Media Intelligence Reports

Formulate an effective trade show PR strategy and set up the right meetings with EventTrak, a detailed pre- and post-show intelligence report.

Info Before and After

Know who's covering the trade show before you get there and set up the right meetings for your organization. EventTrak is a detailed pre- and post-show media intelligence report available for more than 100 technology trade shows and conferences that helps communications professionals formulate a better trade show PR strategy for the shows most important to their business.

The EventTrak pre-show report, available up to two months before a trade show, provides a listing of authors, publications and blogs that wrote about last year's show. You can access and search full articles and download contact lists. The EventTrak post-show report, available two weeks after a show ends, adds all of the articles written during and immediately after the show.


  • Pre-show report available up to two months before the event
  • Post-show report available two weeks after the event
  • Author contact information
  • Access to full articles
  • Search within results for keywords pertinent to your target market
  • Download function to save contacts in an Excel file

EventTrak is not available for all trade shows.