On ‘International Mount Everest Day’ (29th May) ‘The Art Maze’, by Curator Marcus Schaefer, Unveils Artist Sacha Jafri’s Latest Masterpiece as a First Time Ever Event at Mount Everest

From the Burj Al Arab helipad to Mount Everest

Jafri's Everest Painting Unveiled (Photo: AETOSWire)

KATMANDU, Nepal--()--‘The Art Maze’ World Tour, in partnership with UNESCO, is an unpresented collection of 50 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, created by celebrated Artist, Sacha Jafri, in celebration of UNESCO World Heritage Site’s 50th year anniversary and The Next 50, a year-long UNESCO campaign promoting interdisciplinary reflection on the future of the World’s Heritage.

Jafri, awarded by the UN for his humanitarian work raising over $140 million for charitable causes, is unveiling his ‘Sagarmatha National Park - Mount Everest’ painting, a spectacular 380cmx160cm three-canvas Triptych piece. With this project Jafri aims to reconnect humanity to our cultural heritage, our ancestral past and the beauty that surrounds us within our natural world, as well as shine a light on the important conversations and actions so desperately needed for the future of our world, in the areas of equality, sustainability & climate change.

Sacha Jafri, Artist & Philanthropist: “It is such an honour for me to partner with ‘The Art Maze’ and UNESCO using the power of art to reconnect with humanity in space and on earth.”

Marcus Schaefer, Art Visionary & Curator: “Feeling such a strong connection to this great country, we are so excited to unveil Sacha’s latest painting with the people of Nepal at the majestic Mount Everest.”

Michael Croft, Head of Office and Representative to Nepal at UNESCO: “As we listen to communities from the mountain regions and hear their perspective on tackling the dual challenges of climate change and sustainable tourism, we are at once motivated - and better informed - how best to fashion our own actions for change.”

UNESCO’s partnership with ‘The Art Maze’ and Sacha Jafri reinforces its mission of promoting inclusive, interdisciplinary dialogues related to climate change, heritage conservation, sustainable tourism, and the challenges these sites face in the context of climate change. In Nepal, UNESCO is working to bring together mountain community leaders as part of The Next 50 dialogues.

Raza Beig, Chairman of BoredPuma: “So excited to be able to announce my purchase of this monumental painting - I now own a piece of a living Indian master, Sacha Jafri, but also, the artistic expression of the world’s largest natural beauty - Mount Everest.”

In honour of this cause, Jafri is producing a signature print collection for art lovers who are keen to own a piece of his humanitarian journey. They can be found at: https://www.collection.theartmaze.com/

‘The Art Maze’ visits 18 countries across six continents of the world 2022-2024 with the next stop in Paris, September 2022, at UNESCO’s Headquarters commemorating the organisation’s 50th anniversary with all 50 of Jafri’s paintings on display.

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Lejo Johnny

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On ‘International Mount Everest Day’ ‘The Art Maze’ unveils Artist Sacha Jafri’s latest Masterpiece as a first time ever event at Mount Everest


Lejo Johnny