is launched, a huge, water vapor is released, simulating a real rocket take off! (Approx. $29.99; 8 & Up; Available: Spring)



The FURREAL FRIENDS LUV CUB is the latest, highly realistic offering from the FURREAL FRIENDS brand. First it was the FURREAL FRIENDS cat...then GO GO MY WALKIN' PUP. Now, just watch as the FURREAL FRIENDS LUV CUB's arms open wide, then pick him up and give him a real hug. THE FURREAL FRIENDS LUV CUB loves to play - peek-a-boo is his favorite game - he'll cover his eyes and peep out at you. The FURREAL FRIENDS LUV CUB features high-level mechanical movements like no other FURREAL FRIEND before it. PANDA, POLAR and BROWN bears are the first members of the LUV CUB family to be introduced in the fall of 2004. (Approx. $29.99; Ages 4 & Up; Available: Fall)


Everyone in the Class of '04 is primed for prom! The SECRET CENTRAL Prom Spectacular Playset captures all of the magic moments when class couple Madison Merriweather and Michael Milano are crowned King and Queen! The playset comes with a stylin' pink limo, the perfect set of wheels for prom royalty! The set also comes with two notes, a crown, butterfly purse and cell phone, corsage, camera, two class photo sticker sheets and a class yearbook. The playset also provides new locker combinations that unleash the behind-the-scenes scoop about the prom! (Approx. $14.99; 4 & Up; Available: Fall)


All the ponies are practicing their dance moves in preparation for the Friendship Ball at TWINKLE TWIRL's DANCE STUDIO. TWINKLE TWIRL is included and spins to music and lights on the playset's rotating dance floor! (Approx. $29.99; 3 & Up; Available: Fall)



Following an amazingly successful launch in 2003, VideoNow - Hasbro's first-ever, kid friendly, personal video player - continues to build momentum in 2004 through expansion of its already impressive video disc library. New titles in the VideoNow library include popular programming from Nickelodeon as well as popular episodes of American Idol, NBC's Fear Factor, ABC's America's Funniest Home Videos and CBS's I Love Lucy. Exciting new episodes of top rated Nickelodeon shows like SpongeBob Squarepants, Jimmy Neutron, Fairly Odd Parents and The Amanda Show will also be available. (Approx. $49.99 for personal video player; $7.99 for videodiscs; and VideoNow disc 3-packs for $14.99; Ages 6 & Up; Available: Now)


The newest entry in Hasbro's "NOW" line is the PLAY NOW player. Now tech savvy tweens can digitally record tunes to take with them anytime, anywhere. PLAY NOW is a stylish, pocket-size portable unit that records up to thirty minutes of music and lets kids play six classic arcade-style games! To record music, sounds or speech, simply fold out PLAY NOW's "hidden jack," plug it into the headphone socket on any stereo, television, computer, portable CD or tape player, or MP3 player and press "enter." And, while you're listening to your favorite music, you can also play one of six different games! (Approx. $29.99; ages 8 & Up; Available: Fall)


"Tag, you're it," takes on an extreme new meaning with LAZER TAG TEAM OPS. LAZER TAG TEAM OPS DELUXE 2 PLAYER SET combines hands-on extreme play with a unique video game play-like feature to deliver a one-of-a-kind lazer tag experience. LAZER TAG TEAM OPS features a unique Heads Up Display and Tagger system that provides audio and visual confirmation whenever you accurately "tag" your opponent. (Approx. $49.99; Ages 8 & Up)


Tween girls are sure to flip when they get ahold of the COVER TO COVER game. With three categories, 200 cards, four magazines and an electronic game unit to direct game play, players compete to find the person, place or thing in the magazines the fastest as indicated on the card drawn. The first player to complete the task receives a letter C, O, V, E or R. When a player collects all the letters and the star token, she wins the game. (Ages:9 and up; Players: 2 or more; Approximate Retail Price:$19.99; June 2004:)


Girls love to spend time with friends and keep up with the latest fashions and STAR SISTERZ is what they'll be talking about this year. STAR SISTERZ is a collectible charm game that poses fun dares and crazy challenges - sing in public for 30 seconds or go to the mall with all your clothes inside-out! - and then rewards girls with custom-made shiny, silver, collectible charms they can keep on their very own STAR SISTERZ charm bracelet. This fashion-forward game features nearly 100 charms to collect and trade. STAR SISTERZ will be initially offered at Limited Too stores. The first collection is called Sunburst(TM). (Ages 8 & up; Available March 2004; Approximate Retail Price: $7.99 Theme Packs, Approximate Retail Price: $2.99 Charm Bracelets, Approximate Retail Price: $19.99 Deluxe Box Set)



Only Weebles provide kids ages 0-2 with a wacky motion filled world of figures and playsets designed to inspire laughter and dancing and to celebrate the joy of play because fun never stands still! Weebles gather from far and wide to meet at the WEEBLEVILLE TOWN CENTER, a place full of non-stop fun, adventure and exciting motion! Weebles wobble through town...then spin out and about! They can play on the fun Weeble slide and enjoy music that will have them dancing the Weeble Watusi! (Approx. $34.99; 18 mos. & Up; Available: Fall)


Children will delight in the opportunity to frolic and dance with a Boohbah of their very own. Each of the five cuddly DANCE ALONG BOOHBAHS features six silly songs and eleven unique dances true to their endearing, whimsical personalities. With moving heads, arms and bellies, DANCE ALONG BOOHBAHS will keep children engaged from the top of their heads to the tips of their toes! (Approx. $29.99; 18 mos. & Up; Available: August)



