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Public Policy Wire reaches government, policy and issues writers and editors at newspapers, radio and TV stations and other media in your chosen geographic area. Included is value-added reach to your choice of trade and industry media, and full-text posting to Internet portals, media and other public sites, online services and databases. Enhance your reach to government decision makers and reporters by ordering custom Issues-Focused Policy and/or Congressional member or committee lists.

Geographic Circuits (Cost basis)
United States
US NationalD.C. Capital Circuit 
Issues-Focused Policy Lists (fee based)
Congressional ReportersHomeland Security ReportersSustainability Reporters
Education ReportersImmigration ReportersUN Reporters
Foreign Affairs ReportersPentagon ReportersWhite House Reporters
Foreign ReportersPresidential Campaign Reporters 
Healthcare ReportersSupreme Court Reporters 
Congressional Lists (fee based)
U.S. House of RepresentativesHouse Committee on Science and TechnologySenate Committee on Budget
Congressional Black CaucusHouse Committee on Small BusinessSenate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation
Congressional Hispanic CaucusHouse Committee on Transportation and InfrastructureSenate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources
House Armed Services CommitteeHouse Committee on Veterans' AffairsSenate Committee on Environment and Public Works
House Budget CommitteeHouse Committee on Ways and MeansSenate Committee on Finance
House Committee Oversight and Government ReformHouse Committee on the JudiciarySenate Committee on Foreign Relations
House Committee on AdministrationHouse Permanent Select Committee on IntelligenceSenate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions
House Committee on AgricultureJoint Climate CommitteeSenate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs
House Committee on AppropriationsJoint Committee on TaxationSenate Committee on Indian Affairs
House Committee on Education and LaborJoint Economic CommitteeSenate Committee on Judiciary
House Committee on Energy and CommerceJoint Indian Affairs CommitteeSenate Committee on Rules and Administration
House Committee on EthicsJoint Pension CommitteeSenate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship
House Committee on Financial ServicesU.S. SenateSenate Committee on Veterans Affairs
House Committee on Foreign AffairsSenate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and ForestrySenate Select Committee on Intelligence
House Committee on Homeland SecuritySenate Committee on AppropriationsSenate Special Committee on Aging
House Committee on Natural ResourcesSenate Committee on Armed ServicesSenate Special Committee on Ethics
House Committee on RulesSenate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs 
CaliforniaMichiganRhode Island
ColoradoMinnesotaSouth Carolina
ConnecticutMississippiSouth Dakota
IdahoNew HampshireVirginia
IllinoisNew JerseyWashington
IndianaNew MexicoWest Virginia
IowaNew YorkWisconsin
KansasNorth CarolinaWyoming
KentuckyNorth Dakota 
Public Policy Trades (Complimentary)
Public Policy/Government: Congressional News/ViewsPublic Policy/Government: Homeland SecurityPublic Policy/Government: Public Policy
Public Policy/Government: CourtsPublic Policy/Government: LaborPublic Policy/Government: State/Local
Public Policy/Government: Elections/CampaignsPublic Policy/Government: Law Enforcement/Emergency ServicesPublic Policy/Government: White House/Federal Government
Public Policy/Government: Healthcare ReformPublic Policy/Government: Other Policy Issues 
Additional Trades & Industry (Complimentary)
Automotive: AftermarketHealth: AIDSRetail: Convenience Store
Automotive: Alternative Vehicles/FuelsHealth: Alternative MedicineRetail: Cosmetics
Automotive: Tires/RubberHealth: BiotechnologyRetail: Department Stores
Communications: AdvertisingHealth: CardiologyRetail: Discount/Variety
Communications: BloggingHealth: Clinical TrialsRetail: Fashion
Communications: MarketingHealth: DentalRetail: Food/Beverage
Communications: OtherHealth: DiabetesRetail: Home Goods
Communications: Public Relations/Investor RelationsHealth: FDARetail: Luxury
Communications: PublishingHealth: Fitness/NutritionRetail: Office Products
Communications: Search Engine MarketingHealth: GeneticsRetail: Online Retail
Communications: Search Engine OptimizationHealth: HospitalsRetail: Other
Communications: Social MediaHealth: Infectious DiseasesRetail: Restaurant/Bar
Construction & Property: ArchitectureHealth: Managed CareRetail: Specialty
Construction & Property: Building SystemsHealth: Medical DevicesRetail: Supermarkets
Construction & Property: Commercial Building/Real EstateHealth: Medical SuppliesRetail: Supply Chain Management
Construction & Property: Interior DesignHealth: Mental HealthRetail: Tobacco
Construction & Property: LandscapeHealth: NursingRetail: Wine/Spirits
Construction & Property: OtherHealth: OncologyScience: Research
Construction & Property: REITHealth: OpticalScience: Other
Construction & Property: Residential Building/Real EstateHealth: PharmaceuticalSports: General
Construction & Property: Urban PlanningHealth: Physical TherapyTechnology: Audio/Video
Consumer: Baby/MaternityHealth: Practice ManagementTechnology: Consumer Electronics
Consumer: ChildrenHealth: RadiologyTechnology: Data Management
Consumer: FamilyHealth: Stem CellsTechnology: Electronic Design Automation
Consumer: LGBTQ+Health: SurgeryTechnology: Hardware
Consumer: MenManufacturing: AerospaceTechnology: Internet
Consumer: OtherManufacturing: AutomotiveTechnology: Mobile/Wireless
Consumer: ParentingManufacturing: Chemicals/PlasticsTechnology: Nanotechnology
Consumer: PetsManufacturing: EngineeringTechnology: Networks
Consumer: ReligionManufacturing: OtherTechnology: Other
Consumer: SeniorsManufacturing: PackagingTechnology: Photography
Consumer: TeensManufacturing: SteelTechnology: Satellite
Consumer: WomenManufacturing: TextilesTechnology: Security
Defense: ContractsNatural Resources: AgricultureTechnology: Semiconductor
Defense: OtherNatural Resources: Forest ProductsTechnology: Software
Education: ContinuingNatural Resources: Mining/MineralsTechnology: Telecommunications
Education: OtherNatural Resources: OtherTechnology: VoIP
Education: PreschoolPhilanthropy: FoundationTransport: Air
Education: Primary/SecondaryPhilanthropy: Fund RaisingTransport: Logistics/Supply Chain Management
Education: TrainingPhilanthropy: OtherTransport: Maritime
Education: UniversityProfessional Services: AccountingTransport: Other
Energy: Alternative EnergyProfessional Services: BankingTransport: Public Transport
Energy: CoalProfessional Services: ConsultingTransport: Rail
Energy: NuclearProfessional Services: FinanceTransport: Trucking
Energy: Oil/GasProfessional Services: Human ResourcesTravel: Cruise
Energy: OtherProfessional Services: InsuranceTravel: Destinations
Energy: UtilitiesProfessional Services: LegalTravel: Lodging
Entertainment: GeneralProfessional Services: OtherTravel: Other
Entertainment: Casino/GamingProfessional Services: Small BusinessTravel: Transportation
EnvironmentRetail: BridalTravel: Vacation
Health/Medical: GeneralRetail: Catalog