Cooltopia is Coming to NYC: Cool Cats Creates Fully Immersive, Physical Version of Digital Game for NFT.NYC

Free event is open for all to discover one of Web3’s most inclusive communities

NFT holders enjoy special perks, access, rewards, and the chance to be a part of Cool Cats history


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NFT leader Cool Cats is bringing the world of Cooltopia to life at NFT.NYC on June 20-23, 2022. The video is a rendering of what the event space will look like. The fully immersive experience is designed as a gamified journey that inspires, educates, and entertains guests as IRL players.

NEW YORK--()--Cool Cats, producers of the widely known Cool Cats and Cool Pets NFT collections, today announced plans for an extraordinary experience at NFT.NYC, the leading annual non-fungible token event held June 20-23, 2022. Cool Cats is working with global content, data, and media powerhouse Media.Monks to bring the world of Cooltopia to life. The companies have created a rich experience that rewards NFT holders who have fully embraced Cool Cats and Web3 while introducing Cool Cats to a whole new group of people, inviting them to join one of Web3’s most inclusive and accessible communities.

This fully immersive experience is designed as a gamified journey that inspires, educates, and entertains guests as IRL players before they play the digital game. The event is full of the Cool Cats, Cool Pets, and Cooltopia locales that community members love – including the air, water, fire, and grass zones – while also showcasing the wonder and fun of this magical place to entirely new audiences. All guests are welcome free of charge.

Additionally, Cool Cat holders will have the option of purchasing a spot for their Cat to appear as part of a dynamic poster projected onto buildings throughout New York City. Holders can buy these limited spots with $MILK, Cooltopia’s in-game currency. As part of this legendary event, Cool Cats will be prominently displayed at different locations over three days, adding to the fun.

“We’re beyond excited to create the first immersive and experiential real-life version of Cooltopia and share these beloved characters across the New York skyline. This has been in our hearts since the early days of Cool Cats,” said Cool Cats co-founder Evan Luza. “The experience is filled with surprises and rewards for our earliest adopters and supporters. We want them to enjoy becoming a part of Cool Cats’ history. At the same time, we will make sure the entire event accurately reflects the spirit of Cooltopia, and the Cool Cats community, as a space that’s open to all. This event is designed not only for the ‘Web3 elite’ but for anyone interested in having a great time and learning more about Cool Cats and NFTs.”

“The Cool Cats community is so passionate that we were inspired to create a unique experience that rewards their fandom,” added Andre da Costa of Media.Monks. “What better way to do it than by letting them step into the game – not through VR, but by physically enabling them to move through Cooltopia with all of their senses activated. The event will also demonstrate to people new to the ecosystem how amazing Web3 can be.”

A Journey Unlike Any Other

Set inside Center415’s 30-thousand-square-foot space, attendees enter Cooltopia after receiving an NFC bracelet that serves as the access key to accumulate points at different activities and activations within the event. The tokengated Merch Shop powered by Shopify will allow attendees access to the new Cool Cats products. On their quests, attendees will unlock “loot chests” containing prizes such as Cool Cats plushies by TOIKIDO and other brand-new merchandise debuting at NFT.NYC. Cool Cat holders will receive special prizes when they open the chests and codes for virtual rewards to be redeemed in the Cooltopia video game and the opportunity to have their Cat projected on a building during NFT.NYC. Quests will guide attendees through dedicated element areas that play a part in the Cooltopia ecosystem, with surprises around every turn.

All visitors will experience what it's like to be in the world of Cool Cats, from piloting a boat on a mission to save Cooltopia to avoiding the "lava" by climbing over a marshmallow mountain and wandering through a gorgeous Garden of Lights. Guests will find hidden Cool Pets and enjoy a special invitation into Upside Down Cat's home for photo opportunities.

If attendees need a space to chill out and take in the experience, they can stop by the Shopify-powered Milk Bar for refreshments. Guests also can pick up the very first Cool Cats plushies before they hit retail shelves – and no one walks away empty-handed, with gifts for all.

Heavy attendance is expected, so all guests are urged to secure their spot by visiting Cool Cats and Cool Pets holders can link their Cats and Pets to their registration via their wallet, ensuring they experience the special missions and unique prizes available to them.

Schedule of Events

  • June 21, 9am: Media preview. Attendance will be limited. Credentialed press can reach out to to secure their spot.
  • June 21, 11am: Welcome to New York. Cool Cats Community meetups happening over the three days on the Cool Cats bus located in front of Center415!
  • June 21, 11am: Doors open to the public. Expedited lanes for NFT holders and pre-registered attendees.
    • June 21 - 11am-8pm
    • June 22 - 11am-8pm
    • June 23 - 11am-5pm
  • June 21-23: The dynamic Cool Cats poster. Featured select holders’ Cats will be projected in the evening hours throughout the event. The poster will move to different locales from June 21 to the closing event of June 23, with Cool Cats holders receiving a heads up on locations prior to each debut.
  • June 23, 7pm: (Cool Cats Holders only): NFT holders will enjoy a special VIP event exclusive to community members.

About Cool Cats

Founded in 2021 by artists and blockchain enthusiasts, Cool Cats introduced a collection of programmatically, randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Since that time, Cool Cats has emerged as a leader and one of the most trusted creators in the overall NFT community. To further its leadership position, Cool Cats will be introducing powerful new NFT and gaming experiences, such as Cool Pets and others, throughout 2022 and beyond. Find out more at

About Media.Monks

Media.Monks is a digital-first marketing and advertising services company that connects content, data&digital media and technology services across one global team built from the bottom up. Inspired by the connectivity and flexibility of technology APIs, a single-P&L model offers clients seamless access to a 8,400-strong team of multidisciplinary digital talent organized across 57 talent hubs in 33 countries. Media.Monks partners with 8 out of the 10 most innovative companies in the world and many up-and-coming DTC and B2B brands, helping them own their data and build out customer ecosystems to elicit smart, efficient, high-impact engines for growth. In 2021, the Media.Monks brand integrated by merging MediaMonks and MightyHive, bringing together the best entrepreneurial and innovative companies worldwide, named to Adweek’s Fastest Growing lists (2019, 2020, 2021), AdExchanger’s Programmatic Power Players (2020, 2021) and numerous “best places to work” lists. In addition to holding a record number of FWA and other industry awards, Media.Monks has been regularly recognized at the Cannes Lions and Webby Awards, in 2021 as Webby Production Company of the Year. Media.Monks is owned by London-based S4Capital (SFOR.L), the publicly traded new age/new era advertising and marketing services company established by Executive Chairman Sir Martin Sorrell in 2018.


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Leigh Disher
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