August Health Launches August Health Insights – Proactive Intelligence for Senior Living

Advanced care and operational intelligence equips operators with new real-time visibility and proactive trend detection.

August Health Insights: Proactive intelligence and advanced analytics for senior living (Graphic: Business Wire)

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Today, August Health announced August Health Insights, a real-time system for advanced care and operational intelligence used by senior living operators to proactively address emerging risks and unmet resident care needs.

August Health Insights enables transformative intelligence through three core capabilities:

  1. Providing real-time visibility into community care and operations
  2. Identifying emerging operational risks and significant variations across communities
  3. Preemptive detection and flagging of rising risk residents and incident clusters

Operators can run their communities with confidence by having all their data available in an actionable dashboard that provides insight into resident acuity, incidents, staffing requirements, census, and care revenue.

August Health Insights enables operators to instantly compare community data to identify outliers that warrant further analysis. For instance, a COO can easily pinpoint buildings with lower-than-expected acuity, which could indicate persistent resident underassessment, increased risk exposure, staffing imbalances, and missed care revenue capture.

August Health Insights continuously scans communities’ data, proactively identifying risks and patterns. The Resident Watchlist is one such example — the feature automatically flags high-risk and rising risk residents, enabling the care team to proactively intervene and support the most vulnerable residents to age in place.

Industry-leading operators have already integrated August Health Insights into their operating strategies.

Everyone promises dashboards and analytics, but I’ve not seen tools this user-friendly and insightful,” said Benjamin Surmi, Director of Education and Culture at Koelsch Communities. “You aren’t just handed a bunch of clunky reports. It’s always up-to-date, actionable information that previously took days or months to bring together.”

August Health Insights is simple to use and can be leveraged by everyone — from Resident Care Coordinators and Executive Directors to members of the C-Suite. The system is available out of the box as part of the acclaimed August Health EHR platform, complete with fully customizable reports and 1-click exporting for maximum utility. Embedded within August Health, it ensures the same world-class security and privacy standards August Health customers have come to know and expect.

Operators do such good work providing front-line care, but the data around that care is too often siloed, hard-to-access, and difficult to analyze,” noted August Health Co-CEO and Co-Founder Erez Cohen, “Our Insights product is demonstrably moving the needle — pulling together all your data and providing actionable intelligence to reduce risk, improve operations, and provide better care.”

Founded in 2020, August Health now serves communities across the U.S. August Health has a 95 percent satisfaction rating amongst its customers, who value the platform’s intuitive design and responsive team. The company has raised $18 million to date and assembled a team from Apple, Google, Adobe, and leading digital healthcare companies.

About August Health

August Health is the easy-to-use EHR platform that caregivers love, known for improving care quality, simplifying compliance, and enabling better care tracking and analytics. Designed with senior living experts and built by world-class engineers, the software platform makes it easier for communities to provide the best care. Since launching in 2020, August Health has been adopted by leading operators across the country, including Priority Life Care, Leisure Care, Bickford Senior Living, The Claiborne, Koelsch Communities, and Westmont Living. Learn more at


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