Fitbit Launches Four New Wearables, Making Health and Fitness Accessible and Affordable to More Consumers Worldwide

Fitbit expands the Versa family with Versa Lite Edition, its most affordable everyday smartwatch

Inspire HR and Inspire offer essential, easy-to-use features in a sleek, stylish design at a low price for consumers and health plan customers

Now swimproof with new colorful accessories, Ace 2 helps kids age 6+ get more active and have fun while building healthy habits


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SAN FRANCISCO--()--Fitbit (NYSE: FIT), the leading global wearables brand, today announced four new products – Fitbit Versa Lite Edition™, Fitbit Inspire HR™, Fitbit Inspire™ and Fitbit Ace 2™ – designed to help make health and fitness accessible to more consumers across the globe. Consumers can choose the best device for their own journeys with leading health and fitness features at an affordable price. Beyond devices, the Fitbit platform offers users engaging software features, access to their holistic data, and connection to one of the largest global health and fitness social networks which helps to drive positive behavior change. Fitbit will also soon launch a major redesign to the Fitbit app so users can further personalize their dashboard, better understand their data, discover new content and more easily connect with others on Fitbit’s social community.

“Since founding Fitbit almost 12 years ago, we’ve focused on making health fun and achievable for everyone – regardless of fitness level or goals. Today we have a growing, supportive community of more than 27 million active users1 around the world who are getting more active, sleeping better, reducing stress, managing weight and getting healthier from being ‘on Fitbit,’ which is a testament to the power of our platform and our consistent innovation across our devices, software features and mobile app experience,” said James Park, co-founder and CEO of Fitbit.

The wearables category continues to evolve and grow, with global shipments of wearable devices forecasted to reach 189 million units by 2022, up from 125 million units in 2018, according to IDC research.2 While growth is being driven by smartwatches, trackers are expected to remain an important part of the category overall.3 Fitbit believes this rapid growth provides a large opportunity to bring new consumers to the category by offering both smartwatch and tracker form factors that feel more accessible and are affordably priced.

“With our newest products, we’re delivering high-quality, easy-to-use wearables that are more affordable, so getting healthy can be accessible to people of all ages and activity levels – even those who have never tried a wearable,” continues Park. “Bringing more users to the wearables category and growing our community of active users is a critical part of our strategy. We will continue to build on the Fitbit platform to provide a more personalized and valuable experience for our users through a paid premium service expected to launch later this year.”

Affordable, accessible products fit for everybody

Building on the success of the Fitbit Versa™ family of devices, Fitbit Versa Lite Edition™ is an everyday smartwatch with most of the core fitness and smart features Versa is known for, including automatic activity, PurePulse® 24/7 heart rate and Sleep Stages tracking, 15+ goal-based exercise modes, connected GPS, smartphone notifications,4 apps, 4+ day battery life5 and relative SpO2 sensor, which has the potential to estimate changes in blood oxygen levels and help track new health indicators about health, such as sleep apnea. It features a simple one-button, lightweight, swimproof6 design in new bold color choices for the young at heart. At $159.95 (USD), Versa Lite Edition is Fitbit’s most affordable smartwatch yet, for users who want an attractive, versatile, and easy-to-use device with core features, actionable insights and personal guidance to motivate them to improve their health.

Fitbit Inspire HR™ is the brand’s most affordable and stylish 24/7 heart rate tracking device at $99.95 (USD). It packs all-day automatic activity, exercise and Sleep Stages tracking, with 15+ goal-based exercise modes, connected GPS, and Relax guided breathing in a stylish, slim design. For consumers who are new to wearables and want an even lower-cost, easy-to-use tracker, Fitbit Inspire™ is available at $69.95 (USD). It has the essential health and fitness features to help consumers stay motivated, including automatic activity, exercise and sleep tracking, goal celebrations, Reminders to Move and timer and stopwatch apps to help users stay on track. Both products have a new modern, comfortable and swimproof7 design with a touchscreen display, smartphone notifications,8 and up to 5 days of battery life9 for day to night wear.

