LOVE EARTH, SWITCH OFF: Beautiful Resurrection of Earth Displayed on 22m Digital Signage

Media Art Group CUZ starts an interactive public campaign on the 13th on Starfield Hanam Media Tower to heighten environmental awareness

HWASEONG, South Korea--()--Media Art Group CUZ Inc. announced that it started an interactive public campaign, 'LOVE EARTH, SWITCH OFF' on the 13th at Starfield Hanam Central Atrium in Korea in order to heighten social awareness of the environment.

Mother Nature is recreated as the audience communicates with large digital signage displaying public content combining culture with digital technology.

LOVE EARTH, SWITCH OFF is a campaign aimed at increasing environmental awareness and conserving energy. When the audience turns off the light switch on a 22-meter-tall Media Tower using their mobile devices, an image showing the beautiful resurrection of the earth is displayed. With this, a message is delivered that something as trivial as turning off light can save the earth.

Anyone from a location with a view to Media Tower can participate in the campaign. When ten people participate in the campaign at the same time, all lights of Media Tower are turned off and a fantastic image of the resurrection of Mother Nature fills Media Tower and the surrounding space.

The participants can take photos of themselves through an AR filter and send the photos and their names for display on Media Tower. By participating in the campaign, the audience both exerts good influence on earth and experiences being a part of a media artwork. The AR filter used in the campaign can also be experienced on CUZ’s official Instagram account (@cuzartgroup).

Media Art Group CUZ is a company specializing in XR content production. It creates a variety of digital content telling stories about social and environmental issues. This time, through LOVE EARTH, SWITCH OFF campaign, CUZ provides the public with realistic beauty and interesting experiences using anamorphic technology, interaction technology for public participation, and AR technology.


CUZ Inc.
Sil Jin