Spark Connected Revolutionary New Technology Helps You Turn Your Furniture Into a Wireless Phone Charger

MALMO, Sweden--()--Spark Connected, ( a global leader in developing advanced and innovative wireless power technology, announced The Kraken technology platform, the industry’s first Qi certified solution that helps you turn just about any desk, table or countertop that you already own into a wireless phone charger.

Unlike other standard charging pads that require you to make direct contact with the pad to charge, the Spark Connected Kraken is designed to easily attach under any non-metallic table, desk or countertop and charge your phone through the surface. In addition, installing the charging pad is incredibly easy. This technology can simply be attached to the underside of any existing furniture in restaurants, coffee shops, public mass transit lounges (airlines, trains and bus stations), office spaces and conference tables, bedside tables in hotel rooms and hotel business lounges.

According to Ken Moore, CEO at Spark Connected, “While there are a number of furniture products and devices with built-in wireless charging on the market, there are few options for people who want to add wireless charging to an existing piece of furniture. Spark Connected has solved this problem with the innovative and easy-to-use Kraken platform, which allows you to put a wireless charging spot almost anywhere.”

Highlights of the Kraken platform:

  • The charger will work with any non-metallic desk, table or countertop
  • Mounts below the surface (no drilling or milling required)
  • Qi certified to charge through a surface between 8 and 22 millimeters thick
  • High power transfer efficiency allows product to be built without fans

About Spark Connected

Spark Connected | powering the world, wirelessly™

Spark Connected is a global leader in wireless power technology. The company has the broadest portfolio of innovative ready-to-use wireless power solutions ranging from 1 Watt to 2.4 kilowatts.

The company’s patented hardware blueprints, combined with the highly scalable Pantheon™ software platform, allows end-to-end intelligent and adaptive power system control. Spark offers both inductive and resonant technologies. The result is best in class performance, efficiency, safety, thermal management and EMI.

This proven technology has been successfully integrated into a myriad of customer products in a wide variety of applications, including automotive, industrial, consumer, medical, IoT, security and infrastructure.

Spark Connected is a full member of and has multiple leadership positions with the global Wireless Power Consortium.

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Please forward Spark Connected inquiries to:
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Release Summary

Spark Connected new and unique wireless charging technology helps you convert just about any desk, table or countertop into a phone charger.


Please forward Spark Connected inquiries to:
Lexi Moore