Aedan Financial Corp with a 690 Million Dollar Valuation Priced Its Initial Public Offering (IPO) Shares at $8

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Headquartered in San Francisco California, Aedan plans to trade on the NASDAQ pink sheets priced at $8 with a self valuation of 690 million USD.

The former Cryptocurrency Exchange & Reserve recently changed direction during the appointment of new executive management this year.

The Financial Technologies Company plans to raise $146,020,000 with its offered 18,252,500 shares under ticker symbol (ADAN).

The Company hopes to see its projected earnings based on the business plan execution for 2019 estimated at $71,280,000 USD deriving from its Aedan Artificial Intelligence powered Mobile Security Application in-app purchases and annual subscriptions currently available on the Amazon app store, the Google Playstore, and coming soon to Apple iOS devices.

The heading restructuring of executive staff include Eric Fitzgerald as CEO and newly appointed Chief Software Architect, receiving an annual salary of $1,740,000 and 100,000 shares per annum additional compensation.

Mr. Fitzgerald will sell 200,000 shares of his current holdings of 34 million shares in Aedan Financial Corp public stock. Mr. Fitzgerald maintains control with 60% voting as majority shareholder and investor.

Mr. Sammy Yu is currently the Chief Financial Officer of Aedan Financial and Director of the Company's App distribution in China.

Mr. Yu, per contract, will be receiving an annual compensation of $1,120,000 along with 100,000 shares annually for the duration of his tenure with Aedan Financial Corporation.

Mr. Yu plans to sell 100,000 shares and currently holds 4,010,000 shares of Aedan Financial and 10% voting.

Gary Griffes is Chief Information Officer and Director of U.S. Operations.

Mr. Griffes is the acting Director of U.S. Operations per a newly ratified contract.

By this amended contract Mr. Griffes will receive $400,000 USD, in addition to 100,000 shares per annum.

Mr. Griffes currently holds 110,000 shares of Aedan Financial Corp and 10% voting, and plans to sell 50,000 shares of his holdings.

A registration statement related to these securities has been filed with, and declared effective by, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Officers & Directors:

Eric Fitzgerald: Chief Executive Officer & Chairman of the Board

Sammy Yu: Chief Financial Officer

Gary Griffes: Chief Information Officer, Director of U.S. Operations

Brian Hettrick: Chief Compliance Officer

Victor Citron: Secretary of the Corporation

Neil Cresswell: Chief Cloud Architect

Nicholas Alaniz: Chief Technology Officer

Dawnte Bailey: Chief of Security

Legal & Financial Team:
BFBorgers: CPA, CVA
Natan & Associates: Accountant
Jarvis Lagman Securities: Legal Counsel


U.S. Media Contact:
Tammy Petri

Release Summary

Aedan Financial Corp with a 690 Million Dollar Valuation Priced Its Initial Public Offering (IPO) Shares at $8



U.S. Media Contact:
Tammy Petri