Quectel Leads the Way in Connected Auto and Electric Vehicle Innovation at CAEV India

Quectel leads the way in connected auto and electric vehicle innovation at CAEV India (Photo: Business Wire)

BENGALURU, India--()--Quectel Wireless Solutions, a global IoT solutions provider, will be participating as an exhibitor and keynote speaker at the upcoming Connected Auto & Electric Vehicles (CAEV) India event, set to take place in Bengaluru. This prestigious event gathers industry leaders, innovators, and policymakers to discuss and showcase the latest trends, technologies, and solutions in the connected auto and electric vehicle sectors. Manfred Lindacher, VP Global Sales Automotive at Quectel Wireless Solutions, is scheduled to deliver one of the opening keynote addresses on the first day of the event.

During the show, Quectel is set to unveil the AW200Z multi-mode smart LTE module equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi functionalities, designed with functionality to help meet the requirements of the two-wheeler industry. This innovative module is powered by Qualcomm's advanced 64-bit quad-core Cortex-A53 processors, coupled with an integrated Adreno™ 702 GPU.

Designed to meet the diverse requirements of both industrial and consumer sectors, it offers robust performance and versatile multimedia capabilities. With its extensive support and reliability, it stands out as the preferred choice for applications demanding high data rates and long-term usage. The AW200Z harnesses the Qualcomm® QWM2290 SoC and boasts an array of features including Bike-to-Cloud connectivity, seamless integration with Vehicle Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL), and proactive service provision, enabling customers to streamline their two-wheeler application development processes effortlessly.

The module boasts enhanced mobile rendering APIs for image and video applications, leveraging the capabilities of the Adreno™ 702 GPU. It also provides worldwide LTE, UMTS/HSPA+, and GSM/GPRS/EDGE coverage, along with dual ISPs and support for up to 25 MP camera @ 30 fps, enabling seamless recording and playback of 1080P videos @ 30 fps. Additionally, its multi-constellation GNSS receiver ensures fast and accurate fixes in various environments, making it ideal for applications requiring precise location services.

"Participating in CAEV India is a fantastic opportunity for Quectel to demonstrate our commitment to the Indian market and our leading position in the global IoT and automotive sectors," said Norbert Muhrer, President and CSO, Quectel Wireless Solutions. "We’re also delighted to introduce the AW200Z smart module, ideal for customers in the two-wheeler industry."

During the event, Quectel will showcase its full range of cellular, C-V2X, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, ultra-wideband and smart automotive products and solutions, engineered to meet the rigorous demands of the industry, offering high performance, low latency, and robust security features essential for connected vehicles and autonomous driving technologies.

Demonstrations from both Quectel and Ikotek will include:

  • Smart Instrumental Cluster by Longxin Electronic Technology: This advanced cluster features Bluetooth-enabled keyless unlocking, one-button start functionality, and supports a range of unlocking methods including Bluetooth, NFC, App, and mobile phone NFC. Additionally, it integrates seamlessly with a rear-mounted 4G communication box for enhanced connectivity. With built-in alarm and flasher capabilities, it offers comprehensive security features. Furthermore, it supports one-wire/485 connectivity for versatile integration.
  • BMS 4G Cloud Box: This cutting-edge device features LTE Cat 1 connectivity for high-speed data transfer. It supports Base Station Positioning for accurate location tracking. Compatible with one-wire/485 connections, it offers versatile integration capabilities. It also boasts IP65 rating for durability and resilience against environmental factors.
  • 4G Battery-Powered Tracker: Equipped with LTE Cat 1 connectivity, this tracker ensures fast and reliable data transmission. It features GPS/BeiDou/Base Station Positioning for precise location tracking. Optional serial/485 connectivity offers flexibility in integration and additionally, it supports patch cards and has an IP67 rating, making it durable and suitable for various environmental conditions.
  • T-BOX B: This advanced device operates on LTE Cat 1 network, providing robust connectivity. It utilizes GPS/BeiDou/Base Station Positioning for accurate location tracking. With support for CAN/485/Wireless connections, it offers versatile integration options. This device can also accommodate patch cards and features a built-in battery for uninterrupted operation. Furthermore, it includes an integrated alarm system for enhanced security.

Quectel invites attendees to visit our booth in Hall B, stand HB 159 & HB 161 at KTPO to experience our solutions first hand and to discuss how we can collaborate to accelerate the transition to a more connected and sustainable automotive future.

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