Sheba Medical Center Inks Strategic Agreement with Iguazio to Deliver Real-Time AI for COVID-19 Patient Treatment Optimization

  • Iguazio was selected to facilitate Sheba’s transformation with AI through clinical and logistical use cases such as predicting and mitigating COVID-19 patient deterioration and optimizing patient journey with smart mobility
  • Joint projects include collaboration on hybrid and multi-cloud AI deployments using Microsoft Azure and Google GCP
  • On Dec. 30, Sheba will be holding a Big Data and AI conference, where the projects will be presented. Other hospitals and medical centers worldwide are invited to get in touch with ARC (Accelerate Redesign Collaborate) at Sheba for more information and to discuss how to implement real-time AI in their health facilities 

Asaf Somekh and Eyal Zimlichman (Photo: Iguazio)

HERZLIYA, Israel--()--Iguazio, developers of the Data Science Platform built for production and real-time machine learning (ML) applications, announced that it is working with the Sheba Medical Center’s ARC innovation complex to deliver real-time AI across a variety of clinical and logistical use cases in order to improve COVID-19 patient treatment.

Sheba is the largest medical facility in Israel and the Middle East and has been ranked amongst the Top 10 Hospitals in the World by Newsweek magazine. Iguazio was selected to facilitate Sheba’s transformation with real-time AI and MLOps (machine learning operations) in a variety of projects. One of these projects is optimization of patient care through clinical, real-time predictive insights. Using the Iguazio Data Science Platform, Sheba is incorporating real-time vital signs from patients by utilizing the patient’s medical history to predict and mitigate complications such as COVID-19 patient deterioration or to aid decision making during surgery.

Another project optimizes the patient’s journey with smart mobility, from the moment of the patient’s arrival to Sheba as well as their departure after treatment. The patient’s entire journey is orchestrated with AI, including: parking allocation, shuttle arrival times, patient routing and waiting, with times optimized using real-time data to ensure optimal patient care and satisfaction. This also enables the management of patient flow to comply with COVID-19 social distancing regulations.

At the core of these projects is Iguazio’s cloud-native, serverless Data Science Platform with its integrated feature store. This technology brings data science to life by automating real-time machine learning pipelines and allowing rapid development, deployment and management of complex AI applications. The projects include collaboration on hybrid and multi-cloud deployments with Microsoft Azure and Google GCP.

“Bringing real-time AI to every aspect of Sheba’s emerging City of Health is the next step in our digital transformation”, said Eyal Zimlichman MD, MSc, Sheba’s Chief Medical Officer and Chief Innovation Officer, as well as the founder of the ARC (Accelerate Redesign Collaborate) innovation complex. “After months of perfecting our AI research across many use cases, it’s time to bring them to life in our daily operations”.

“Using Iguazio, we are revolutionizing the way we use data, by unifying real-time and historic data from different sources and rapidly deploying and monitoring complex AI models to improve patient outcomes and the City of Health’s efficiency”, added Nathalie Bloch, MD, Head of Big Data & AI at ARC.

“We are honored to be supporting Sheba, a global leader in healthcare innovation, especially in the midst of the current pandemic, when the community is relying on health facilities the most”, commented Asaf Somekh, Co-Founder and CEO of Iguazio. “Incorporating AI into these many real-time use cases is setting a new standard for medical centers worldwide”.

On Dec 30th, Sheba is hosting a Big Data and AI conference, where Asaf Somekh will present these projects and discuss how Sheba is bringing data science to life.

Medical centers worldwide are invited to get in touch with the ARC Innovation Center for more information and to discuss how to implement real-time AI in their health facilities.

Earlier today, Iguazio announced the launch of the first integrated feature store within their Data Science Platform to accelerate deployment of AI in any cloud environment

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