PeaTos® “Hey Chester” Campaign Signals the Dawn of an Epic Food Fight

By pairing headlines like “Get Ready for a Knockout" and "Hey Chester, We Did it Better!," with images of crunchy curls in the shape of boxing gloves and a middle finger, the “Hey Chester” campaign — punctuated with the brand’s new tagline “Junk Food Without the Junk” — pulls no punches over what is shaping up to be an epic food fight.

“Hey Chester” Campaign Signals the Dawn of an Epic Food Fight at Club Costco and nationwide. (Photo: Business Wire)

LOS ANGELES--()--With the entire nation clamoring to get a grip on a global pandemic, everyone from Beverly Hills to the Bronx is shifting their attention toward a healthier and more sustainable way of life. Yet, comfort food is still as important as ever, which is why a rash of celebrities are joining ranks with snack mavens around the nation to celebrate the rise of a new era in “junk food.” Enter the ascension of young snack food upstart PeaTos® which has delivered a revolutionary new solution.

And what message does this young challenger brand want to send to a massive monopolizing incumbent market leader? One they will hear loud and clear…

“We’re welcoming the dawn of a new era of no compromise in which you don’t have to choose between your favorite comfort foods or your healthier lifestyle,” says Nick Desai, Founder and CEO of the revolutionary snack brand PeaTos®.

PeaTos®, the ground-breaking snack brand out of Los Angeles, has created a proposition that marries the finger-licking great taste and crunch of junk food staples of the past (Cheetos & Funyuns), but replaces the old school base of corn and artificial ingredients with powerful peas and other clean ingredients to deliver a deliciously familiar snack experience enhanced with the benefits of nothing artificial along with 2x’s the protein and 3x’s the fiber per serving. PeaTos® has brought the “feel good factor” back to comfort food – creating a one of a kind “junk food” only without the junk!

In launching its “Hey Chester…” campaign, PeaTos® has come out swinging at the competition with an intentionally provocative series of billboards and blunt digital ads to address the sentiment that they have outdone the current incumbent heavyweight and market monopolizing leader Frito Lay with brands like Cheetos®, Funyuns®, etc., with an alternative the market has been craving. The trick was always in the pulse based heat and extrusion process.

Desai and company are effectively delivering the same “junk food” taste favored by indulgent snack lovers, but with the benefit of more nutrition (4g of protein and 3g of fiber). The clincher as always, is the brand’s ability to manifest a superior quality product along with a great tasting experience that is head and shoulders above America’s favorite comfort food brands.

Celebrities and professional athletes are taking notice, most notably NBA AllStar Tracy McGrady who has signed on to do a series of social media initiatives to back the brand after admitting to having to hide the Zesty Ranch flavored Crunchy Curls from his son. PeaTos® comes in five bold flavors and in two variations, Crunchy Curls and Crunchy Rings. With so many benefits, a deal with Costco was imminent and elementary.

Salty snacks represent a 28 billion dollar market and while 94% of Americans snack daily multiple times a day, we are observing an accelerated trend in which 81% of consumers are desiring more better-for-you snacks (BFY). PeaTos® delivers on both fronts - in the illustrious words of the company’s motto, this is “junk food” without the Junk!

About PeaTos®:

Rapidly growing revolutionary snack brand PeaTos® is advancing its mission to create a new class of snacks that offer all the taste and crunch of America’s top selling “junk food” like Cheetos® and Funyuns® but by replacing the old-school base of corn with peas and removing the artificial stuff. Now you get all that junk food taste you crave with more benefits. PeaTos® is available in over 4,700 retailers including Kroger and its banner stores like Dillons, Ralphs, Food 4 Less and Smith's. PeaTos® are also available at Vons, Pavilions, Albertsons, Safeway, Fairway Market, Sprouts, Costco and online on, and Amazon. Learn more at, and find us on, Twitter and Instagram.


Snack It Forward
Kojenwa Moitt

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PeaTos® “Hey Chester” Campaign Signals the Dawn of an Epic Food Fight at Club Costco.



Snack It Forward
Kojenwa Moitt