Oclean X Pro Elite Ushers in Era of Deep Smart Electric Toothbrush in 2021

SHENZHEN, China--()--Oclean recently released Oclean X Pro Elite, the world's very first touch screen electric toothbrush.

In addition to efficient cleaning, a smart electric toothbrush also monitors your brushing and gives feedback accordingly to help improve your oral health. Unfortunately, most of the models being offered in the market aren't smart enough to work independently from an app, meaning that you have to keep your phone turned on and displayed in front of you to enjoy the smart features. However, Oclean X Pro Elite with a touch screen is a deep smart electric toothbrush that can be connected to an app, so it can work independently and interactively.

Touch screen: Most electric toothbrush models don't have a screen, let alone a touch screen. On the touch screen of Oclean X Pro Elite, you can set up your preferred brushing mode, time and intensity level, and even see the brushing results without opening the app at all.

Blind Zone Detection: Many models are capable of this with the help of an app. Can it collect and process brushing data without an app? That's a lot to ask, but the super smart Oclean X Pro Elite is up for the challenge: it can directly show the brushing results on the built-in LCD touch screen, while the app is in charge of long-term tracking.

Brushing modes: Most electric toothbrush models have limited and generalized choices, but Oclean offers 20+ brushing plans in the app to accommodate various oral conditions. On top of that, you can even customize personal plans according to your oral disease situations.

The smart features mentioned above require a powerful OS that integrates them all, optimizes interactive features, brings more convenience, and constantly upgrades the toothbrush. Oclean's flagship X Pro Elite is armed with the most advanced OS, which not only makes it smarter, but also upgrades the cleaning system. We also see Oclean’s innovative noise-reduction tech and wireless quick charge on it.

For more details please find here: https://bit.ly/3pJjOcv

Release Summary

Oclean recently released Oclean X Pro Elite, the world's very first touch screen electric toothbrush.