eM Client Email Client Launches Their Mobile App

eM Client Email Client Launches Their Mobile App (Copyright: eM Client)

PRAGUE--()--eM Client has evolved over the past 18 years to become a popular and effective email client that manages more than just email for Windows and macOS. Now, a mobile version for iOS and Android is being introduced – promising a wide range of capabilities that have not been available in mobile applications before. In fact, the eM Client mobile application offers comparable functionality and service support to its desktop sibling when it comes to email communication. eM Client for mobile can be used with virtually any email service provider and any commonly used protocol (IMAP, POP3, Exchange).

The app includes advanced features such as labels, templates, signatures, a quick text function for inserting predefined short texts, and options to snooze messages or watch for replies. Support for conversations, global and favorite folders, and advanced search is a given. Popular features also include instant translation of incoming messages. The mobile eM Client fully supports push notifications, so users will always know about new incoming messages instantly.

eM Client for iOS and Android prioritizes security and privacy. In addition to fully supporting the latest security mechanisms, it offers advanced protection against phishing and tracking pixels. The mobile eM Client application also offers the most extensive email encryption support among mobile apps. It is the only mobile email application on the market to handle both PGP and S/MIME encryption; including services for downloading certificates and public keys from online directories, such as eM Keybook, keys.openPGP.com or Proton. Encryption can be set up very easily directly in the application.

All of this is wrapped up in a user interface that is easy to understand, and both visually and functionally consistent with the desktop application. Just like on the desktop, the mobile app can be customized down to the smallest detail. The icing on the cake is the ultra-fast migration of all accounts and settings via a QR code.

The first release supports emails, and in the coming weeks, support will be added for managing calendars, contacts, tasks and notes; features that users are accustomed to from the desktop application.

About eM Client

eM Client (www.emclient.com) was founded in 2006 with a clear goal: to develop a modern email client that is compatible with the latest technologies and supports all major email providers. Its qualities are appreciated by more than 1,500,000 users and companies worldwide.