LUXON Reveals New Update for SEASON-0 Quest

  • Released Epic Fate Core NFTs to celebrate April Fool’s
  • HAECHI LABS’ Face Wallet to improve the convenience for new users

LUXON’s “DESPERADO B218: The Scars of Exos” gets new quest update (Graphic: LUXON)

SEOUL, South Korea--()--A blockchain game company Nerdystar’s Web3 platform LUXON, has unveiled its new “Quest SEASON-0”

The SEASON-0 web quest, starting on April 1, burns heroes (NFTs) that can be used in “DESPERADO B218: The Scars of Exos”, one of the games on LUXON, to be exchanged for packs which come with the probability of obtaining higher-tier NFTs.

With this new quest, 11 types of packs have been added, coming with a higher probability of obtaining heroes than existing packs. Users can obtain Legendary heroes that couldn’t be previously obtained with these packs, and earn various types of packs as rewards as well.

Quests, previously divided into main/sub/hidden quests, are now divided into daily/weekly/premium quests, and are run according to a monthly schedule.

Daily quests change every day, and users can earn rewards that give up to x3 efficiency with less burning. Meanwhile, in weekly quests, the probability of obtaining Epicheroes, which was near-impossible to obtain up until now, has increased. Users can even aim for Legendary heroes.

In premium quests, users can earn limited Legendary heroes that equipped Fate Core which is familiar to the Exos Heroes IP fans. Moreover, in April Quest, users can obtain Epic Fate Core NFTs to celebrate April Fool’s Day. All users with a DESPERADO B218 NFT can participate in the SEASON-0 Web Quest at any time. Learn more via the LUXON DESPERADO Discord community.

To join this quest, blockchain wallet integration is a must. LUXON provides convenience for users without prior knowledge of wallets to be able to use Face Wallet, allowing them to easily create a blockchain wallet with their existing social media accounts.

Face Wallet is a user-friendly wallet with which users can easily create a wallet with an SSO option, and supports approval of all in-game transactions such as token transactions, swaps, and NFT purchases and sales with a 6-digit PIN code. Passwords can be recovered with SMS OTP authentication instead of the 12-digit seed phrase that was necessary in existing decentralized wallets.

Face Wallet was recently selected as the official wallet of 8 global blockchain mainnets, including Polygon, Solana, Binance, NEAR Protocol, Avalanche, Aptos, Oasis, and Klaytn.


Hyoni Ahn

Release Summary

LUXON, a Web3 platform of Nerdystar, reveals new SEASON-0 Quest updates with Epic Face Core NFTs.

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Hyoni Ahn