WNDR® Alpine Launches Four New Hardgoods Models - Nocturne 88 and Vital 98 Backcountry Skis and Shepherd Solid and Split Snowboards

Checkerspot’s outdoor brand expands its range of skis and boards equipped with biobased materials that outperform petroleum

SALT LAKE CITY & ALAMEDA, Calif.--()--WNDR® Alpine – the outdoor brand launched by the biotechnology company Checkerspot – diversified its lineup of backcountry hardgoods today with the introduction of two new ski shapes and a new split and solid snowboard offering equipped with performance biobased materials derived from microalgae. Every ski and board in WNDR Alpine’s lineup features Algal Wall (sidewalls), Algal Core (composite core) and SpiralMade (binding reinforcement composites from reclaimed production waste) designed to improve durability and on-snow feel, relative to components made from traditional, petrochemical-based materials.

This announcement arrives on the heels of WNDR Alpine’s launch of the Phase Series activewear, making the 4th anniversary of the brand’s launch a notable milestone marking its continued expansion.

Going from 5 to 13 available products - all of which contain inputs made from renewable, microalgae-derived oils - is a big moment to celebrate for us,” said Matt Sterbenz, WNDR Alpine’s Founder and Checkerspot's GM of Wintersports. “Materials made with biotechnology are real and available today, and they’ve advanced beyond traditional constructions from a performance and environmental standpoint. So this year is all about enabling new experiences with these biologically derived materials, whether that’s a dark start alpine mission enabled by the Nocturne or Shepherd, an even more well rounded experience on the new Vital 98 or a casual afternoon in the mountains wearing the Phase Series.”

Nocturne 88

WNDR Alpine’s all-new Nocturne 88 represents a distinct and differentiated take on the freeski-mountaineering category. The Nocturne 88 offers a 1500 gram weight in a 178cm length, 88mm waist, progressive mount point, early rise and gradual tip and tail, enabling quick and easy turn initiation for big ascents and long descents on the planet’s tallest peaks.

During the development of the Nocturne with the WNDR Alpine crew, the unique materials allowed for a ski I have dreamed of for a long time,” said Paul Greenwood, Friend of WNDR and ski mountaineer who co-developed the Nocturne. “The Nocturne is not only a tool light enough to move through vast terrain efficiently, it also provides the stability, playfulness and progressive mount point I expect from a WNDR Alpine ski. No longer will I need to sacrifice downhill performance on a mountaineering objective, as this ski finds the balance of up and down, opening up the canvas of the alpine for endless possibilities!”

Vital 98

Joining the Nocturne is the new Vital 98 - a thoughtful refinement of WNDR Alpine’s award-winning Vital 100 shape. The Vital 98’s waist narrows by 2mm for a deeper sidecut resulting in a shorter radius for quicker turn initiation. The size range has been refined with 6cm vs. 7cm jumps between lengths, enabling skiers to size up or size down depending on their personal style and preference. This new Vital also includes marginally stiffer tips and tails designed for increased stability at higher speeds.

Revitalizing such a well loved ski was not an easy task!” said Pep Fujas, WNDR Alpine’s Marketing and Product Development Lead. “But feedback from our greater community of customers and Friends of WNDR encouraged us to make the Vital more snappy, while increasing edge hold and maintaining its versatility, alpine instincts and top speed. The Vital 98 Reverse Camber is my go-to for low tide conditions, distant objectives, and of course, surfing corn and boot top pow!”

Shepherd Solid and Shepherd Tour Splitboard

For its second season with snowboards on the market, WNDR Alpine doubles its snowboard offerings with the introduction of the all new Shepherd and Shepherd Tour. Available in solid and split configurations, the Shepherd emphasizes precision and maneuverability for technical riding in the high alpine. The all new Shepherd geometry boasts an 18mm taper with average waist of 25cm. Directionally spirited, the pointed nose and round tail uniquely differentiate this board from the award winning Belle series.

The Shepherd’s shape and character were masterminded by Nick Russell, Snow Athlete & Product Line Specialist, and refined by WNDR Alpine’s team of product innovators, engineers, and materials scientists. "My dream board for dream lines has finally come to life!” said Nick. “Nimble yet calculated, the Shepherd moves me through the mountains with intent and purpose. Be it thriving through a record setting winter or turning lemons into lemonade in meager conditions, the Shepherd’s shape and construction with biobased materials has been enhancing my alpine experience since its earliest prototypes."

The BelleAire and BelleTour remain in WNDR Alpine’s snowboard lineup with a complementary average 26cm waistline and a hard charging, big mountain personality.

What’s in My Gear? Algae In, Petroleum Out

Beginning Fall 2023, every WNDR® Alpine ski and board will be displayed with the measured biobased and recycled content in each product, and the performance benefits delivered by designing materials specifically with the end use in mind.

WNDR Alpine was launched to demonstrate that biomaterials can outperform petroleum inputs, resoundingly disproving the assumption that performance and environmental responsibility must be at odds. Throughout its history, WNDR Alpine has simultaneously increased biobased and recycled content while improving performance.

WNDR Alpine’s complete lineup includes the Nocturne 88, Vital 98, Intention 108, Reason 120, Shepherd, Shepherd Tour, BelleAire, BelleTour, and Phase Series apparel - available today from www.wndr-alpine.com.

About Checkerspot

Checkerspot is a biotechnology company that designs high performance ingredients and materials for a better planet. Our Wing™ Platform enables our biology and design labs to develop, test, and commercialize award-winning products that aim to reduce global dependence on unsustainable sources of oil and other fossil fuels. We seek to accelerate the adoption of renewable, biobased products that engage directly with consumers and show what is possible in industrial materials, outdoor recreation, personal care, and food and nutrition.


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