Idomoo Doubles Referrals for “Raid: Shadow Legends” With Personalized Video Campaign

In honor of the game’s third anniversary, Plarium leveraged Idomoo’s video platform to create an immersive, dynamic experience for each player.


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For Raid: Shadow Legends’ third anniversary, Plarium used Idomoo's Next Generation Video Platform to personalize millions of videos with individual player data, doubling social shares and referrals.

NEW YORK--()--To celebrate the third anniversary of Raid: Shadow Legends, Plarium partnered with Idomoo to send millions of videos to players showcasing their individual top gaming moments from the past year. Powered by Idomoo’s Next Generation Video Platform, which combines video and data at scale, the campaign exceeded target KPIs, including 2x social shares and referrals.

“We've been collaborating with the Idomoo team for the last two anniversary events, but this year’s campaign exceeded our expectations in terms of player engagement, referrals and creating a massive buzz on social media,” said Sergey Bragilevsky, Director of Growth in Plarium. “We are always striving to provide unique experiences for our fan base and Idomoo helps us accomplish this.”

The videos drew heavily from the game’s storytelling roots, inviting viewers to remember their legacy, including their biggest raids, medals earned, win rate, how they compare with other players and more. All told, the personalized gaming video campaign included more than 150 data points. Videos were distributed in-app and available in five languages to reach a global, mobile audience.

Player response was overwhelmingly positive with many watching their video more than once. They posted their videos across social media, tagging #3yearsRaid and doubling Twitter shares within the Raid community. Along with their video and personalized landing page, players received a referral link they could share with friends, resulting in 100% more referrals.

The campaign also boosted player engagement with the game, increasing daily active users in the days following the launch.

“A game like Raid lends itself brilliantly to video, but each player’s journey is deeply unique, so the video needs to reflect that without compromising on quality,” said Dotan Ginsbourg, EMEA GM of Idomoo. “With our platform, that’s not just possible — it’s easy, even for millions of players around the globe. Combining data from individual gameplay with the visual world of Raid made this personalized highlight reel immersive, effective and irresistibly shareable.”

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Raid: Shadow Legends celebrates players personally with Personalized Video powered by Idomoo's Next Generation Video Platform.


Cheryl Rodewig, 434-298-4410