Upstream launches GAMEDOM browser based subscription gaming portal

HTML5 based gaming portal brings big name games to new markets for the first time

Upstream launches GAMEDOM browser based subscription gaming portal. More info: (Photo: Business Wire)

LONDON--()--Upstream, a leading mobile commerce accelerator in high growth markets, has launched its GAMEDOM HTML5-based gaming platform, which offers consumers all-you-can-eat subscription-based access to over 100 top gaming titles in over 10 categories. Internationally renowned premium titles such as the Cut the Rope and Tap the Frog series are available, with no installation needed and zero advertising included, ensuring no delays or distractions for players.

GAMEDOM, developed in partnership with GamePix, the go-to HTML5 games distribution platform, gives mobile operators the chance to provide their customers a smartphone offering that is operating-system agnostic, enabling customers with all types of smartphones to access the full library of high quality games. GAMEDOM also offers customers a number of advantages over games purchased in a traditional app store:

  • No in-game purchases or any additional spending required; users can access the complete experience for one low cost weekly payment.
  • No downloads, so invaluable device memory doesn’t need to be taken up by games.
  • No adverts; unlike the freemium versions of many games, GAMEDOM strips away the ads leaving customers to enjoy gaming without distractions.
  • Over 80 game titles for kids, including premium titles for under 10s. The portal offers a unique family timer feature to control the amount of play kids have, whilst all the titles for kids are also available via the stand-alone portal, GAMEDOM Kids.

Upstream is working with a number of operators to bring GAMEDOM to new and exciting markets, and a Lite version of the gaming portal broadens the opportunity to roll the platform out in markets where devices, internet connections and technology infrastructure are often less advanced. Adding to this, GAMEDOM subscriptions can be paid through direct operator billing, thereby not requiring a bank payment card and further expanding the potential user base. The new browser-based subscription gaming portal has already launched in Brazil and Nicaragua, with Qatar and Nigeria expected to follow over the summer.

George Kalyvas, Head of Propositions, Upstream, said: “We are phenomenally excited to be able to offer subscription based mobile gaming. As has been shown by leading brands like Netflix, Apple Music, Spotify and Xbox Live Arcade, all-you-can-eat subscription services are popular amongst customers for offering access to a huge amount of content at an affordable price. GAMEDOM brings this model to the world of mobile gaming for the first time in many countries and provides a logical next step from traditional app store distribution models.”

Edouard Wawra, CEO, GamePix commented: “The mobile gaming industry continues to grow at an impressive rate, driven by consumer demand and smartphone penetration. GAMEDOM is the result of a successful partnership between Upstream and GamePix. For the first time, we will bring top branded HTML5 games in emerging markets, allowing users to play from any kind of mobile device: Android, iOS and others. This is an important step forward for the industry and will allow gaming companies to publish their games in strategic territories by leveraging the GamePix platform.”


About Upstream

Upstream is accelerating mobile commerce in high growth markets. Our software and infrastructure platform already enables 1.2 billion people to effortlessly receive and pay for the most relevant and affordable digital subscription services on their mobile devices. We have 65 million paying subscribers in 43 countries, making purchases worth $255 million in 2015 alone and growing rapidly.

For mobile operators, we are a strong partner that leverages their unique assets to become key players in the mobile commerce space. For developers, publishers and service providers, we offer fast track access to 43 high growth markets.

About GamePix

GamePix helps gaming companies distribute their games outside App Stores.

The GamePix platform is widely connected, from Websites to Hardware Manufacturer and Mobile Network Operators around the globe, making it easy for game developers to publish content in alternative and emerging markets.

Top Game brands like Zeptolab, Playmous, HandyGames and many more chose the GamePix Platform to publish their games, reaching millions of users in 200 countries every month.

GamePix is scaling globally and fast by choosing the right timing to expand its business in a growing international market, closing important partnerships with some of the largest companies in the world, such as Microsoft, Google, Nokia, Kaspersky Lab and others.

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For more information please contact:
Lucy Westman/ George Chamberlain
Diffusion PR
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Release Summary

Upstream launches its GAMEDOM HTML5-based gaming platform, which offers consumers all-you-can-eat subscription-based access to over 100 top gaming titles in over 10 categories


For more information please contact:
Lucy Westman/ George Chamberlain
Diffusion PR
+44 207 291 0230