Toasted Black Sesame is Torani’s 2023 ‘Flavor of the Year’

Torani’s second annual Pourcast Flavor of the Year speaks to consumers’ ongoing interest in culinary tourism and global flavor experiences

Torani, a trusted leader in the flavor industry since 1925, revealed its 2023 Pourcast Flavor of the Year today: Torani Puremade Toasted Black Sesame Syrup. (Photo: Business Wire)

SAN LEANDRO, Calif.--()--Torani, a trusted leader in the flavor industry since 1925, revealed its 2023 Pourcast Flavor of the Year today: Torani Puremade Toasted Black Sesame Syrup. This distinctive, globally inspired flavor joins the company’s diverse lineup of over 150 syrups and sauces and is available now on Torani’s Puremade Toasted Black Sesame Syrup leans into two major consumer trends. The first is “culinary tourism,” characterized by consumers’ desire to experience other cultures by tasting their most interesting flavors. The second trend is “Instagrammable” experiences, driven by Gen Z's growing interest in bright, eye-catching, and highly photogenic foods and beverages.

Torani Puremade Toasted Black Sesame Syrup is the company’s second annual Pourcast Flavor of the Year, following the release of the 2022 Flavor of the Year, Torani Puremade Salted Egg Yolk Syrup, last December. The 2022 Flavor of the Year proved to be a hit with consumers and food and beverage industry insiders, with over 224,000 Torani Salted Egg Yolk drinks served up across the U.S., a “Best New Product” Award at Coffee Fest 2022, and features by Yahoo!, Thrillist, and NBC News among others.

“After over thirty years at Torani, this is one of my favorite projects to date. Our team puts years of research and development into our Flavor of the Year, and Torani Puremade Black Sesame Syrup again showcases our passion and dedication for being an amazing flavor company,” said Melanie Dulbecco, CEO at Torani. “Torani Salted Egg Yolk hit it out of the park last year, and Torani Black Sesame is a fantastic sequel.”

Torani is a globally recognized flavor company that’s always in search of the next “it” flavors and beverage trends. This work is led by a dedicated team that tracks data, trends, and insights from hundreds of sources around the world. The company’s research shows that consumer interest in “culinary tourism” – a trend in which flavor enthusiasts seek new foods and beverages from around the globe in restaurants, grocery stores, and products they can use at home – continues to gain steady momentum among various demographics.

Black sesame seeds are a versatile ingredient, prevalent in a number of Asian cuisines, including Japanese, Chinese, and Indian dishes. They are commonly used in both savory and sweet foods and beverages. Those familiar with Japanese cuisine might recognize black sesame as a component of furikake seasoning, while fans of Indian cuisine will know it as a key ingredient in the dessert black sesame ladoo (also called black til ladoo). Black sesame seeds have a notably richer, nuttier flavor compared to their white sesame counterpart, which is amplified even further when the seeds are toasted.

Torani Puremade Toasted Black Sesame Syrup delivers a combination of toasted, earthy, and nutty notes with a striking black hue and just the right amount of sweetness. The syrup can be used for a number of applications, including lattes, cold brews, cold foam toppers, milkshakes, mochas, and more. Like all flavors in Torani’s Puremade syrup line, it is made with pure cane sugar, all natural flavors, color from natural sources, no preservatives, and no GMOs.

“Our team tracks trends from many different spaces, looking at flavors that appear on grocery store shelves to fine dining menus, and everywhere in between,” said Andrea Ramirez, consumer & customer market insight manager at Torani. “We also research categories well beyond the realm of beverages, including confection, bakery, ice cream, snacks, and even condiments. From all this research, patterns begin to emerge that help us narrow down our Flavor of the Year. We want Torani’s Flavor of the Year to be a flavor that is ready to join the ‘big leagues.’”

Black sesame’s popularity has grown in recent years, as indicated by a steady increase in online searches over the last 15 years, according to Google Trends data. Interest has grown significantly among North American consumers, as demonstrated by Humphry Slocombe’s fan-favorite Black Sesame Ice Cream, which was awarded The Specialty Food Association’s sofi™ Award in 2018, and Starbucks Canada’s Black Sesame Tea Latte, which debuted in 2019.

Torani Puremade Toasted Black Sesame Syrup retails for $10.99. It is available now at and will be available at World Market locations in March 2023.

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