Ada Enhances AI Agent for Customer Service on the Path to Enable 100% Automated Resolution Rate

New capabilities make Ada’s AI Agent smarter, more trustworthy, and capable of reasoning like a top performing human agent

TORONTO--()--Today Ada, the AI-native customer service automation company, announced a series of AI management and coaching capabilities that upskill its AI Agent and set businesses on the path towards 100% automated resolution rate.

Having powered more than 4 billion automated customer interactions since 2016, Ada launched its AI Agent for customer service, powered by the Ada Reasoning Engine™, in November 2023. Since then, its customers have been the first in the world to hire AI Agents. These businesses are now successfully resolving more than 70% of their support interactions with no human intervention. Already, Ada’s AI Agent is powering experiences that are meeting — and in some cases exceeding — human capability, with each AI Agent doing the work of 10+ human agents for the cost of less than one.

Ada’s AI Agent was designed to be as easy as possible to onboard onto any customer service team, so it can start resolving inquiries on day one. It doesn’t stop there – Ada’s new AI coaching and management tools will upskill its AI Agent to deliver even more extraordinary customer experiences. New tools include:

  • Enhanced skills development: Ada learns from the same resources that human agents use to get up to speed, connecting to web pages and help centers with a single click – including those in different languages – to answer support inquiries automatically. And while the AI Agent can already take actions in other business tools via integrations, Ada demonstrated that soon it will be able to help customers using any business system, with no code or API required, by using machine vision to navigate through apps just like an agent would.
  • Improved trust & reliability: Compliance is critical for safer, more reliable and more accurate automated conversations. Updates to Ada’s Reasoning Engine make it easier for businesses to describe processes for solving complex inquiries, rather than manually build complex and cumbersome scripts. New tools for testing and coaching make it easy for AI managers to understand what’s going on under the hood in order to make continuous improvements and take control where needed.
  • Cross-channel coverage: With improved skills and trust, Ada can be promoted for use everywhere and anywhere. With new email automation capabilities and enhanced automated voice communications, Ada is the first AI Agent for customer service to support AI-powered conversations on all channels for customer communications – in-app, social media, chat, ticketing, email, phone, and SMS – and across languages and regions globally.

Businesses like Tango, an early adopter of Ada’s AI Agent, are scaling customer service quality and effectiveness. Tango’s VP Business Technology Adam Cole says, “Our AI Agent for customer service is contextually capable of much more than our previous scripted chatbot. We’ve been able to create expanded career paths for our support team, who have taken on content, quality assurance, and product liaison roles. Ada’s new capabilities will help us to provide the best possible experience to our customers, maximize our automated resolutions, and more effectively manage our costs as we grow.”

“Chatbots — even those powered by ChatGPT — are stuck in the past. As an AI-native company, we’ve witnessed this transformation firsthand,” said Mike Gozzo, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Ada. “Ada’s AI Agent is the future of customer service. We’ve made onboarding, measuring and coaching the AI Agent for customer service as familiar and intuitive as managing a human. The new set of capabilities unveiled in our Spring Product Launch level up Ada’s skillset even further and help businesses expand across customer service channels, with better coaching functionality and increased trust in its performance and autonomy.”

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About Ada

Ada is an AI-powered customer service automation platform on a mission to make customer service extraordinary for everyone. Ada makes it easy for businesses to automatically resolve the greatest number of customer service conversations — across channels and languages — with the least amount of effort. Since 2016, Ada has powered more than 4 billion automated customer interactions for brands like Meta, Verizon, AirAsia, Yeti, and Square. Born in Toronto, Ada serves companies and their customers worldwide. For more information, visit


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