FEELM Emphasizes the Sustainable Strategy at UK’s First Environmental Summit for Vaping Sector

LONDON--()--FEELM, a flagship tech brand, made the speech at the ‘Greenprint for Sustainable Vaping’ summit organized by the UK Vaping Industry Association. The three-hour virtual summit focused the need for compliance, collaboration, innovation and regulatory change to meet the sector’s green challenge.

The summit aims to produce a Greenprint for Sustainable Vaping to mobilise environmental action to support a sustainable vaping sector. It included recommendations on creating a national recycling and waste treatment capability fit for the vaping industry, driving new vape innovations that make products easier to recycle and reuse, and would support greater retailer and consumer participation in the recycling and reuse of vape products.

FEELM to Deliver the Environmental Messages

Belonging to SMOORE, the global leader in atomization technology solutions, FEELM emphasized the importance of sustainable development and called for a joint environmental collaboration at the UK’s first ever summit focusing on environmental responsibility.

Echo Liu, European Division Director for FEELM, said: “It is important for all industrial partners to participate the environmental protection, including manufacturers, brand owners, retailers, delivery companies and the waste management companies. It is essential for us to provide environmental vaping solutions, and to address the existing issue of disposable vapes being carelessly discarded.”

UKVIA Director General John Dunne said: “The clear message from this summit is that there is more education needed both from consumer and industry perspectives.

“It is important for regulators, the industry and those dealing with the recycling and environmental aspects of this issue, to all come together to seek a common solution because this problem is not going to go away without action.

“We found a great deal of common ground at this summit and the focus now must be on ensuring that all importers, manufacturers and retailers of vaping products step up to the plate and ensure they are compliant with all environmental obligations.”

The Importance of Establishing Recycling Strategy

As a flagship tech brand, FEELM is committed to promote the sustainable strategy with its partners.

Echo said: “We are aware of the potential harm of vapes ending up in landfills, we have taken the responsibility for planning a scheme that has the capability to minimise the environmental impact.”

Echo said it was vital to raise the environmental awareness of the important role consumers had to play in recycling and called for other companies within the vape industry to collaborate to ensure that environmental progress happened quickly.

Echo mentioned that, benefiting from FEELM’s sustainable strategy, partners could achieve a better social and business performance. Not only help build trust and loyalty among consumers, FEELM but also differentiate its brand from competitors, lead to cost savings, improve product quality and comply with governmental regulations.

Echo was one of the expert speakers at the virtual summit, which took place on March 15, and she highlighted the need for innovation to produce more eco-friendly products to ensure they were as recyclable and reusable as possible.

FEELM Called for the Industrial Concerted Efforts

She said: “SMOORE has a responsibility for environment protection and provides cutting-edge technology to reduced-risk. Therefore, we have invested in environmental R&D and have contributed to emphasising our sustainability achievements. ”

“Our dedication to ESG is evident in our continued A rating obtained from the MSCI ESG index in 2021, and as we move forward, we will continue to work towards a more sustainable future, upholding our commitment to ESG principles.”

Echo added: “SMOORE, as an environmental practitioner, developed the FEELM Eco-friendly series disposable vapes, which use green materials and are designed with recyclable paper that allows our partners to print information directly onto the product with no extra packaging. We are also excited to unveil even more new FEELM products soon, including one with an innovative design that reduces plastic usage by 60% and lowers carbon emissions by 58%.”

Mentioning about the future development, Echo said: “Our continuous product innovation project aims to develop a greener vape solution that surpasses the previous generation. It is our duty to support the industry for a sustainable development and realise our vision that atomization makes life better.”


As a flagship tech brand belonging to SMOORE, FEELM is the world’s leading closed vape system solution provider. Based on the world's leading Ceramic Coil Heating Technology, FEELM combines authentic Flavor Reproduction Technology with innovative electronics technology, bringing ultimate sensation and premium vaping experience.


Founded in 2009, SMOORE is a global leader in atomization technology solutions, covering reduced-risk products, medical, pharmaceutical, and beauty atomization technologies. With inter-disciplinary atomization research and a diverse product portfolio, SMOORE is committed to becoming an advanced platform, aspired to make life better.

With continuous R&D investment and leading manufacturing capacity, SMOORE has 14 technology research centers worldwide and products are available in more than 50 countries and regions. SMOORE announced IPO in Hong Kong on July 10th 2020.


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Ruiqi Wang
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