Cinchy Advances Boundaries of Modern Data Architecture Again with New Dataware Release

  • Dataware radically changes the way data is connected, protected, and accessed to reduce costs, increase speed to market, streamline compliance and deliver improved customer and employee experiences
  • Cinchy offers the first comprehensive dataware platform that eliminates data silos and data integration from internal stakeholders and transformation projects
  • Cinchy Dataware Platform v5.0 features expanded scalability leveraging open-source Kubernetes and PostgreSQL option for higher performance

Cinchy Dataware Platform Data Network Map (Graphic: Business Wire)

TORONTO--()--Cinchy, a dynamic tech disruptor dedicated to fundamentally changing the ways in which data is accessed, controlled, and operationalized, today announced the release of Cinchy Dataware Platform v5.0, a major new version of its ground-breaking offering. Cinchy liberates data from applications using a data network, eliminating new data silos and the endless copies resulting from continuous, costly, and business-constraining data integration projects. The latest version features expanded scalability with the addition of open source Kubernetes and a PostgreSQL database option.

CTO of Cinchy, Karanjot Jaswal, said, “As a new technology category, dataware takes its rightful place alongside hardware and software by freeing data from applications and eliminating obstacles such as data silos and data integration. This is the vision Cinchy has brought to life, and the foundational advances in version 5.0 go even further: They enable the platform to scale to address the needs of the largest and most complex enterprises.”

Cinchy Dataware Platform v5.0 includes the following key features and benefits:

  • Expanded scalability: This represents a major advance in scalability on two fronts. First, Cinchy and all its components can now be deployed on an unlimited number of servers. Second, it can now be deployed fully on Kubernetes for containerization and clustering that simplifies deployment and management of the platform; reduces costs; provides the ability to dynamically spin up and down servers and clusters of servers; and enhances monitoring. Finally, Kubernetes being open source, Cinchy Dataware can be used in any cloud environment.
  • Open source database option: Cinchy Dataware features PostgreSQL as a new database layer option, expanding on the existing capability to utilize Microsoft SQL Server. PostgreSQL is the most advanced and powerful open source object-relational database system currently available—it’s robust, reliable, high-performance, standards-based, compliant, works seamlessly with Kubernetes, and comes with a thriving community to offer ongoing support. This degree of scalability will help organizations reduce licensing fees.
  • Support for HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise: The new release includes features to enable Cinchy Dataware to be integrated with HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise to provide a turnkey platform for enterprise IT and business teams to collaborate and build new business solutions without complex point-to-point integration services. Organizations can rapidly deploy and scale digital transformation projects with out-of-box capabilities and easy-to-use developer management tools, securely access enterprise data sources and integrate with ML and AI services, build next-generation business operations capabilities with minimal IT overhead and enable full collaboration with business stakeholders.

Version 5.0 features numerous enhancements to the technology’s core capabilities, including an operational data fabric, a user-friendly data browser, data Persistence-as-a-Service, universal data access controls, domain-centric data governance (data mesh), and active metadata.

Market Need, Business Imperative

Despite endless hype, true innovation around data has been largely lacking since the arrival of big data and analytics over a decade ago. Meanwhile, IT overall has undergone dramatic transformations, particularly in the cloud era: Containers and serverless computing, edge deployments, AI and machine learning, sensors and more. However, each advance has also introduced complexity in the form of data fragmentation, leading to endless point solutions for data management, data mastering, data virtualization, data cleansing (quality), privacy and security, data warehousing, and data lakes (swamps). Collectively, functions related to data integration can swallow half an entire IT budget.

“Dataware has the potential to revolutionize both software development and analytics,” says Joe Hilleary, Senior Analyst at Eckerson Group. “Just as the advent of software decoupled function from hardware and enabled the birth of the modern computer, dataware decouples data from software to enable a new paradigm of application-independent data.”

As a leading analyst on the evolution of data technology and innovation that helps organizations best leverage their data, Hilleary adds: “Dataware is a bold reimaging of the relationship between data and applications, where applications run on a shared data repository rather than individual dedicated databases, thus eliminating the need for data integration and preventing data duplication. So many of the tools we use today focus on bringing data together from multiple applications, but, with dataware, the data is never separated to begin with.”

“With Cinchy, we’ve been able to deliver something that previously would have been fantasy,” said Craig Bradley, SVP, Information Technology, YMCA of Greater Toronto. “We now have control and insight into our data that we didn’t have before, and the ability to manage and manipulate our data in a new way. As a result, we’re able to deliver value and impact to the association in a way that we couldn’t previously.”

Core Technology

Cinchy is a pioneer in dataware, an evolution in data management technology that incorporates an operational data fabric (noted as a Gartner® Top Strategic Technology Trend for 2022) to enable an organization’s employees, customers, clients, and partners to collaborate on autonomously-controlled data and build unlimited digital solutions at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional approaches. The technology is able to leverage the “Zero-Copy Integration” framework, an emerging standard that encourages innovators to decouple data from applications in order to eliminate data silos and copy-based data integration and support meaningful data access controls that are universally enforced. Today, numerous enterprises on a broad scale—including TD Bank, PwC, and Colliers International—use Cinchy Dataware Platform to slash data integration costs, simplify data governance, and cut time-to-market for new solutions. Cinchy Dataware Platform is used to de-silo SaaS data, modernize legacy applications, automate data compliance, create 360 customer views and digital twins, democratize data access, and build unlimited web and mobile applications.


An incremental approach is usually the best way to achieve an optimal dataware environment and a positive ROI is frequently achieved upon the completion of the first project. As more projects are delivered, organizations benefit from compounding efficiencies driven by an increasingly simplified data management ecosystem, while de-risking their data pipelines with next-generation data governance controls.


Cinchy Dataware Platform v5.0 is available immediately. Learn more at:

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About Cinchy

Cinchy is leading the next tech revolution to help organizations gain simplified, streamlined, and authorized access to data. Cinchy provides the world’s first comprehensive dataware platform that unlocks data from enterprise apps and connects it together in a universal data network. Developed for real-time data collaboration, Cinchy Dataware Platform addresses the root cause of data fragmentation and data silos, eliminates the cost and need for time-consuming data integration, and mitigates risks of data duplication.

With Cinchy, midsize and enterprise organizations gain agility to accelerate digital transformation, reduce the time and cost to build applications by more than 50%, decrease project delivery risks, improve data governance, and enable effortless sharing of quality data across systems and users.

The company has been named a Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Company to Watch, a “Top Pick” at TechCrunch Disrupt and a Top Growing Canadian Company by The Globe and Mail.


Ph: +1 408 776 1400

Release Summary

Cinchy Dataware Platform v5.0 advances data architecture boundaries again and radically changes the way data is connected, protected and accessed.

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Ph: +1 408 776 1400