Fitbit first introduced Inspire HR and Inspire to enterprise customers in the U.S. during the 2019 health plan open enrollment period through health plans like Humana and employers like Adobe and Domino’s. Partners including Limeade, Solera Health and Vitality Group have also incorporated Inspire HR and Inspire into their offerings. Besides having broad consumer appeal, Inspire HR and Inspire were designed to meet the specific needs of the healthcare industry that chooses Fitbit because of trust in the brand, leading health and fitness features, design, price and its motivating large global health and fitness social network. Data and insights from Fitbit devices and software like activity, sleep and heart rate make it easier for people to track progress against their health goals and can provide significant value to health plans and employers focused on improving health among their employee and member populations.

Fitbit Ace 2™ helps kids ages 6+ learn healthy habits at an early age and encourages them to spend more active time with family and friends. Ace 2 has a new swimproof design10 with a bumper to protect the screen during kid-related activities all day long, and is available in fun and bold kid-friendly colors and accessories that include patterned designs. Ace 2 debuts new animated clock faces,11 motivating challenges to keep kids moving, and colorful avatars and cover photos to personalize their profiles within the Fitbit app. Additionally, parents must create a Fitbit family account in order to set up Ace 2 with their child’s account which helps them stay on top of their kids’ activities.

Innovative app update to motivate and inspire

The Fitbit app will soon receive a major redesign, giving users more ways to personalize their health journey on Fitbit. The new design will make it easier to view and understand their health and fitness stats, log data, discover new content, see their progress in Challenges, and better connect with Fitbit’s large global health and fitness social community. The update also adds Fitbit Focus, a new section found at the top of the dashboard that delivers relevant insights, messages and tips to keep users engaged, informed and motivated.

“Being ‘on Fitbit’ is about more than just wearing a device. The power is in the platform we’ve built that connects our devices, software, services and engaged community to support people at every step of their journey and help drive positive behavior change,” said Jonah Becker, VP of design at Fitbit. “We are always looking for ways to enhance that experience, so we redesigned the Fitbit app to give people more ways to tailor it, with easier access to tools and a global community that can help motivate them to reach their goals. This flexible mobile platform will allow us to offer more personalized services in the future, including coaching, guidance and insights based on personal data, making our app more valuable to consumers.”

Fitbit is also launching a Rewards beta program to test new ways to motivate and engage users to reach their health and fitness goals. Designed to encourage users to achieve and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle and incentivize them with meaningful rewards, the beta will allow users to earn points for everyday activities like steps, sleep and active minutes that upon reaching their goals, can be redeemed for discounts on Fitbit products and rewards from partners, including adidas, Blue Apron and Deezer. Fitbit will continue to test and iterate on Rewards and other software experiences in advance of launching a paid premium service offering later in the year.

Additionally, the Fitbit Community Feed is expanding this month to more than 80 new markets in nine languages to users across Asia, Europe and Latin America. A friendly and welcoming social network that provides support, accountability and motivation from friends and other like-minded individuals, this global expansion of the Fitbit Community will enable more users to fully unlock the value of the Fitbit platform.

Pricing, accessories and availability

A wide range of sport and lifestyle accessories are available to add personal style to all four products for any activity or occasion.

Versa Lite Edition is available for $159.95 (USD) in white, lilac, mulberry and marina blue.12
Versa Lite Edition accessories feature materials including stain-resistant, swim-ready and comfortable classic silicone bands in six new vibrant, fashion-forward colors: marina blue, mulberry, scarlet, sunshine and lilac. Sport-inspired hybrid woven bands (coming soon) feature eye-catching bold stripes: navy and pink, navy and mulberry, navy and orange, and black and gray.13 All new Versa Lite Edition accessories are compatible with the Versa family of smartwatches, and existing Versa accessories are compatible with Versa Lite Edition, ranging from $29.95-$99.95 (USD) (sold separately).

Inspire HR is available for $99.95 (USD) in black, lilac and two-tone black and white; Inspire is available for $69.95 USD in black and sangria.14 Inspire HR and Inspire accessories are available in classic stain-resistant silicone in black, lilac and white, classic elastomer sangria, and in printed lilac bloom and soft pink deco. Fashion-forward accessories also include premium Horween® leather including new double-wrapped saffiano bracelets,15 stainless steel metal mesh bracelets16 and a clip option available only for Inspire; ranging from $19.95-$69.95 (USD) (sold separately).

