Enhanced Experian Ascend Technology Platform™ Transforms Software for Credit, Fraud and Analytics

First-of-its-kind platform now integrates Experian’s market-leading data, generative AI and cutting-edge machine learning solutions into one unified interface

COSTA MESA, Calif.--()--As companies around the globe grapple with an accelerated pace of change and seek ways to optimize their businesses, Experian® is ushering in a new era of simplification, scalability and automation through the debut of new enhancements to its cloud-based Experian Ascend Technology Platform™. Now, Experian’s award-winning platform brings together software tools for analytics, credit decisioning and fraud into a single interface — simplifying the deployment of analytical models and enabling businesses to optimize their practices more frequently, achieving greater efficacy with lower investment of time and money.

Experian’s enhancements were unveiled to more than 500 business leaders during its annual Vision conference in Scottsdale, Ariz., and represent a significant evolution in streamlining business-to-business software solutions.

Why it matters:

  • The world’s top technology companies have set the standard for seamless user experiences and integrations between software components through single sign-on, data portability, and sophisticated no-code or low-code functionality.
  • Historically, this type of synchronized experience has been unattainable to many businesses, especially those in the financial services sector.
  • Typically, organizations buy software solutions from many different vendors, leverage a variety of tools and applications across different cloud environments, and go through rigorous and time-consuming processes to stitch everything together.
  • This fragmented approach stretches timelines unnecessarily, raises security concerns and creates operational challenges. It also increases costs and the likelihood of errors or downtime because such setups are only as strong as their weakest link, perpetually causing issues when any single component fails.

IT services companies are increasingly delivering their software portfolios as pre-integrated platforms that deliver scale, efficiency, productivity,” said Raymond Pucci, IDC Research Director, Worldwide Lending Digital Strategies. “For lenders, enterprise architectures like Experian's Ascend Technology Platform can enable faster credit-decisioning velocity, higher loan quality, and stronger risk management, expanding customer relationships and increasing business growth.”

The updates to Experian’s platform represent a notable milestone — fueled by Experian’s significant investments in innovation over the last eight years as part of its modern cloud transformation.

Our mission is to develop world-class software and support organizations around the world on their journeys toward more sophisticated fraud prevention, marketing and credit strategies,” said Alex Lintner, CEO, Experian Software Solutions. “The evolution of our platform reaffirms our commitment to drive innovation and empower businesses to thrive. Its capabilities are unmatched and represent a significant leap forward in lending technology, democratizing access to data in compliant ways while enabling lenders of all sizes to seamlessly validate their customers’ identities with confidence, help expand fair access to credit and offer awesome user and customer experiences.”

Experian’s global scalability

Experian’s platform is available now in regions including North America, Brazil and the United Kingdom. The enhanced platform is being leveraged by more than 1,500 clients globally, processing 14 million credit reports daily and billions of credit and fraud transactions per year. In North America alone, over 8,000 registered users from 80 clients access over 12 petabytes of data weekly for analytical purposes.

A simplified and scalable approach

The enhanced Experian Ascend Technology Platform now dramatically reduces time to install and offers streamlined access to many of Experian's award-winning integrated solutions and tools through a single sign-on and managed via a user-friendly dashboard.

The platform leverages generative AI and makes it easy for clients from organizations of varying sizes and experience levels to pivot between applications, automate processes, modernize operations and drive efficiency. In addition, existing clients using Experian solutions today can now easily add new capabilities through the platform to enhance business outcomes.

For example, Lendr, a specialized fintech offering contemporary financing solutions for small businesses, is harnessing the power of the platform to enhance competitiveness and informed decision-making.

Utilizing Experian Ascend Technology Platform has significantly bolstered our agility and competitive edge, empowering us to execute more informed, data-driven credit decisions while substantially reducing our time to market,” remarked Daniel DeMeo, CEO of Lendr. “Experian’s platform helps deliver the scalability we need to be nimble, compete effectively and mitigate losses — ultimately helping us double our business over the past year.”

Additional key features and benefits of the platform include:

  • Analytics and model development: Clients can easily access and harness Experian's proprietary credit and expanded data attributes with powerful analytical tools for insights and explainable model creation.
  • Rapid model deployment: Build, test and deploy models from a single interface in days rather than months, streamlining processes and enhancing customer experiences.
  • Automated decisioning and risk mitigation: Enables secure, automated decisions and risk mitigation across the customer lifecycle, ensuring efficient operations and improved outcomes.
  • Fraud and identity verification: Experian’s platform stops fraudsters faster and streamlines consumer experiences via a suite of software services powered by advanced AI analytics and comprehensive data assets across digital identity, device intelligence, behavioral analytics and credit insights. It delivers unrivaled identity verification and fraud risk detection to enable businesses to grow revenue through seamless consumer experiences and reduce fraud loss exposure.
  • Expertise through managed services: While the platform offers automation and low-code functionality, clients can also access Experian’s expertise and top talent through managed services, democratizing advanced analytics techniques for lenders regardless of their resources or analytics experience.
  • Continuous monitoring and feedback: Receive continuous monitoring and feedback to adapt strategies in real time and stay ahead of evolving challenges.
  • Unparalleled security: The platform is fortified with encryption, robust access controls and proactive threat detection — while maintaining high availability and Enterprise-grade performance.

For more information about Experian’s platform, please visit https://www.experian.com/business/products/ascend.

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Amanda Garofalo
Experian Public Relations
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Release Summary

Experian Ascend Technology Platform™ enhancements bring together software tools for analytics, credit decisioning and fraud into a single interface.


Amanda Garofalo
Experian Public Relations
1 714 460 3739