The Media Trust Boosts Precision Real-Time Ad Quality Management With Ad Sentry

New creative gallery tool allows digital publishers to block specific ads with sensitive and unwanted content

Ad Sentry, from The Media Trust, displays potentially problematic creatives across more than 40 sensitive content categories, and empowers publishers to stop them from serving on websites and apps with a single click. For more information, go to (Graphic: Business Wire)

MCLEAN, Va.--()--The Media Trust—the global leader in consumer digital trust and safety solutions for media publishers, AdTech, and enterprise brands—has enhanced the precision blocking capabilities of real-time ad quality solution Media Filter with creative gallery Ad Sentry. The tool enables digital publishers to block specific display and video ads containing sensitive or unwanted content, offering great efficiencies in content mitigation and revenue-saving protection from ads that spoil consumer experiences.

The creative gallery features a straightforward dashboard highlighting ad creatives across more than 40 sensitive and regulated content categories, including Adult, Alcohol, Crypto, Gambling, Marijuana, Political and more. Instead of blocking whole advertising verticals and missing out on revenue opportunities, Ad Sentry’s click-to-block functionality allows publishers to pinpoint problematic creatives that fail to meet their content or quality standards.

An easy-to-use tool, Ad Sentry allows publishers to view creatives across their digital ecosystem/inventory and select specific ones to add to a custom blocklist, which stops them from appearing on selected domains and apps in real time. Even better, when an unwanted ad is halted, Media Filter enables publishers to recall a demand partner for a replacement ad or enter custom code to make sure the impression is still monetized. The Ad Sentry blocklist can easily be managed within Media Filter’s intuitive configuration screen.

“To keep revenue channels flowing, publishers need ad quality and security tools that execute with precision,” said Chris Olson, CEO of The Media Trust. “Just like how Media Filter’s malware blocklists ensure publishers only block malicious ads, Ad Sentry empowers publishers to stop specific ads with inappropriate or unwanted content—thus protecting consumers and facilitating revenue optimization.”

Ad Sentry’s creative gallery is populated by The Media Trust’s proprietary Ad Categorization system, used by the largest AdTech platforms in digital advertising to flag potentially problematic and regulated ad content at scale. The Media Trust leverages artificial intelligence and object character recognition (OCR) to find sensitive and regulated ad content across more than 40 homegrown categories—a list that continues to grow according to industry needs.

In addition to Ad Sentry, Media Filter has extended support for several new native partners, greatly expanding the solution’s coverage of that demand channel. Publishers will be able to block or be notified on malware, scams, sensitive ad content, heavy ads, custom domains, and more coming through their native partners. Violation attribution for demand sources can quickly be found in the highly detailed reporting dashboard.

The Media Trust has also introduced an advanced Media Filter API for streamlined reporting that can be easily tied into a variety of internal stack systems. Publishers and ad platforms can now ingest a variety of data—including blocks and notifications on malware, sensitive content, heavy ads, and more—directly into their own dashboards.

Learn more about Ad Sentry’s precision blocking of sensitive ad content here.

About The Media Trust: The Media Trust protects consumers and the broader digital ecosystem from harmful and unwanted activity. Leveraging a physical presence in more than 100 countries and 550 locations, our digital safety platform acts as your audience to elicit and fix the issues that exploit your customers, drive data breaches, violate regulations, impede revenue, and tarnish your brand. Safeguarding the customer experience across websites/mobile apps will help you better monetize and govern your digital assets.


Kris Crawford
Telephone: 703-869-4851

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The Media Trust boosts precision real-time ad quality management with Ad Sentry, a new tool that can block ads with sensitive and unwanted content

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Kris Crawford
Telephone: 703-869-4851