The LITE-BRITE ILLUMINART EASEL takes traditional LITE-BRITE play and adds drawing and animating with light, not just pegs! In the design of an easel, the LITE- BRITE screen is two and a half times the size of the traditional toy, and it brings the pictures to life as the screen flashes and animates. The screen can be turned over so the other side works as a light up easel, and drawing desk. Kids can trace, connect the dots and color with their markers and then animate their pictures. (Approx. $34.99; 4 & Up; Available: Fall)



Ever since the classic Star Wars trilogy burst onto the screen in 1977, a new generation of movie and toy fans has continued the tradition of celebrating the past, present and future of the Star Wars universe. In 2004, Hasbro builds on the tradition with the Original Trilogy Collection of authentically detailed figures, vehicles and lightsabers, this time celebrating Lucasfilm's fall release of the Star Wars Trilogy on DVD. Hasbro's Original Trilogy Collection will recapture the magic of the first three Star Wars film releases from the late 70s and early 80s for a new generation of kids, bringing back the memorable black-and-silver retro package look and collectible new versions of the earliest Star Wars toys. In addition to updated action figure versions of the most favorite characters from the first three films, Hasbro is bringing back one of the most legendary spaceships in the galaxy -- available for the first time since 1996 will be the Millennium Falcon. (Approx. $4.99-59.99; Available in fall)


Disney/Pixar's The Incredibles is sure to be one of the biggest animated feature films of the 2004 holiday season. Disney/Pixar's The Incredibles is sure to be one of the biggest animated feature films of the 2004 holiday season. With Hasbro's action figure and toy line, kids can recreate all the hilarious antics and rescue attempts by BOB PARR (aka MR. INCREDIBLE), his family and the whole crew of exaggerated, over-the-top, retired super heroes and villains. THE INCREDIBLE MR. INCREDIBLE action figure's real-feel skin and voice capabilities will make it seem like you have a genuine crime-fighting sidekick. Just push down on his belt buckle to hear him say signature phrases while his mouth actually opens and closes. Push a little harder and watch his chest flex out and hear him shout! (Approximate Retail Price: $24.99)


The WISE CRACKIN' line of special feature plush has all the comedy of the lovable characters from SHREK 2 in a huggable 12" size. Kids will love the interactive talking fun they can have with their favorite ogre and mule. When you ask them a question, SHREK and DONKEY will respond, but you never know if it will be with a friendly reply or a wise crackin' joke! (Approx: $29.99; 5 & Up; Available: May)


TRIVIAL PURSUIT(R) 1990s Edition

The TRIVIAL PURSUIT(R) 1990s Edition, packaged in a capsule tin, takes players on a journey through the 1990s with 2,400 questions from the past decade sorted in six new categories reflective of the time: Oops, Wired, Viewing, Trends, Important and Hangin. Game play is the same as traditional TRIVIAL PURSUIT(R), where players compete to collect all six scoring pieces and answer the final question to win the game. (Ages: Adult; Players: 2 to 4; Approx. $34.99; Available: June 2004)


MISSION: PAINTBALL brings the fantasy and fun of paintball game home! Through infrared technology, the game features seven levels of interactive game play ranging from beginner to professional paintball player in different environments including forest play, capture the flag, guarding and attacking the fort, to team elimination, and ultimately professional! Scoring is based on difficulty of the enemy hit, accuracy of shots, speed of stage, completion and ability to find secret objects. (Ages: 8 and up; Players: 1 or more; Approximate Retail Price: $39.99; Available: June 2004)


After topping the charts in Japan, the hot property DUEL MASTERS is headed to the U.S. Already DUEL MASTERS comic books have sold through their first printing in the U.S. and a DUEL MASTERS TV show will premier prior to the trading card game's release in the U.S. in March. Hasbro also plans DUEL MASTERS action figures and board games this year. DUEL MASTERS is about battling monsters - or "Kaijudo!" as players in the know exclaim. With the DUEL MASTERS Trading Card Game, kids assume the role of a great duelist (named Shobu) and battle their opponent with beautifully illustrated, collectible cards showing robot-like creatures. (Ages 10 & up; Available March 2004; Approximate Retail Price: $9.99 2-Player Starter Game; Approximate Retail Price: $3.49 Booster Packs)


The original role-playing game turns 30 this year. Wizards of the Coast(TM) will mark the 30th anniversary of DUNGEONS & DRAGONS with a new D&D Basic Set, designed to introduce a whole new generation to the popular, enduring role-playing game. A game board-map is provided to guide new players. The set also includes basic rulebooks, sheets to help players create their D&D characters, a set of D&D dice and D&D Miniatures that can be used as game markers. Wizards is also expanding its line of DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Miniatures with Archfiends(TM), the newest 3D D&D Minis. D&D Miniatures come ready for battle right out of the box and can be used to play a stand-alone game or as exciting supplements to already-existing campaigns. (Archfiends, Ages 12 & up; Available March 2004; Approximate Retail Price: $12.99.)

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Boys Toys/Disney
Audrey DeSimone, 401-727-5857
Preschool/Creative Play/Girls
Julie Duffy, 401-727-5931
Board Games and Puzzles,
Mark Morris, 413-526-2307
Tiger Electronics/Tweens
Gary Serby, 401-727-5582
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Barbara Dawson, 425-917-5614


Boys Toys/Disney
Audrey DeSimone, 401-727-5857
Preschool/Creative Play/Girls
Julie Duffy, 401-727-5931
Board Games and Puzzles,
Mark Morris, 413-526-2307
Tiger Electronics/Tweens
Gary Serby, 401-727-5582
Wizards of the Coast
Barbara Dawson, 425-917-5614