Archangel Brokers Presents Its First Event for Insurance Producers at Barry University in the City of Miami

Archangel Brokers Nick Brunzell, Tristan LaBelle and Damian Hapke Presents Its First Event for Insurance Producers at Barry University in the City of Miami (Photographer: Guillermo Caminos)

MIAMI--()--With the motto “Manifest your dreams”, the partners of Archangel Brokers Tristan LaBelle, Damian Hapke and Nick Brunzell made their first convention in the City of Miami, aimed at life and health insurance producers.

The meeting took place at the prestigious Barry University house of studies in the City of Miami with face-to-face meeting, bilingual translators and broadcasted on social media networks, was attended by the most outstanding producers in South Florida, who came to be inspired and learn from the experts, strategies for attracting new customers.

With a scheduled agenda, it began at 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. with the opening of the president of Archangel Brokers and author of "The Insurance Man" Tristan LaBelle, who welcomed the sponsors who accompanied the event.

Manifest your dreams

The first panel was presented by Tristan LaBelle who introduced Life Coach Julie Tarazona who, through her words, encouraged the public to organize their priorities in their agendas and rebuild their own brand to take the big step to success in sales.

Tarazona presented the first panel of exhibitors made up of colleagues Damian Hapke, vice president of Archangel Brokers, Nick Brunzell, director of Archangel Brokers, and Tristan LaBelle, president of the company.

Tristan LaBelle said that after succeeding his career in health and life insurance, he decided to start, together with his partners, his own insurance brokerage in order to expand his knowledge with greater benefits for the producers with higher commissions.

Then Damian Hapke, vice president of Archangel Brokers, made his presentation, who at his young age, made a meteoric career becoming the number 1 seller in South Florida in August 2021. With his studies in Aviation, Hapke has been able to develop a capacity for sales and communication, worthy of those who have talent in their hands. However, his future was destined to open his own company and be the one who motivates the staff of agents in both English and Spanish, his second language that he speaks perfectly.

Hapke stressed that the insurance sector is infinite, due to the fact that every year thousands of people enter the system and with little information they have to choose the best plans, makes the ability to communicate in their first language essential to the time to get some good advice. “As agents, we have the knowledge of the best plans that adapt to each particular case, but we also have the options of combining insurance or talking with family members so they know and understand how the coverage works. Our best clients are those who are well informed and that information depends on us providing it in an appropriate way, we as brokers,” he emphasized.

Giving the floor to the Director of Archangel, Nick Brunzell began by thanking the producers for their participation and pointing out that after the pandemic, the insurance market had a considerable increase, very good for the sector since there is a new public that they make up, the need to feel safe and protect their families. “I have been in the life insurance market for more 10 years and I can say that since the pandemic new habits have been identified and, therefore, new market niches that present themselves as opportunities based on specific protection needs. The strategy of opening our own brokerage company was to encourage the other producers to diversify their insurance portfolio, offering greater diversity and higher profits for the agents,” concludes Brunzell.

The objective of the meeting is to organize a debate around the postulates that are presented and how, through them, "You manifest your dreams".

For this, the speaker Neil McMinn was invited, who came directly from Orlando to speak at the conference "Manifest your dreams" where McMinn develops in practice effective tools to increase sales.

“One of the most important points for attracting customers is the development of technology to work with a specific market, for this it is necessary to know how to design offers knowing the customer and their needs beforehand. When you already have your clients well informed, starting to attract agents is the second step. Staff training is essential, it is the best way to have duly trained agents so that they can see the different products that exist in the market and, taking into account customer comments, design policies in a personalized way. In addition, as a broker it is necessary to have a software system that optimizes the work of the agents, maintaining fluid internal and external communication,” added insurance sales expert Neil McMinn.

Believe to grow

In continuity, it was followed by the presentation of Gabriel Grisales, Michel Mosaku, among other panelists of great interest was the dissertation on Medicare, led by Jessica Leconte, Noelia Reyes, Nick Brunzell moderated by Damian Hapke.

In this sense, the impact among the participants was very positive since they connected during the eight hours that the event lasted, with active exchanges of information. As for the advertising that must be used by agents such as brokers, it is a sustained investment that is recovered with each client, Matt Rosenberg, Jessica Leconte and Serena Boggs explained how to transform adversity into future clients, as was the case with the pandemic, which doubled insurance demand and market growth.

The event was developed by Archangel Brokers with the sponsor of the companies: Aetna, Wellcare, Dispatch Health, Care Max and Life Coach Julie Tarazona and as media partner Hispanic Target Magazine.

Damian Hapke concluded by saying, “These types of actions add to the rapid adaptation that the company generated after the pandemic. The agile development and incursion in the market with our agents, allow us to expand nationwide. The next event we will be developing in Texas, invited by our partners, to generate positive action among producers who see how their business increases day by day thanks to the support and training generated by brokers, such as Archangel.”

Although the market is highly competitive, the opportunities to grow are endless and the changes that companies are integrating improve customer service, which this last year had an increase of 10%. Continuing to innovate in value-added products and services, investing in talent is the key to developing a successful career in the field of insurance.

About Archangel Brokers LLC

It is a life and Health insurance Broker founded by Tristan LaBelle, Damian Hapke and Nick Brunzell, three partners who set out to become a leading organization in the insurance market. Founded in 2021, the agents belonging to Archangel Brokers receive excellent training and support in the first stage of the client acquisition process, in addition to being able to offer a wide range of life, pension, and medical insurance in all 50 states and their goal is to reach the international market.

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Press and PPRR contact: Hispanic Target Magazine - Nancy Clara 786-818-7419