TurbineOne Announces Strategic Partnership with FEDDATA to Empower American Warfighters Serving at the Tactical Edge

SAN FRANCISCO--()--TurbineOne, the frontline perception company dedicated to empowering first responders and warfighters with the world’s best technology, today announced a new product partnership with FEDDATA to deliver AI to the comms-contested tactical edge. In today’s battlefield environment, cloud computing has not directly been available to America’s frontline warfighters. Information networks in dangerous environments are constantly constrained by denied, degraded and intermittent or limited (DDIL) bandwidth. Thankfully, major advances in edge computing now make it possible to deliver the power of the cloud and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the tactical edge.

FEDDATA is the premier distributor of an edge computing powerhouse known as the “Prometheus BoxTM” which is an integrated Graphical Processor Unit (GPU) that is powered by Dell. The Prometheus Box was designed by cyber operations experts as a robust platform for cyber missions. It is highly mobile, flexible, and modular. As an analogy to personal computers that arrive with hardware, an operating system, and some applications pre-installed, this partnership between FEDDATA and TurbineOne makes available the hardware, operating system, and AI software easily available to hyper-enable warfighters to detect, categorize and respond to threats.

“TurbineOne is excited to partner with FEDDATA, a Dell Titanium Partner, to empower the American warfighter with greater situational awareness,” said Ian Kalin, CEO of TurbineOne. “Recent advances in edge computing, orchestration software, and AI have delivered transformative advances to the autonomous vehicle industry and those capabilities must also be leveraged to help our national security.”

With this new partnership, the Prometheus Box can now be supercharged by TurbineOne’s Frontline Perception System (FPS)TM to deliver the AI to the tactical edge and enhance situational awareness. The Prometheus Box already performs sensor fusion onboard an incredibly powerful edge computing platform, bringing together diverse video, radio, audio, and other signals. With the FPS, the Prometheus Box can now monitor these sensor feeds and alert Operators so that people don’t have to physically and constantly monitor those same feeds. This shift in operational change - being alerted by the computer instead of staring at screens - strengthens operational posture and accelerates mission accomplishment.

Additionally, the FPS delivers two transformative new features to Prometheus Box customers: AutoML and ML Interoperability. AutoML is the industry-practice of making new Machine Learning (ML) models without requiring Users to code and without the cumbersome need for extensive training data. As for the ML Interoperability feature, Operators will be able to load 3rd party algorithms into Prometheus Box with much greater ease, which helps to break down data silos.

“We are excited to work with the innovators at TurbineOne,” said Wayne Schmidt, EVP of Cyber Operations at FEDDATA. “Their Frontline Perception System is the AI platform every frontline operator wishes they had when trying to find dangerous things.”


FedData Systems (FDS) is focused on discovery and intelligence support operations in the digital environment. Its offerings include IT services, cyber intelligence analytics and operations, cyber tools, and consulting solutions.

FedData Technology Solutions (FDTS) is an IT value added reseller (VAR) and a Dell Titanium Partner.

About TurbineOne

TurbineOne is the frontline perception company. Founded by veterans from elite organizations within Silicon Valley and the Department of Defense, TurbineOne delivers stronger situational awareness at the tactical edge through machine learning.


Stephanie Gnibus
GMK Communications for TurbineOne