Amplify your visibility, engagement and analytics.

Amplify Your News

A successful press release campaign relies on the best, most targeted visibility for your news, the ability to reach consumers and other audiences on multiple platforms and around the world, and measureability. Our Global-Mobile-Social-Measurable (GMSM) features, included with every English-language press release, amplify your news for the best results.

Amplify Visibility and Engagement:

Your news is distributed to a wide variety of websites, targeted to individual behavior via the Promoted Stories Platform. Think of it as an ad network retargeting service for public relations content.

Your news reaches global mobile platforms including AP, AFP, Bloomberg, ThomsonReuters and Yahoo! Finance, with posting to Your press release is issued in responsive design for mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

Our Global-Mobile-Social-Measurable (GMSM) features, which can be added to any press release which includes English-language delivery, amplify your news for the best results.

Amplify Analytics and Measurement:

Social Media Monitoring, powered by NUVI. Your 6-page report provides social media insight including positive and negative sentiment, peak times of engagement, top content sources, regions, influencers and keywords. The unique Word Burst provides a graphic representation of trending keywords, hashtags and URLs related to your press release. Sample mentions provide you with quick insight into online coverage and engagement.

NewsTrak Audience Analytics Report - Your detailed report provides data on press release and multimedia views by location and destination (visibility); inbound links, traffic sources and link click activity (engagement); third-party site and mobile app posting summaries; and multimedia views and downloads.