Clutch Launches Creator Economy Digital Marketplace Platform for Creators and Brands Nationwide

Creator Economy Startup Brings Authenticity, Sustainability and Equitability Into the Future of Work

Clutch elevates emerging brands' digital marketing by connecting you to the next generation of creators. (Photo: Business Wire)

HOUSTON--()--Clutch, the digital marketplace elevating emerging brands’ digital marketing by connecting them to next-gen creators, today announced the launch of its platform out of beta with availability to all creators and businesses nationwide. With Clutch, creators are given access to flexible, reliable and authentic work with a wide network of leading brands, and brands are matched with talented, authentic creators to attract new customers.

Creators and brands are vetted and connected through Clutch’s inclusive platform to collaborate on social media management, video creation, video editing, content creation and graphic design projects that are aligned with their mutual niche interests. Creators are paid competitively on a weekly basis with the opportunity to increase their rates. Brands are provided a curated list of Clutch Creators to manage and grow their online community organically at an affordable cost. Creators and brands manage everything through Clutch’s intuitive, streamlined platform including their profile, curated matches listing, collaboration (“collab”) management and payment.

Clutch launched its open beta phase in August 2022 and facilitated collaborations for over 200 student Creators and 50 brands including DIGITS, HomeSlice and nama. One Clutch Creator has helped nama’s TikTok account, BuzzTails, reach over 12 thousand followers, over 177 thousand likes and 2.5 million views in under three months. Today, Clutch shared that its platform has expanded beyond student Creators to all Creators and brands.

With a focus on democratizing access to information and technology and elevating the next generation for all people, especially people of color, Clutch also shared today that 75% of the Creators using its platform during its beta phase were people of color. In addition, 57% of the businesses using its platform during beta were owned by women and 43% were owned by people of color.

“Our goal is to support all creators and emerging brands in the work that they do so they can live a healthy lifestyle,” said Simone May, CTO and Co-Founder of Clutch. “We’re thrilled to have created a technology platform that facilitates digital marketing opportunities for creators and brands, providing thoughtfully curated connections so both thrive authentically and sustainably in their work and lives.”

Key Product Features:

  • Creator profile: create your profile with your services, pricing and skills including reviewing inquiries from brands interested in working with you as a Clutch Creator and review profiles of pre-vetted, curated Clutch Creators as a brand
  • Curated matching: our admin team thoroughly reviews your profile, skills and niche interests and pairs you with the brands and Clutch Creators that align with you
  • Collab initiation: accept or reject incoming collab requests with brands as a Clutch Creator and request a collab with Clutch Creators that are aligned with your niche audience as a brand
  • Collab management: manage all of the aspects of each collab within the platform including communication, timing, review cycles and more
  • Easy payments: get paid your chosen amount every week as a Clutch Creator and manage all of your payments to Clutch Creators as brand through the platform
  • Seamless cancellation: cancel at any time if you are unsatisfied with the service or no longer in need

“As a Clutch Creator, I set my own pricing, schedule and services when collaborating on projects for brands,” said Cathy Syfert, a Creator through Clutch. “Clutch Creators embrace the benefits of being a brand ambassador as we create content about the products we love, but do it on behalf of the brands to help the brands grow authentically. I manage a brand’s TikTok account and enjoy every second of working with the brand. It is an incredible way to work with brands and products I love, create content which is fun and work on my own terms.”

With the national availability of its platform, Clutch furthers its vision of building a world where authentic, engaging work supports a more sustainable, equitable lifestyle.

The platform is available for all creators and brands today at

About Clutch

Founded in 2020 by Madison Long and Simone May, Clutch is the digital marketplace connecting creators with emerging brands. With our people-first platform, creators have the opportunity to monetize their unique talents and passions by helping businesses with their content creation needs. We are currently focused on connecting Gen-Z Creators with emerging brands in need of digital marketing. At Clutch, we believe the future of work will be led by the next generation. But in order for that to happen, they need a platform that equips them to thrive in the ever-changing workplace. That's Clutch. Our vision is to build a world where authentic, engaging work supports a more sustainable, equitable lifestyle. To learn more, visit


Nicole Neumayr


Nicole Neumayr