Ace 2 will be available in stores and online beginning summer 2019 for $69.95 (USD) in watermelon with teal clasp or night sky with neon yellow clasp. Ace 2 accessories come in classic silicone bands in bold energetic and kid-friendly colors: grape, night sky and neon yellow, and watermelon and teal, as well as playful printed bands featuring motivational messages and active graphics designed for kids (black and white “go!” and two-toned teal “jazz”); prices range from $24.95-$29.95 (USD) (sold separately).17

Fitbit Versa Lite Edition, Inspire HR and Inspire devices will be available in stores and online in the Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe, Middle East and Africa starting in March 2019 (see Table 1 for international product pricing). These products will be available in stores and online at North American retailers including Amazon, Best Buy, Kohl’s, Target and Walmart.

Table 1: International Pricing


Fitbit Versa Lite


Fitbit Inspire HR


Fitbit Inspire


Fitbit Ace 2

Australia (AUD)







Canada (CAD)

      $199.95     $129.95     $99.95     $99.95

Europe (Euro)

      €159.99     €99.95     €69.95     €69.95

India (INR)



    ₹8999     ₹6999     ₹6999

New Zealand (NZD)









Singapore (SGD)

      S$248     S$158     S$118     S$118


      £149.99     £89.99     £69.99     £69.99

About Fitbit

Fitbit helps people lead healthier, more active lives by empowering them with data, inspiration and guidance to reach their goals. As the leading global wearables brand, Fitbit designs products and experiences that track and provide motivation for everyday health and fitness. Fitbit’s diverse line of innovative and popular products include Fitbit Charge 3™, Fitbit Inspire HR™, Fitbit Inspire™, Fitbit Ace 2™ activity trackers, as well as the Fitbit Ionic™ Fitbit Versa™ smartwatches, Fitbit Flyer™ wireless headphones and Fitbit Aria 2™ Wi-Fi Smart Scale. Fitbit products are carried in over 39,000 retail stores and in 87 countries around the globe. Powered by one of the world’s largest health and fitness social networks and databases of health and fitness data, the Fitbit platform delivers personalized experiences, insights and guidance through leading software and interactive tools, including the Fitbit and Fitbit Coach apps, and the Fitbit OS for smartwatches. Fitbit Health Solutions develops health and wellness solutions designed to help increase engagement, improve health outcomes, and drive a positive return for employers, health plans and health systems.

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Forward-Looking Statements

This press release contains forward-looking statements, within the meaning of the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, that involve risks and uncertainties including, among other things, statements regarding the future retail availability of Versa Lite Edition, Inspire, Inspire HR, Ace 2; the future availability of the redesigned Fitbit app, Fitbit Focus, our paid premium service and the Fitbit Rewards beta program; the growing number of Fitbit users and our future opportunity to bring new users to the wearable device category; growth in non-device consumer revenue; the availability of other product features described in this release; and future potential of the product features described in this release, including, not limited to the relative SpO2 sensor, to provide health insights. These forward-looking statements are only predictions and may differ materially from actual results due to a variety of factors, including the effects of the highly competitive market in which we operate, including competition from much larger technology companies; any inability to successfully develop and introduce new products, features, and services or enhance existing products and services; product liability issues, security breaches or other defects; and other factors discussed under the heading "Risk Factors" in our most recent report on Form 10-K filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. All forward-looking statements contained herein are based on information available to us as of the date hereof and we do not assume any obligation to update these statements as a result of new information or future events.

1 As of December 31, 2018


3 IDC Forecast published November 2018; Product Types Wrist, Watch & Modular

4 When phone is nearby

5 Battery life varies with use and other factors

6 Water resistant to 50M

7 Water resistant to 50M

8 When phone is nearby

9 Battery life varies with use and other factors

10 Water resistant to 50M

11 Animated clock faces require more frequent charging

12 Mulberry, Marina Blue, Lilac, Sunshine and Scarlet classic silicone bands sold exclusively at

13 Sold exclusively at

14 Black and sangria bands made of elastomer

15 Leather accessories are made of Horween leather and other leather materials. Some colors sold exclusively at

16 Silver stainless steel mesh bracelets sold exclusively at

17 Water resistant up to 50 meters


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