Hytera Multi-mode Advanced Radios Help Improve Efficiency of Red Eagle Motorcycle Squad of Shaoyang Traffic Police Detachment

Vehicle License Plate Recognition (Photo: Business Wire)

SHENZHEN, China--()--Communication features are being enriched by continuous upgrade of communication technologies. The growing diversity and complexity of tasks make single voice services fall short of requirements of industrial users. This gives birth to the industrial trend of broadband-narrowband convergence that interconnects the public network and the private network.

As the coverage range, bearer services and service quality of communication networks differ from one to another, users’ requirements for unified communication and command cannot be met precisely. Meanwhile, with high priority for the satisfactory reliability and cost-performance of private network, the narrowband voice communication is still irreplaceable. There, consequently, comes to a consensus that broadband-narrowband hybrid communication may be a feasible solution to meet both ends. While the reliability and security of voice services is guaranteed by the narrowband network, the broadband system can carry data services and applications to cater to customer needs in video calls and real-time data upload and upgrade the service content from single voice to multimedia.

In 2017, Shaoyang Traffic Police Detachment of China’s Hunan Province established the Red Eagle Motorcycle Squad that consists of 66 traffic officers and parapolice. As higher demands are posed to law enforcement, besides guaranteed mission-critical voice service, the police's requirement on data service including multimedia and mobile working has been growing. In daily patrol, voice communication is insufficient to guarantee the timeliness and efficiency of field enforcement and the integrity of information recorded. Furthermore, the police hoped that information is available on the radio anytime anywhere so as to improve working efficiency.

Broadband-Narrowband Convergence Realizes Communication On Demand

Facing the situation, the squad chose Hytera multi-mode advanced radio PDC760. PDC760 integrates features of a DMR radio and a smartphone. It has a built-in DMR module for carrying mission critical voice service to guarantee reliability and security of daily voice communication. It adopts the broadband system to carry data service and applications to satisfy the police demands on multimedia service and mobile working, such as video calls and real-time video upload. PDC760, with the aid of Hytera P-PoC solution, can realize narrowband network digital voice communication. Also the DMR network's coverage can be complemented to guarantee voice services by using the public broadband network. This empowers communication with full-frequency and on demand.

Multi-purpose Radio Boosts Up Enforcement Efficiency

Compared to the personal digital assistant (PDA), PDC760 is a multi-purpose terminal that integrates features of a radio, a mobile phone, and a PDA. Developed based on DMR, PDC760 guarantees communication on the DMR network and operates with rich applications. During enforcement, police officers can use PDC760, integrated with police application to query information by person, case, and vehicle. After receiving a field task, a police officer can use the vehicle license plate recognition feature of PDC760 to check the information about the vehicle in an accident and issue tickets onsite with a compatible portable smart printer. At the same time, the police officer can input data and electronic evidence to the traffic management console via PDC760 for further precision handling of traffic violations.

Mobile Policing Is More Secure and Reliable

PDC760 offers multiple security policies to protect the system, and data storage and transmission; therefore, even multiple networks and operation platforms are involved, enforcement security is no more a concern. Due to durable hardware, modular structure, IP67 rating, and MIL-STD, PDC760 can stand harsh environments, making it reliable in outdoor enforcement by the traffic police detachment. The multi-mode advanced radio revolutionizes the way of law enforcement, making communications more reliable and law enforcement more efficient, open, and effective.

By combining the radio, the system, and the accessory, Hytera smart communications solution supports Shaoyang traffic police detachment in fulfilling tasks efficiently, integrating mobile policing resources, and constructing a modern work platform. Hytera has always been adhering to the philosophy of "Respond and Achieve". The intelligent individual equipment and converged communication solution provided for Shaoyang traffic police detachment has been the very first instance in China. It has materialized digitization, flatness, and real-timeliness in communication, guarding the Red Eagle Motorcycle Squad all the time.


Shaowa Cai

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Facing the situation, the squad chose Hytera multi-mode advanced radio PDC760. PDC760 integrates features of a DMR radio and a smartphone.

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Shaowa Cai